Everyone knows that, in the World of Twelve, green and mugs go together on Saint Potrick. But this Almanax celebration also brings superstition… Luck would be stronger, and any adventurer with a five-leaf clover would have become famous on this day. Feel like trying your luck?

One of them, an Ecaflip bard with a Five-leaf clover hung to his jacket was such a bad singer that a rich man once offered him millions of kamas just so he would stop singing! That was on Saint Potrick’s day!
Now it’s your turn, try your luck by picking a leaf of Saint Potrick’s Clover!

Each one of them hides a gift. But beware! You can only pick 3 leaves, one on March 15th, one on March 16th, and a last one on March 17th!
lolmaolol - Member - 15 Março 2013 12:49
It's already saint patricks day again? I still have 300 drinks from last year.
Cairen - Member - 15 Março 2013 13:45
Same, I have my cookies and beer in my chest, never inclined to use them haha
Skeena 15 Março 2013 17:25
subscribed to play sucks, good thing i have these items from last year
Moclon 15 Março 2013 18:29
Subbed to play?

I wont be able to sub for awhile, thanks for not allowing me to have any fun with the game!
Ankama, this is simply a greedy move.
Kikuihimonji - Member - 15 Março 2013 18:56
This is definetly not worth subscribing.
I'm really dissapointed how low it is for ankama to add something like that only to p2p players.
LeoKinoske 15 Março 2013 19:53
You don't have to play this thing, you know.
axemangx 15 Março 2013 22:00
It sure is nice being able to participate in this event when I've tried for the past 3 days to subscribe and still getting errors.

enzan10 15 Março 2013 22:32
I don't know what you dorks are on about. I'm not currently subscribed and I plucked a leaf just fine. Is this the same issue that keeps coming up? Are you all still using junk browsers?
WinterCherry 17 Março 2013 06:46
For awhile it would only let subs play. Seems they dropped that problem.
neroatsushi - Member - 17 Março 2013 21:31
i use firefox and i can't play too,it says i need to sub and im not atm so that may be the problem..