Read the complete Roadmap of WAKFU for 2013. Learn more about the features that will be deployed throughout the year, and discover the Krosmoz Vigilantes.

Hi everyone!

Back in June last year, we revealed a roadmap for WAKFU in 2012. Although we couldn’t implement everything, we have come a long way together:  Ultimate Bosses, Trool Fair, Mobile Arenas, new quest system, Foggernauts and more recently: Krosmaster Arena… These are some of the promises we kept, thanks to your dedication to WAKFU!

First, we want to thank you once again for the enthusiasm and commitment you never stopped showing us.

We know it’s important for you to have visibility and stay informed about our goals and tasks. That’s why today we share our Roadmap for 2013 with you, month per month, planned by the WAKFU Team!

We will spare you the long and detailed list of features that would be quite hard to assimilate. This Roadmap provides the main features. We will of course save some surprises to be revealed further down the road!

Please keep in mind that this roadmap isn’t set in stone. We will work hard to stay as close as possible, but production difficulties may happen. We experienced it already with the Haven-Worlds: we could have to postpone features revealed here, should the god Ecaflip decide to play with us! But let’s not mention him for now, he might hear us…

You’ll also notice that some features are not mentioned (political revamp, level cap increase or profession revamp for example). Don’t think that we’re giving up on them. They will just be worked on at the same time, but the priority is given to the features communicated here.

We’re more motivated and dedicated than ever to give you new content, concepts and enhancements that will improve your game experience and make it more fun and unique!

Let’s finish with something important: in 2013, a central theme will be emphasized… The Krosmoz Vigilantes! All year long, Supervillains will appear in the World of Twelve, but fear not: Vigilantes will be here to help you out…

Ready for the adventure?
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S48GSII - Member - 01 Fevereiro 2013 18:25
Haven worlds only on summer....
MoonBears101 01 Fevereiro 2013 18:26
Neuroid - Member (+) - 01 Fevereiro 2013 18:28


BentKidz 01 Fevereiro 2013 18:28


Wouter - Member - 01 Fevereiro 2013 18:30
Haven Worlds in June, dissapointing. Hope they will make them mind blowing though, can't wait.
sharkbiite 01 Fevereiro 2013 18:43
Masqueraiders this month!! Ahh so happy biggrin I like this roadmap, it's cool to be somewhat surprised yet still informed oh the changes.. shame about haven worlds, but the longer wait means better quality ( plus more time to prepare the guild!)
Kikuihimonji - Member - 01 Fevereiro 2013 18:51

"revising classes" in april - so that's when we can expect class revamp?

Masqueraiders in February? :O]

Oh for bilbiza we will have to wait for July... guess it's perfect for summer time.
Jannet-fenix 01 Fevereiro 2013 18:54
Uguuu.. I hope they'll fix bugs before implementing all of this cool stuff. And i am afraid that pvp Ladders will cause bloodshed worth virtual Hunger Games all around the place.
exponentialrage 01 Fevereiro 2013 18:58
Awesome, one of the funnest dofus classes coming this month, can't wait to play it! Looks like plenty of new content is on the way too. Not sure what the vigilantes thing is, but it sounds like its either new storyline type stuff, or a better outlaw/guard system, so looking forward to hearing more about that.
Frost-Byte 01 Fevereiro 2013 18:58