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In Astrub from March 8 to 18, if you run into Gobballs looking a bit green around the edges with a strange look in their eyes, don't worry – you're not seeing things. Grab another tankard of fermented bamboo milk and enjoy Saint Potrick! This year's annual celebration comes with some new content: a reward and an achievement!

When Pandawas drink, Gobballs's hearts sink! You can see proof of this once again when Pandawas offer their annual homage to their goddess…

Don't be green with envy! Of course you're all invited to Astrub from Friday March 8 10:00 AM (server time) through Monday, March 18 10:00 AM (server time). You'll be able to throw back a few tankards and… throw around Potrick Gobballs, easily recognizable by their magnificent Bwork-colored fleece! And there are rewards to be won, of course!

You can win them directly from monsters as well as via crafting (so you can raise a toast to the return of Astrub Root Beer) and achievements. This year, there are five achievements – one more than last year!

In all, there are 12 rewards in the game, including various consumables, the Saint Potrick Costume, the Saint Potrick Bucket to decorate your haven bag, and the new Leprecoor Helmet!

If you're looking to go a few rounds, now's the time!


In order to celebrate properly, we've decided to give you a chance to win the new Saint Potrick haven bag! To enter, all you need to do is post a screenshot of your character with the clover aura in the comments.
A little hint? All self-respecting Pandawas praise the virtues of this root beer…

A random drawing will be held on March 19 to determine the contest winner!

Good luck, everyone!