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For months and years – six years for the oldest players among you! – you've been sharing the story of WAKFU! Though often fraught with pitfalls, but never without its fun side, this journey we've been on together deserves a few occasions to celebrate. And there's one for you to discover from Friday, March 2 through Sunday, March 4!

A world to rebuild and defend isn't a barrel of laughs! Well, yeah, maybe... it is a barrel of laughs! With a lot of sweat, perhaps a few tears, and above all, lots of joy, which we share in with you day after day.

Before starting a new phase, we're just taking some time out to say… thank you! We also hope you'll continue to have even more fun throughout the World of Twelve.

The fun will be doubled for at least a few days because WAKFU is giving you double combat XP, professions XP (harvesting + crafting), and drops for 54 hours! And as well as that, a surprise is waiting for you in the game! It's a… well, no, if we tell you, it won't be a surprise anymore!

See you in-game from Friday, March 2 (6:00 PM server time) through Sunday, March 4 (11:59 PM server time)!