Did you always dream of building your own world inside the World of Twelve? Do you have the soul of a builder? Do you like strategy games? Then you have to check out this latest Dev Blog!

When we first announced the upcoming arrival of the Haven-Worlds, you guys were crazy for them! We've seen and studied your questions on the forum, and we are going to answer the first few of them here in this devblog. Remember that Haven-Worlds will not be brought into effect with the next update, but rest assured that they're advancing right on track! 
Builders, visionaries and architects, get ready to impress! The arrival of Haven-Worlds marks the beginning of the reconstruction era... And seeing as the gods have been since Ogrest's Chaos, it's down to you, the players, to take the World's destiny into your own hands. Do you think you're cut out to get the whole community working together? Put your capabilities to the test!

What exactly are Haven-Worlds?

Haven-Worlds are small worlds governed by guilds - with the help of the community, of course. Within these little worlds, everything needs to be constructed, from the ground to the buildings!

For this to happen, the guild responsible for the running of a Haven-World will have to give the whole community a push in order to erect the most advanced buildings (which will coincidentally be the most difficult to build). They'll have to respond to the players' wishes if they want to succeed in motivating others to work on a Haven-World project! It's a big responsibility that demands impeccable organisation, concise communication with the community and actions in favour of the players... But all will be rewarded by special, unique worlds, created by you guys alone!

 How does a Haven-World work?

A Haven-World starts off quite small, covered in grass and inhabited by Rotceres (indigenous creatures to the layman). The head of the Rotceres will be their spokesman and he's the one who'll allow you to create your Haven-World as you so desire. Speaking to him will open up the "World Editor", the interface where you'll be able to choose your land types and buildings and really develop your Haven-World. But none of this comes for free - the guild that owns the Haven-World will have to spend a kama or two if they want to get their building sites in full flow... And given the size of the sites, they're likely to need the whole community to really get it going. 

Land Types

Land types will always be your starting point. There are different types and each one allows you to personalise the area's appearance and brings a certain characteristic. There are land types that allow you to:
  • Erect buildings
  • Plant resources (forests, fields or grass - depending on what you want to grow!)
  • Build a fishing lake
  • Build mineral quarries
  • Place monsters
  • Build roads

Bear in mind that not all land types will be available to you from the beginning. Those that generate higher-level resources require certain buildings to be erected before they can be accessed. You're free to kit out your Haven-World however you so wish.


Once you've chosen the right type of land for your Haven-World, it's time to place the foundations of your buildings! Once again, the guild that owns the Haven-World will have to cough up some kamas to finance the project. Then, it's down to you to choose where you want to plonk your building. As long as you've got the right kind of land type and enough funds, you're free to do whatever you please!


Now let's talk buildings; this is when the Rotceres come into play! These small creatures are building beauties, site superstars, construction connoisseurs! They'll take care of actually erecting the buildings, but you're going to need to provide them with the right resources to make that possible. There'll be a Rotceres chest on site, which, with the help of the whole community, you'll have to fill up!

Anybody can enter a Haven-World, so call on all the folks you know to participate and get that construction site progressing as fast as possible! For those that own the Haven-World, it's in your best interest to listen to the players and plan the development of your world in such a way that they can participate. After all, you don't want them to abandon you now, do you...?
Then, it's just a question of time... The Rotceres will devote themselves to erecting your building. A building site may, therefore, be under construction for anything from a few hours up to almost a week. What? Don't you know that Bonta wasn't built in a day?! 
For example, in order to build a Rotcere Hayrack, which will reduce the construction time of other buildings by 10%, you'll need to gather 2,400 units of Thatch, 2,400 Logs, 2,400 Stones and 600 Tofu Seeds before you leave the Rotceres to their work for 96 hours. As it stands, the numbers haven't yet been confirmed so are subject to change, but hopefully you can get some kind of idea. The new resources will be integrated into the game at the same time as the Haven-Worlds.

