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For a while, it was thought they had disappeared, but the Huppermages escaped the Chaos! Take advantage of their mastery of runes and balance thanks to the Huppermage Pack, available until March 17!

Although they are unaffiliated with any god in particular, Huppermages still have a place in this collection of "God Packs" because they see themselves as the protectors of the balance of the Krosmoz!

Step into the shoes of a Huppermage with this new pack, which contains the following:

  • A 30-day God Booster
  • 3 extra Mineral Tower Tickets
  • A Krosmic Balance Finisher (linked to the account)
  • A Universal Equilibrium Costume
  • A Huppermage Haven Bag Kit
  • A Golden Surimi pet

The Huppermage Pack will be available in the Shop until Sunday, March 17 11:59 PM (Paris time) for just €20.

Huppermage Pack