1. Demonic Pacts

  • Loot is now displayed correctly at the end of combat.
  • The size of the temporary inventory has been increased from 25 to 100 slots.
  • The issue preventing items to be transferred from the temporary inventory to the character inventory has been fixed.
  • The experience in the pact interface is now displayed in percentage of the player/hero's unmodulated level.
  • Pact experience can now be gained on an account that has never collected any items in its PVP inventory.

2. Dimensional Rifts

  • The drop rate for rare items (pets, sublimations) has been decreased.
  • Common rarity equipment can no longer be obtained from Dimensional Rifts. The purpose of this change is to avoid overloading loot.

3. Items

  • The sublimation Vitality Well III can now be crafted.
  • The Pingwii pet obtained from Rifts is no longer linked. This change is not retroactive.

4. Combat

  • Characters no longer turn to enemies at the beginning of combat (monsters retain this behavior).