1. Demonic Pacts

  • Heroes leave the Shushu Prison correctly and are present in combat following the exit.
  • Using a Recall Potion while the interaction delay of the Pact is in progress correctly removes the interaction.

2. Class

2.1. Masqueraider

  • Wearing the Psychopath Mask with the Erosion passive blocks Wakfu Point regeneration.
  • Wearing the Psychopath Mask with the Erosion passive no longer blocks the AP gain of the Masks Off passive.
  • The Masqueraider's neutral spells can now be used by its double.

2.2. Rogue

  • Jackpot passive Connection gives resistance to the placed bomb.
  • Jackpot passive Connection can no longer be obtained by casting Badabang on a Boombot.
  • Sticky Bomb now deals melee damage regardless of the Rogue's position. In addition, the Scope passive changes the damage type of the Sticky Bomb.
  • Explobomb bonus now loses the correct levels after two turns.

2.3. Sram

  • Execution correctly hits in a cross-zone when the targeted enemy has less than 35% HP.

3. Dimensional Rifts

  • The resistance debuff applied by the Northern Brute is removed at each new wave.
  • Wolfix's resistance bonus is applied at the beginning of the wave/combat and is reapplied each time he starts his turn.

4. Items

  • Abandon I and III sublimations can no longer be obtained.
  • The existing Abandon III sublimations only give 2 levels of Abandon.

5. Interface

  • Canceling a trade no longer visually adds the kamas that were present in the trade to the total of kamas owned.
  • The number of kamas placed in the trade window can no longer visually exceed the kamas owned.
  • The current tax percentage is now displayed in the Sales tab of the Marketplace.

6. Battlefields

  • Rubilax Battlefields are now correctly held at these times: every Saturday at 04:00 AM and 04:00 PM (Paris time).
  • FFA (Free-For-All) battlefields now have a deposit point in the middle of the map.
    • This deposit point has an interaction time that lasts 2 minutes. Interacting with a drop gives 50 points to the player's team (no personal gain).
      This change is intended to avoid strategies where one side might leave a Battlefield entirely after gaining an advantage, or not come at all, in order to maintain control of a territory.

7. World

  • Fixed a bug that could freeze clone characters with the name "undefined" after using the "Follow a character" feature.

8. Miscellaneous

  • Fixing black screens on Mac devices can now be done via the Ankama Launcher. Users who experience the issue will be able to solve it via the "Repair" feature.