Many of you have been following the evolution of the Sacrier Revamp in the beta and have been contributing to its final version. Thank you, everyone! It was great! Today, we're going to give you a summary of the major changes to the Sacrier's gameplay.

A Return to the Roots!

In WAKFU, each class has its own unique and innovative gameplay. Sacrier's key characteristic is its "berserker" side. With their perfect knowledge of how best to manage pain, the Sacriers' strength is multiplied when they receive a blow! Since they're not afraid of taking hits or drawing blood, Sacriers don't hesitate to head straight to the front line or sacrifice themselves for their allies, which makes them excellent "tanks".

The whole revamp was designed with this goal in mind. All of the Sacriers' abilities and effects are multiplied when the they suffer or have suffered a lot of damage. They can take damage in place of their allies, move around easily in a melee or get their allies to safety.

If you like suffering damage, you must surely know how to take it. That's why the Sacrier also has an incredible capacity to survive. As they have a lot more health than their teammates, they can create huge Armor scores for themselves. But we'll come back to that later.


In addition to having a clearly defined role, a class also needs to be easy to understand. This may seem strange to some people, but one of the key points in a class' success is its readability. Indeed, we've noticed that the classes with the most clearly defined roles are chosen more often at the start of the game, and that the more complicated classes have the highest churn rate.

This is one of the aims we're hoping to achieve with this revamp. The spells are easier to read and their effects are simpler, but no less powerful or less strategic!


We began by tackling the way in which Sacriers generate and use their Armor. One of the problems was that a Sacrier had to constantly use his Earth spells to generate Armor. Now, he will be able to generate large amounts of Armor at once, whenever he needs it, and he will be able to spend his action points (AP) on something else.

To make deck composition and the use of spells more strategic, we have worked on really differentiating the spells that work the same way so they meet different requirements and are optimal in different situations. So, for Armor generation, here's how we've split up the roles between different spells:

  • Sanguine Armor generates a huge amount of Armor at once, but it takes time to recharge and needs to be used at the opportune moment to make the most of its other effects.
  • Rocky Foot generates a weak but regular - amount of Armor.
  • Colonnades generates a lot of Armor when there are numerous targets around the Sacrier.
  • Smash generates a large amount of Armor but costs one Wakfu Point and can only be used once per target.
  • These last three generate more Armor when the Sacrier has lost a lot of HP, so we don't recommend using them at the start of a fight.

Now that their impressive number of health points and the new Armor mechanics give the Sacrier a high chance of survival, all that's left is to make their ally protection techniques even more reliable.

We've therefore reviewed Cage of Blood so that the Sacrier can now use it to keep his targets within reach, but most of all we reworked the way Sacrifice works. Its area has been increased and it now lasts longer, which reduces the positioning restrictions that were placed on it. We've also removed the charge mechanic from Sacrifice. Now you get full and long-lasting protection for the whole duration of the effect. Finally, the Sacrier will take damage on behalf of his allies even when he's Stabilized.


The final objective of this revamp was to open up the Sacrier's possibilities so that he's no longer stuck playing a single branch at a time, or in just one role. First of all, none of his passives or spells exclude others anymore. Then we added several primary mechanics, such as the fact that Armors are infinite and more powerful when they're low on health points, or that the damage the Sacrier inflicts on himself does not reduce his Armor. We've also added some secondary mechanics, like the reduced cost of Punishment for the use of positioning spells, Armor consumption to deal damage or even MP theft combined with Theft of Life to keep targets close, as well as better manage Flame Return damage.

One Last Word

On a final note, you will discover a few new features, such as the appearance of Punishments, which are active spells that play on the damage suffered by the Sacrier.

In summary, you can expect better competitiveness, accessibility and originality, as well as a range of new possibilities that await your much-loved, brand new Sacriers!

Categoria: Game design