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In order to keep you informed of Update 1.58's bugs, we decided to write an article to gather them and thus avoid duplicates in the forum's bug section. You will find the list of the bugs known to the team as well as their status.

Known Bugs

  • In some cases, the damage dealt by the invocation are displayed where the invocation was first summoned instead of where the invocation is when casting the spell.
    The team is actively working on the issue.
  • The character is invisible in the PvP section of the Passport.
    The team is actively working on the issue.
  • The "Woyal Plince" doesn't display its female version "Woyal Plincess".
    The team is actively working on the issue.

Bug Fixes

This article will be updated regularly to keep you informed of the evolution of these bugs. We will only collect here the new bugs that occurred with the release of Update 1.58.

If you encounter problems that are not mentioned above, please post the bug in the reports section (not in the comment section of this news).

We thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience while our team is working on resolving them.

REPOrt a bug

* As of 27 February