Find in this news a reminder of the new Havens-Worlds that were put on auction yesterday and which Haven World will be put for auction next.

Yesterday at 7 PM server time (type /time ingame to know the time of your server), the following Haven Worlds started their auctions:
  • Wabbit Island – Center West
  • Wabbit Island – Center North
  • Wabbit Island – Center East
  • Kelba – North East
  • Kelba – East

An here is the last Haven World that will be put on auctions for a week starting Wednesday February 12th at 7 PM server time:
  • Kelba – North West

As a reminder, to participate in the auctions your guild must be level 3, and only the leader (or anyone with the appropriate rights) can bid. Bids will be of a fixed amount: 100 Kamas until the auction reaches 1000, then 200 Kamas until 2000, and so on. Kamas are directly taken from your Guild Bank, and given back once another guild bids higher than you.
Good luck!
Asthis 07 Février 2014 13:29
So what's going to happen after the last Haven World is sold? Will more be added? Will old abandoned ones go back on the market? Will people be able to sell their Haven World?
Kaitenzushi 07 Février 2014 15:07
Asthis|2014-02-07 13:29:05Will old abandoned ones go back on the market?
Good question. How would you know it's abandoned though?

I believe Dofus has a similar thing, with houses that players can buy. And apparently disused houses do get sold.
Asthis 07 Février 2014 17:16
I'm sure there are HWs that were bought by small guilds that have been inactive for awhile. The guild would have to be completely dead for a long period of time, but I'm sure there are some.
Kaitenzushi 07 Février 2014 19:58
Yes, I know there are some. But how would Ankama decide that the HW and/or guild really is inactive? smile 
mindwarper 12 Février 2014 20:19
That would actually be easy, they could have the haven worlds log the last date a guild member of the owning guild entered, and have the guild log the last date a member (probably with certain privilages) was active (the reason I say certain privilages is if the leader(s) and higher ranking members aren't active, the lesser members get nothing out of it, plus you can't just go by rank as each rank is entitled to certain benifits, like for example the groundskeeper rank in my guild only has access to the haven world for groundskeeping.)