Prerequisites and building order

Not all buildings will be available when you first create your Haven-World. Options will open up to you as you progress with your constructions. Basically, certain buildings will act as prerequisites for others.
Players might be familiar with some of the buildings, such as Zaaps, Markets and Taverns, but we've also added some new ones. They'll allow you to access more evolved buildings, or buildings that offer bonuses to the Haven-World and the characters that visit it.
For example, the Tavern will unlock the "Rotcere Hayrack" building, which will reduce the time it takes to erect your buildings. The Windmill will increase your chances of planting seeds in the fields and will reduce growth time. In short, you'll be able to develop the buildings that you have already constructed, improving or enlarging them.
You'll have to make your decisions carefully and tailor your Haven-World in the right way if you want to get your hands on the more advanced buildings!

All for one and one for all

It's pretty simple: players that don't own a Haven-World will be able to benefit from its advantages without having the responsibility of managing it, and without having spent a kama on building costs!

Haven-Worlds are open to everyone, so you can benefit from the XP bonuses granted by their crafting machines, use their PvP arenas to organise your own tournaments, or visit varied ecosystems grouped together all in one place... as long as the owning guild has developed them, that is!

The help of the whole community is needed in order to develop a Haven-World, so the owning guild should be at the ready to respond to your needs. We repeat: Haven-Worlds are community projects. Any guild that insists on making all the decisions alone will quickly find themselves faced with large inordinate construction sites.

Why is there a limit on the number of Haven-Worlds available?

At the beginning, the number of Haven-Worlds will be limited. There are several reasons for this:
  • First of all, on a technical level, integrating too many Haven-Worlds in one go risks overloading the servers. We would rather implement them gradually (I mean, we're talking about little worlds here!).

  • The nature of Haven-Worlds also calls for a limitation on number... These are community spaces that require the contribution of all players in order to develop. Having too many Haven-Worlds at the same development stage competing against one another would only slow down global site progress.  

How to become a Haven-World owner?

Each Nation has a limited number of Haven-Worlds available to it. To obtain a Haven-World you'll need to be part of a guild of level 10 or higher and be ready to spend a few kamas. Each guild can own just one Haven-World.
When the system is launched, 15 Haven-Worlds will be available from the trade bridges of each Nation, with 60 Haven-Worlds available in total.
We have prepared the purchase system in such a way that becoming a Haven-World owner is fairer than just "first come, first served".  The Haven-Worlds will actually be auctioned off. We're currently working on defining the exact amount that bidding will start at, as well as how exactly it'll work so that the procedure is as fair as possible.
To facilitate the purchase of a Haven-World, guilds will have access to a new rank which can be attributed to several guild members, enabling them to bid on behalf of the guild. That way, you can always be sure to have a guild member available to snap up a bargain!
We'll communicate the time and date that the auctions begin in advance so that you can organise yourselves accordingly. 
Also, we're working on a way to prevent inactive guilds from taking advantage of Haven-Worlds to the detriment of others, as well as a system that will allow you to sell your Haven-World.
Once this first wave of Haven-Worlds has been put in place, we're hoping to add to them regularly, allowing more and more guilds to become owners. We've limited the number implemented at any one time to be able to moderate a steady global Haven-World development.
The arrival of Haven-Worlds means that you, the players, have all the elements at your fingertips to create your own areas in game. We'll provide the tools; you provide the work. We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
georgem1chael 19 Outubro 2012 21:57
AuraNaka|2012-10-19 20:44:53Well if it is an auction my guild is out. . . sad

Same. I don't see how an auction is more fair than first come first serve. My guild definitely meets the requirements for attaining one, however many of my guildies, including me, aren't rich in kamas which kind of puts auctioning for one out of the question. Oh well, I guess. Maybe when they implement more.
Maigootokonoko 19 Outubro 2012 22:08
Neneko88|2012-10-19 20:25:4396 hours to build a hayrack. These havenworlds will take 6 months to a year to be worth anything. Just like everything in wakfu lately; almanax, ubs. I just wonder what these worlds will be for? To have more crops? Will the buildings have any purpose other than making the building of other buildings faster? Seems like just another place to do the same thing you already do in the nations.

