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If there's a fire in your belly, you're ready to move mountains (even Mount Zinit), or if you always keep your eye on the ball… basically, if you're an adventurer whose Wakfu game is strong, there's a new pack you should check out: the Super Warrior Pack, including a brand-new costume! Grab it before Sunday, May 5!

Get ballsy with the Super Warrior Pack! Believe what we're saiyan*, you'll be totally unstoppable! Show off how explosive you can be with the Super Warrior Pack, which includes:

  • The 7 Crystal Dofus costume
  • The Kameha emote
  • The Celestial Halo helmet
  • God Booster 7 days

It'll be available in the shop until Sunday, May 5 11:59 PM (Paris time) for €8 or 6,800 OG !

*Our deepest apologies. No one in the World of Twelve is safe from stupid wordplay!