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what if Wakfu had a mobile version?

Por upirate#5870 08 Dezembro 2022 - 11:41:43
I would like to know the opinion of all of you, if Wakfu had a mobile version?

Without a doubt it would be the best mobile mmorpg I would drop all the other mmo I play on my phone just to play wakfu mobile Does anyone else share the same opinion? 

Wakfu has everything to be a great mobile, from the but the company wastes time and investment in other PC games since it​ already has a huge audience in dofus and wakfu Would anyone out there stop playing wakfu or dofus to start playing another Ankama PC game? 

I'm sure Wakfu on mobile would attract new players and players who already know Ankama's most popular games So why isn't there a Wakfu mobile yet? Why does it take so long to realize that the proposal for new mmo games for PC is not meeting expectations? Someone who has been playing wakfu and dofus for years would never live or divide their time between other new PC games 

Ankama will only realize the error when some random company releases a tactical mmorpg with the same mobile wakfu combat system And at that moment only at that moment will they start to think about 

Thank you very much for your time 
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