Krosmaster Arena will be activated on December 11th! You’ve known that for a few days already. In the last months we helped you discover Krosmaster: Videos, tutorials, web page… But in order to make it as clear as possible, we gathered all this information in one place. Behold, the Krosmasters Guide!


Official Website

The soon to be redesigned Krosmaster Arena website is available for you to visit! You need information about the game? The rules? A figurine? No doubt you’ll find it there…

You will also be able to start the game directly from the website, and join your friends. Please note however: players will be spread over several servers. If you want to challenge a friend, you’ll have to make sure you’re on the same server. All of this just a few days away!

Just click here to visit the website and try the tutorial that we published yesterday!

A dedicated page on

The WAKFU website also has its own Krosmsters section: you’ll find basic rules but also all the details about the figurines in the MMO (craft, trade, drop).

You can find it by clicking here!

Tutorial videos

A few weeks ago, Izmar, Troyle and the GG button told you about the basic rules of the game in a series of 5 videos. Make sure to watch them again, should you have any questions about any of these points:

All of these can be found here.


Finally, on Monday, December 10th we will publish a new Devblog that will update the information already provided previously, and gather our last advises to become the best Krosmasters in WAKFU.

See you on Monday!