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The Beta server has been updated this Friday, January 19th. Come and discover the latest developments and changes, share with us your feedback and be rewarded!

This Beta update contains balance changes to the Battlefields as well as modifications to the PvP and Outlaw Systems. Come and try all of the changes in Beta and leave with rewards: a special title, and we'll update the color of your character name to Wakfu blue on your home server! 

How can I receive my rewards?

It is very simple! Log-in to the Beta and try one of our two Battlefields and fight to the end! A reminder, you must be present until the end of the match. 

Once this step has been validated, your character name will automatically become blue on your home server until the Beta of the next major update. You will then receive your title at the launch of Update 1.58.

Beta Changelog


Region Bonus and Territory Control

  • The Region penalties will be correctly applied when the Clan Member's wishes has not been met.
  • The Territory Control bonuses have been reviewed: a status level is applied according to the controlled territories and wishes that have been met.
    • A controlled territory whose wishes have been fulfilled provides 2 status levels.
    • A controlled territory with at least one wish fulfilled, provides 1 status level.
    • A controlled territory that has not fulfilled any wish loses 2 status levels.
    • The status level cannot be in negative. The minimum possible state therefore does not provide any bonus.
    • A status level provides 1 HP per level. At level 20, it provides 5% Damage dealt. At level 30, it provides 10 Wisdom. At level 40, it provides 10 Prospecting.


  • Battleswords will avoid appearing on the same position as much as possible.
  • Battleswords will no longer show overlapping displays.
  • The Battlesword icon will no longer be a monster if there are players on the team.


  • Territories will display a color on the map according to the nation possessing them when the corresponding filter is activated (before: the territory was green / red / white depending on whether it was allied, enemy or neutral).
  • Fixed areas that displayed a "strange blue zone" (example: Zinit Summit).
  • Fixed areas that did not display their territory (example: Chillberg Island).

Outlaw and Prison

  • Nearby outlaws now trigger a notification to nearby nation players.
  • The citizenship points of the concerned nation will be displayed when a player is in prison.
  • In prison, outlaws regain 1 citizenship point every 6 seconds (instead of 7.2 seconds).


  • The Battlefield list now displays the score and population when a Battlefield is in progress.
  • The tracking interface in a battlefield will show the remaining time (15 minutes) before it closes, whether the battlefield ends with the score or the duration.
  • The end of battlefield interface will appear even if a player does not have enough score to get the rewards.
  • The opening hours will have a correct format for participants whose language involves a particular format.
  • The Clan Member's battlefield interface is displayed correctly.

Adjustable Level System

  • If the player's build was automatically changed upon entering a battlefield or dungeon, then he will automatically regain the build he had when he leaves.
  • When the player's build is changed while it is not a player action, a notification warns him of this change: Your build has been changed: Enio now uses the "Automatic build page (Level 50)".

Eniripsa Battlefield

  • It will now be possible to attack characters on huts that were previously inaccessible (example: between two floors to climb with Paws of Ecaflip). The battle bubble will then be created on the position of one of the two combatants, the one with the most space available around him.

Iop Battlefiled

  • It is no longer necessary to wait when 2 supply crates are unlocked.
  • The points obtained by refueling are reduced.
  • The delay between two moves of a Militia Leader is reduced, but they now make shorter trips.
  • The Militia Leader moves correctly to his waypoint as he leaves a fight.
  • A notification containing a Compass to Combat appears when a Militia Leader is attacked.

Spectator Mode

  • Merit and rank is displayed on the end-of-fight interface in spectator mode.
  • "Server -> Client" messages will no longer be sent to players who are close to a fight, but not a spectator, which should improve performance.
  • Fixed a case where characters that were close to a battle where a creature was summoned, did not see the summoned creature when they joined via spectator mode.
  • Fixed position sync issues for viewers.
  • Fixed issues with viewing features for viewers.


  • All guild nation choice mechanics have been removed. It is no longer possible to choose a nation, nor to have a nation alighnment to be able to PvP.


  • The fight bubbles are now relatively larger.
  • It is no longer possible to attack a character who died by clicking very quickly at the end of his fight.
  • The use of secondary running animations and transformations are prohibited in the battlefield. Effects are not applied upon arrival in a battlefield.
  • Malobiskoto's description has been modified to display only the lines corresponding to the current battlefield.
  • It is no longer possible to join an enemy in a fight against militia.
  • In a battlefield, every few minutes, the Clan Member of the territory makes a state of the situation. For example "The team of attackers is taking off. Nerf the defenders!"


  • The opening hours (for beta) will now be: every hour, from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM.
  • Corrections on the actions "Join the fight" according to the configuration of the teams.
  • Fixed a problem that could occur during some teleports, causing an account crash.




Several corrections on the Gobgob's characteristics:

  • It now has the correct amount of AP and MP.
  • It will not gain abnormally 2 Resistance per level.
  • Berserk, Melee, Distance, Single Target and Area Mastery are added.
  • Reduced the Badgeroxxor's damage by 40% when summoned by Osamodas.


  • The death animation of the Foggernaut will no longer loop when it is on the Motherfogger.


  • The Eniripsa will no longer be able to apply twice the effects of a same mark under the Unnatural Remedies state.
  • The bonus damage icon for the Revitalizing Word spell appears correctly above the target.


  • Fits and Starts' damage on a Prey target will no longer be reduced by armor or parry.
  • The Ouginak will transmit all of his secondary masteries to his Bow Wow.