Hear ye, hear ye! Gobbstock starts tomorrow! This is an opportunity for all musicians of the World of Twelve to meet at the markets, taverns and a whole lot of unexpected places to delight you ears... Or to break them! And how about using this special occasion to help us find the 3 best music bands of the Krosmoz starting June 20th to the 30th

During the Gobbstock celebration, every corner of the World of Twelve trembles under the vibrations of musical notes and high pitched troubadour songs wanting more attention... Want to be part of it? Okay, here's a contest for you! 

Whether you are a trumpeter from Amakna, a drummer from Bonta, a guitarist from Brakmar or even a flutist from Sufokia, you will be able to get together to participate in this event.

The Goal

From June 20th to the 30th (7:00 AM GMT / 3:00 AM EST /12:00 AM PST), please send us via email a screenshot of your band captured in-game, by specifying the group name, its concept, presenting its members including a list of their usernames and the role of each of them (singer, percussionist, distributor of water bottles, fan...). 

We will select the 3 most original bands and offer rewards proven to be at the height of their talents

Any additional element for you to showcase the artistic talents of your band (movie, music file, lyrics, concert poster, etc...) will also be accepted, but is not required. They will simply allow the jury to better assess the extent of the qualities of your group.

The Rules

  • One entry per player (it can be sent by any member of the group) and per character.
  • The group may contain from 1 to up to 6 members maximum.
  • Participation cannot be sent several times and only the first email will be taken into account.
  • The title of the email sent for the contest must be: Group Name - Gobbstock Contest (example: The Steelworkers - Gobbstock Contest)
  • The entry email must include:
    1. An attached screenshot ( maximum size of 2MB ) featuring all the members of your group. This screenshot should use "in-game" WAKFU MMO images, but you can apply special effects or alterations if you would like.
    2. The name of the group.
    3. The server name
    4. The concept of the group (musical style, particularities, etc.)
    5. list of nicknames and particularity of each member of the group ( ex "Sabi: loves to headbang to the drums of Bonta" ). Nicknames must necessarily correspond to the true identities of the in-game characters: it is these characters that the rewards will be credited to if your group gets to win the competition. But you can also specify, if you would like to do so, the "Stage  name" after these nicknames, especially if you want to better highlight their specificity ( ex: "Sabi - Super headbanger" )!
  • The entry email may optionally include other elements than those requested in the previous point (example: a recruitment poster of the group, a video presentation, etc..), as long as all these items are sent in a single email.
  • If one of the optional elements or attachments of your participation email includes a video, it must be hosted on YouTube with the keywords "Gobbstock WAKFU 2014," must not exceed 3 minutes, a description should contain /en and the link your Youtube video will have to be included in your participation email. The video must use "in-game" WAKFU MMO images, but you can edit the video, music and special effects as much as you want as long as they are royalty free.
  • If your group is one of the winners, the rewards will be credited to the characters listed as part of your group (from 1 to a maximum of 6 members) in your entry email. For this purpose, be sure to specify the correct 6 in-game nicknames for the characters in your list. If some of the characters could not be found in-game by us, the rewards will not be assigned.
  • Your entry/participation email must be sent to the following address: [email protected]
To participate, you must have an Ankama account subscriber or not.
If your entry does not meet any of these rules, we reserve the right to disqualify it from the contest.

The Loots

They will be given to each members of the group.

1st best group:
  • Group name title for each member
  • Gold trophy decoration
  • 4 "Whistle" emotes
  • 3 months subscription
2nd best group:
  • Group name title for each member
  • Silver trophy decoration
  • 1 month subscription
3rd best group:
  • Group name title for each member
  • Bronze trophy decoration
  • 1 week subscription
Prizes will be awarded to each member of the group, via the gift interface of the characters listed in the contest entry email.
You have from the 20th to the 30th of June (7 AM GMT/3 AM EST/12 AM PST) to send us your entries. The results will be announced during the month of July.

The offical list of rules can also be consulted: here.

To your music notes!