Latest addition to our class revamps Devblogs series; discover the changes brought to Rogues and Enutrofs.


How will these changes impact you?
Although we didn’t implement deep modifications, we wanted to allow more refined specialization opportunities. Whether you decide to focus on bombs, ranged damage or melee damage, these modifications were designed for everyone to find them interesting, but also improve synergy between spells that could tend to be very limited to a specific branch.

Bombs, always more bombs
  • Blaze: This spell disappears and is replaced by a new type of bomb, the Mega Bomb. Expensive to cast but more powerful than its friends, it applies the Crippled state to your enemy, leading to a MP loss.
  • Burning Bomb: Its damage is slightly lowered but the chances to apply Burning are significantly improved. Our idea was to emphasize on the effects of the bombs, as much as their damage.
  • Blinding Bomb: This bomb will no longer apply the Blindness state, but Disoriented instead. This state lowers the Range of your opponent.
  • Barbed Fire & Flaming Claw: These spells will receive new effects additionally to their current ones, allowing you to better manage positioning. Barbed Fire will allow you to position the enemy on another cell next to a bomb while the movement provided by Flaming Claw will now be of 2 cells instead of 1. Furthermore, this spell also allows you to get closer to an ally, if you target him.
  • Bomber Fan: It’s now this passive that will grant you a bonus in mechanics, instead of Rogue Master. It will keep its former effects but will also allow you to regain AP when a bomb explodes.

These many tweaks should bring a new interest in one of the most unique mechanics of WAKFU, the bombs. Having more of them and more effects should allow you to adapt your strategy depending on the opponent you’re about to face.

Boombot of my heart
  • Detonator: This active support spell will be replaced by Remote Control. The former effects will be kept but it will also allow you to turn the Boombot toward the center of the area of effect. Why? You ask. Read what’s next!
  • Boombot: Many changes will be brought to the Boombot. It will now have HP equal to a percentage of your own HP. Also, it will now have AP and be able to use them to cast spells. Some of these spells will allow you to manage bombs positioning, such as Pull, Push or Grab, which shouldn’t need much explanation. It will also have a damage spell, Barbed Fire, and the spell Detonator.
  • Extension: This spell will be constantly active on the Boombot. It will allow you to use it to channel you ranged spells. When you cast a ranged spell on the Boombot, he will automatically project the same effect in front of him, in a triangle area. The damage will be based on those of your spell, with a penalty of -30%. Note that the spell will be cast in front of the Boombot, which means that inattentive Rogues could shoot themselves!

This should give a breath of fresh air to the Boombot. With these changes, not only will it become a real useful tool for those specialized in bombs, but it also becomes a strong alternative to Rogues specialized in ranged spells!

In this world there’s two kinds of people: those with a loaded guns, and the others
  • Piercing Shot & Blam: These spells will receive value modifications. The first one will have its range improved to 2-6 (instead of 2-4) but will only be cast in line. The second will have its damages reduced, for a cost lowered and a range now modifiable.
  • Machine Gun & Cross Fire: These two spells will have their damage slightly improved.
  • Hotwire: Becomes Unsheather. This new spell gives you a temporary Earth damage boost and doubles your AP for one turn. However, the Rogue loses all his MP. It also applies the “Empty Magazine” state which stays until the following turn, and doubles the MP of the Rogue while removing all his AP. This spell should become a strong alternative allowing you to deal heavy damages.
  • Pyrotechnics: Becomes Smoke. It protects the Rogue from Ranged damage coming from 7 cells and more (2 cells and more at max level), but applies the state “Crying Eyes” for one turn, lowering the range of the Rogue by 4.
  • Surprise Shot: It will no longer inflict 30% of the damage of the previous shot, but 50%.

We didn’t want to forget the Rogues that are not specialized in bombs. That’s why we decided to modify the Earth branch as described above, in order to make it a real option for Rogues who want to deal heavy damage quickly.

And what about Air?
  • Air Master: Becomes Initiator. In order to make it more interesting for non-Air specialized Rogues, the Initiative converted will apply to all damage, and not only Air damage.
  • Rogue Master: This passive spell will become the new basis of all strategies based on the Air branch. The Initiative bonus will be increased, and it will receive a new effect: Air spells have a chance to return AP for each AP spent! This chance is even higher when an Air spell deals a Critical Hit!
  • Slap Shot: Will only cost 1 AP, in order to emphasize the interest of Rogue Master.

The Air branch only receives few modifications since we already deemed it efficient enough. We wanted to limit the passives that are only used by a specific branch (like Air Master), while offering a passive useful to all but even more useful to Air Rogues.

More information
We will come back to you soon with the final values and modifications, in the changelog.


How will these changes impact you?
Our goal here was to limit some issues with Specialty spells, bring more fluidity and interest to the Fire branch, create a two times mechanic on the Earth tree, and as we did for the other classes improve the possibility to choose between all the active and passive spells. The Water branch was however not changed; its few downsides have been corrected with the changes brought to the passive spells.

