It’s time to find new figurines in your favorite MMORPG and find them worthy opponents! Show you are up to the task and you may get exclusive items in WAKFU (pets, candies…). You can now unleash your tactical sense and satisfy your internal need to pown noobs in KROSMASTER Arena!

Relaxing, it’s also about finding time to fight an opponent with powerful spells and unbeatable strategy! If you flirt with the highest ranks of the ladder, you’ll get exclusive rewards in your favorite MMO!

Through December 20th, the 300 best ranked players in the ladder, as well as those who will have achieved 3 and 5 wins will be rewarded. And the prizes can cumulate!

Please note that you’ll get prizes based on the game you have been “tagged” in the KMA ladder (a WAKFU player will receive the WAKFU prizes).

The rewards are:
  • A Krosmunster pet for the 3 firsts,
  • A figurine of Argon Gass for the players ranked 2nd to 10th,
  • A Krosmaster bag with 20 slots for the 15 firsts,
  • A Krosbox for the 100 firsts,
  • 10 Wisdom Candies  (+80) for the 300 firsts,
  • 1 Haven-Bag Krosmaster Table for those who achieve 3 wins,
  • 1 Haven-Bag Krosmaster Table + 1 Percimol's Statue for those who achieve 5 wins,
  • Finally, the player ranked number 1 will receive a set of 24 figurines!
Tempting, right?

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