Those who have ventured to Srambad know him as the one leading the chase on the Dimensional Voyagers. But who – or what is this dark being? Want to find out? Well, why not listen to a dishonest citizen of Srambad speaking about the leader of the Malicious Militia?

Once in a while his presence is palpable. It can be felt across Srambad, at front and center stage or down in the back; in the more powerful parts of the city. His influence never ceases… for he is Wilby, the Dark Master!

Some say he was the first SRAM to ever be embodied in the World of Twelve. Others dare to claim that he might just be the son of the God, Sram and, therefore, his most faithful servant.

I can’t quite say who is right but I am sure of one thing, he hasn’t always been at the head of the Malicious Militia. There was a time, long ago, when it was Captain Scarlyte who led the Militia – and with a cruel and iron fist too! At that time, Wilby only had a prophetic function. He was the voice of Sram when Sram was not in the city. You might be thinking, that’s not so bad – but wait!

To have the misfortune of working with him, you had to be part of, how to say... the high society. You see? The ordinary Srambadian did not even know of his existence, so how would they stand a chance at becoming a chieftain?
Then there was that "great invasion" of the Divine Dimensions by those pesky Dimensional Voyagers! At that point, Wilby completely disappeared into the shadows. At least Srambad is a great place for that, truly!
After the invasion, and Wilby’s disappearance, the agreement that unified the different Sram clans declined. The Queen of Thieves left the city, and we don’t know why! It doesn’t stop there, Gein disappeared too!
Meanwhile, chaos spread to the World of Twelve like a contagious disease.

After the fall of the clans’ agreement, Wilby returned to the center stage to become the "Dark Master,” the single leader of Srambad! He dissolved the clans and ousted those who did not plead allegiance to Sram. Wilby even went as far as pushing all of the Rogues out into the ghettos! After that, he proceeded to declare martial law and began to put a price on the Dimensional Voyagers’ heads!

Since then, nobody has dared to oppose him. Attacking him would be like facing Sram himself!
Wilby has always been and always will be…
Testimony of Cakecutter
Skilled Pickpocket Artist

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