There it is! The voting period as now ended for the "Create the WAKFU MMO Fan Costume" contest and here comes the winner who you have chosen!


426 votes were received from the International Community and the results were tight but one winner arrived above all with 51% of your votes:


Erylane2596's costume concept will be adapted for the game as soon as possible, and we will make sure to show the result in-game as soon as it is ready!

The prizes for our 3 winners will be sent in the upcoming days as followed:

  • Erylane2596: 3 months of WAKFU subscription
  • Moideco: 1 month of WAKFU subscription
  • Seguchi-sama: 1 month of WAKFU subscription

 Some of the particpants have also already started to share their participations in the forums which you can also consult to see them in this thread: Click here.

This allows them to have the freedom to share them with the community as they wish to do so, but overall we are so very happy with the amount of creativity and talent that you have showned us and the team is very thankful to the International Community for participating in this fun contest!