A better Fire branch
  • Fusion: We wanted to remove the double increment to give it a more linear evolution, and not exponential as it is currently the case.
  • Meteor: Its range becomes modifiable to give it more flexibility.
  • Ember: Chances to apply Explosion will improve linearly and not exponentially, to stay coherent with other spells modifications.
  • Firedamp Explosion: Damages of the Critical Hits will be adapted to correctly fit the 1.5 coefficient.
  • Hot Magma: This spell will have a new use. When in contact with a Mine, instead of dealing area damage like a volcano, Mines around the Enutrof will be destroyed to inflict much higher damages. This allows us to improve this spell and make it a real heavy damage dealing spell when the conditions are met.
These changes were added to facilitate the gameplay of Fire Enutrofs which currently have too many constraints. This is also emphasized by the changes brought to Specialty spells, as you will see below.

A simplified Earth tree for a restructured Drhellzerker
Before giving you more details, we want to remind you that Hypermovement is a resistance to MP loss generated by all MP loss of the Enutrof under his Drhellzerker form. This system was put in place to avoid permanent root effects.
  • Deadly Nightspade: Instead of having a chance to lose 1 MP, the Drhellzerker will now inflict a penalty of -20 Hypermovement. Damages and Range have also been lowered under the Enutrof form, while the damages are increased under the Drhellzerker form.
  • Shovel Kiss: This spell will work differently. It will allow the Enutrof under Drhellzerker form (or his allies in contact) to be temporarily faster. The MP gain has been lowered for the Enutrof (+1 instead of +2) but it will have more chances to trigger (100% at max level instead of 50%). The Drhellzerker will give the “Accelerated” state to his allies (+1MP).
  • Shady Shovel: It will gain 1 additional Range and become a 1-2 Range spell (it will no longer be a melee spell). The range will also be modifiable. The damage will therefore be decreased. If you are under Enutrof form, the effect will be the same. However, under Drhellzerker form, the spell will allow you to steal 20 Hypermovement from your target, while also increasing your damage. We thought it of little use to grant melee root spells to the Enutrof.
  • Shovel Shaker: Its damages will be lowered. Chances to lose 1 MP under the Enutrof form will be of 100%. Under Drhellzerker you will inflict a 20 Hypermovement penalty and also have higher damage.
  • Phone a Frhend: The HP of the Drheller will be modified and now equal 40% of the Enutrof’s HP at max level (instead of 30%). Its stats and spells will also be modified. We added this change to improve the synergy between fusion of the Drheller and Combat Training.
  • Drhellzerker: Important changes here with an improved Range and lowered cost (no more Wakfu cost). However, when turning into a Drhellzerker, you will no longer heal a % of your HP, and you will lose 2 Range. Depending on the level of the Drheller with which you fusion, your damage bonus per MP used will lower (150% max for one turn) but will last one complete turn instead of only one attack.

We wanted to create a different mechanic for Earth Enutrofs while not losing the interest for those who don’t want to play Drhellzerker. Under the Enutrof form you will be able to deal reasonable damage while keeping a good Range and the possibility to root. Under Drhellzerker, you’ll become a real melee monster with possibility to manage your Hypermovement.

Boosted Specialty spells
  • Mine Mover: Its cost will be increased for the 5 first levels, and its Range will be rebalanced (1-2 at level 1, 1-10 at level 9, and will lose its line of sight at level 8). Its mechanic will also be modified: it will now move the Mines under the Enutrof from the targeted cell, and replace it with a rarer Mine. Using this spell on a Pouch will also allow you to pick it up.
  • Mass Clumsiness: We will balance this spell. It will cost 1 MP more, but 1 AP less. It will inflict -2MP to all fighters (allies and enemies). Chances to inflict a penalty of 1 MP only to the allies will increase with the level of the spell.
  • Prime of Life: It will still apply Accelerated but its mechanic will change. It will now turn the WAKFU of the Enutrof into MP, additionally to improving Dodge (until +50 at max level). We decided to avoid the transformation of MP loss into a gain, which was causing way too many problems.
  • Treasure Tracker: Its damage bonus will now have a maximum of +150%.
  • Geology: Discovering a Mine will now have a fixed rate. For example at level 1 it will be 2 Mines (instead of 1 to 2) and at level 20 it will be 12 Mines (instead of 10 to 12). Please also note that we repositioned many Mines, to avoid the situations where an Enutrof would have no close Mine when beginning a fight.
  • Faking It: Here again we will deeply change the mechanic. Instead of faking a KO when reaching a given % of HP left, if the Enutrof is knocked out he will have a chance to come back to life with X% HP after spending one turn faking the KO. Its value will go from 5% to 100%, which should give a real use to this spell, in both PvE and PvP.
  • Combat Training: Becomes “Not that old”. The idea of the spell is to offer a chance to the Enutrof to gain 1 MP each time he spends a MP (until 40% chance at max level). It will also give him additional Dodge (until +40 at max level). This should now give kiting possibility to the Enutrof.
  • Enutrof's Blessing: Bonuses to chances of applying the Broke state have been lowered so it doesn’t replace the use to level up Water spells.
More information
We will come back to you soon with the final values and modifications, in the changelog.

That covers in outline the main changes to these two classes. We will continue to gather all your feedback and answer your questions as much as possible with the help of and Grou and Zeorus who worked on these revamps.