Hello and let's go! To respond to questions asked by several people, just a little point about the way in which the music is made. Well, we don’t have an orchestra here at Ankama, but rather a heap of computer programs that allow us to get really close to that sound. These programs have recorded every note of every instrument in a classical orchestra according to several parameters.

For the violin, for instance, there are a good ten settings to choose from including staccato (.01s, 0.2s, 0.3s), legato, pizzicato, col legno etc… this ensures that we end up with a sound that mirrors real instruments authentically, even though a computer program could never replace them. Secondly, I don’t place any rules on the structure of a piece of music. In actual fact, I do my best to make sure they don’t sound too structured or systematic: the two pieces that have been put online display this quite well I think (although unfortunately, I’m still a long way from being infallible). I simply try to make pleasing music that you don’t hear in every other computer game (by combining orchestral and ethnic instruments, for example). Now, there’ll be no indication as to what music is used where. Don’t ask for combat music, map music or class music… it’s up to you to guess the uses of the pieces we give you!

Lastly, we thought we’d involve as many players as possible and give you a third piece which is nothing more than a slightly different version of the second piece. Feel free to go to the forum afterwards and discuss the strong and weak points of both versions!

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