Can they start working on the meaning of wakfu (and stasis?)
Well from Q&A #14 they mentioned being able to build class temples that would provide class bonuses hopefully thats still gonna happen. Crosses fingers
Xander-is-Kander 19 Outubro 2012 22:35
georgem1chael|2012-10-19 21:57:09
AuraNaka|2012-10-19 20:44:53Well if it is an auction my guild is out. . . sad

Same. I don't see how an auction is more fair than first come first serve. My guild definitely meets the requirements for attaining one, however many of my guildies, including me, aren't rich in kamas which kind of puts auctioning for one out of the question. Oh well, I guess. Maybe when they implement more.

When the system is launched, 15 Haven-Worlds will be available from the trade bridges of each Nation, with 60 Haven-Worlds available in total.
I can only think of 6-10 big guilds at the top of my head. So I think there will be enough for many guilds on nox to get one if there are 60 total. You'll probably be able to buy some of them cheaper than the others.

As long as a guild can't bid to receive more than one haven world it should be fine. I doubt that's the case but it could happen.

question: What happens to a haven world if the guild that owns the haven world disbands?
Mr-buddy2u - Member - 19 Outubro 2012 23:53
OK a level 10 guild check. More k then i know what to do with check. a strong player base to draw support from. i know was missing something. 2 out of 3 is not bad lets make a world that is the bees knees
ryugun-rayix 20 Outubro 2012 00:14
Don't be so down and the dumps about auctions people. Currently on Nox there is only 50 guilds at level 10 or higher. That means even if you have enough kamas at release, there is still going to be ten or so empty haven worlds, and in turn a haven world for your guild with little problem. Be more worried about the kama cost for each individual buildings and start wishing you could take out loans in Wakfu.
Zebulous - Member - 20 Outubro 2012 00:19
...... comunism? Why would I continue to contribute to a haven world once it had the feature I wanted? After all, you did say that access would be free to all.
Eventually the perfectionists will burn out because they will be the only ones trying to improve the haven world past a certain point. Once they burn out, and stop improving the haven world, does the haven world get wiped clean, and put up for sale from lack of activity?
I will gladly work for myself, but if the cost of the materials reflects all the potential freeloaders who will also use my building/service; the personal cost is no longer worth the personal effort. I am not going to gather 50,000 thatch, by myself, because potentially the entire server can also use a building in my haven world. I will do without that building. If I have help, a reasonable amount of help, then I don't mind if the whole server also has access.
cheetah1971 20 Outubro 2012 00:27
Think each guild and/or player should get their own haven world.

The way this is being set up, with a limited number available, its going to leave some players out in the cold for getting to play with this content.

In this state, I can't say I'm interested.
Intrade - Member - 20 Outubro 2012 00:40
I'm actually curious about some other things...

First of all, will it be possible to make battle-maps within the Haven World at some point and time? It would be fun to customize battle-maps if a fight occurs within a particular Haven World. This way, there could be themed Tournaments such as "Small map tournament" (favors melee characters), "Ranged map tournament" (favors ranged characters), "No-LoS map tournament" (map that favors characters that can attack at odd angles and/or not need much LoS)

And maybe even have different modes for each map, such as...

"Filled Penalty tile mode" (map is filled with different Penalty tiles)
"Filled Bonus tile mode" (map is filled with different Bonus tiles)
"Skating Ring" (map is half-filled with air-push tiles that glide you from one location to another)


On another note, will there ever be an option to add creatures to a particular Haven World?
crawfish33 - Member (+) - 20 Outubro 2012 01:19
This sounds pretty awesome. But players often have a hard time donating these materials... I mean, look at all the broken machines across the nations. But whatever. It's also a little disappointing that these are limited to guilds, or rather the higher up guilds. It would be nice if our haven bags could be a little version of this. That would be cool.
Pakonitan 20 Outubro 2012 02:14
Sounds like a good idea, might get my sibling interested because he likes making buildings and such in games. However, it sounds like this will only be available to the popular guilds if they even want it. What are the rewards for using your own kamas and letting other people roam for free on it? Unless maybe holding little markets there that give kamas from the players to the guild that funded that world? It's debatable, but interesting.