Starting today! All of the Boutique is 50% off! Except the Makabras and Scroll of Absolution. Only THREE days total! This Super Sale is running on Thanksgiving on November 28th, Black Friday November 29th, and Cyber Monday December 2nd. Get the goods while they last!

Shop till you drop or your Dragoturkey tells you so! 
This three days sale is only running Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Everything will be 50% off!* So hurry up before it's all gone!
(*Except Makabras and Scroll of Absolution)



Original: 5000
SALE: 2500

Valkyrie Costume

Original: 1200
SALE: 600

Male Dummy

Original: 420
SALE: 210

Musketeer Costume

Original: 1200
SALE: 600

Smithmagus Hammer

Original: 600
SALE: 300

What are you guys still doing here reading this announcement!?
This sale will cover Thursday, November 28th

(8 AM GMT/ 3 AM EST/ 12 AM PST)
to Saturday, November 30th
(8 AM GMT/ 3 AM EST/ 12 AM PST)

as well as Monday, December 2nd
(8 AM GMT/ 3 AM EST/ 12 AM PST) 
to Tuesday, December 3rd
(8 AM GMT/ 3 AM EST/ 12 AM PST)! 
So go check it out!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If your card contains an item with the promotion, and an item without, the promotion will not apply. Please make sure to purchase both separately to receive the promotion correctly.