Start a fight

To start a fight, right-click on the target (a monster or another player) and select the “Attack” option. A battlefield forms around the participants, and the stage is set… Fight on!

Placement phase

Before the participants start fighting, they can position themselves on different cells on the battlefield. Choose your starting spot carefully, neither too close nor too far from the enemy. Don’t forget to use the little directional arrows to choose which way your character is facing. Always turn to face your enemies or they might stab you in the back! 


Turn order

Any turn-based game needs to be well organized. Whenever you are in a fight, a timeline on the right-hand side of the screen will display the different fighters’ pictures in the order that they will play. This means you can check which ally or enemy is next in line and adapt your own strategy accordingly.

Speed gauge

The Speed gauge is just next to the fighters’ pictures. It will fill up a little more with each turn you take, depending on your Initiative but also on how quickly you play. Make sure you plan your moves in advance so you can act quickly when your turn arrives; that way, your Speed gauge will fill up as much as possible! Once it’s full, you will win a bonus for your next turn. Since the bonuses available are the same for all the fighters, they are dished out on a “first come, first served” basis. Try to grab the best bonus before the others!

Casting spells

To cast a spell, just select it from the spell bar and click on the target. Each spell you cast will cost you a certain number of Action Points (some require Wakfu Points too) and has a set range and area of effect. Keep an eye on your points to make sure you spend them efficiently and don’t go bust at the worst possible moment!


Don’t forget to equip yourself well! A solid sword, a magic amulet and an enchanted cloak could make all the difference. The stronger you become, the more impressive the equipment available to you will be. If you want to rule the world, choose your equipment wisely! 

Battle challenges

When you fight, you will also be given Challenges: optional additional goals such as delivering all the fatal blows to your enemies in close combat, or avoiding a specific element (Earth, Air, Fire or Water) for the whole battle. If you manage to complete these challenges, you will receive experience bonuses or other rewards.

Experience and loot from fights

At the end of each fight, you earn experience. The higher your Wisdom characteristic is, the more experience you will gain. The same goes for the loot you receive at the end of fights: the higher your Prospecting is, the more items you will receive.

KO and death 

If, during a group fight, your character loses all their Health Points but one or more of their team members are still alive, you will be KO. This means that your character will remain unconscious on the battlefield for three turns. If your teammates win the fight before the end of the third turn, you will be saved and you will gain XP as usual. If three turns pass and the fight is still going on, then you will die for good.
When you die, you return to the Phoenix, a kind of totem which you can link your character to. There are a few of them dotted around all the different territories of the World. When you die, you can choose to reincarnate at the last Phoenix you linked yourself to.