… With her recipes and candies! You might have already noticed it on the Almanax: Fleaster is coming! And to celebrate the Meridia Etnop appropriately, Fleastermind will be inaugurated on WAKFU! What’s up for grabs? Eggs, necklaces, snappers, cawwots and even sets!

You want to celebrate Fleaster? Shosanne is taking care of everything… Almost everything! All you need to do is find the recipes for her best candies and rewards will be yours: Fleaster Eggs, Choconecklaces, Chocolate Snappers, Bouquets of Cawwots, Fleaster Wodent Sets, Fleaster Wodent Stuffed Toys or Tofu Stuffed Toys!

You’ll have two chances every day, so don’t get distracted by Shosanne’s arguments and use your brain!

The cooking fest starts tomorrow, all the way through April 2, for subscribers only!
Captain-Sruggs 26 Mars 2013 17:46
Great timing, I'll subscribe in a couple of days smile
shake-spear 26 Mars 2013 18:24
good thing i subscribed a few days ago ^^
Dawnsinger 26 Mars 2013 18:26
She can't live without her kitchen timers, though (poor sumi-clad sumo slaves!)
SirTristepint 26 Mars 2013 18:46
Dat innuendo.
Adam-Bomb 26 Mars 2013 21:21
Shosanne is my fav! biggrin
Asthis 26 Mars 2013 21:45
I really like her buns.
miranai - Member - 26 Mars 2013 21:52
LOL chocolate snappers eh.
Neneko88 - Member - 27 Mars 2013 00:35
Nice, I will wear my fleaster wodent hat for this event, hopefully it brings me luck with the recipeshappy 
Mr-buddy2u - Member - 27 Mars 2013 01:36
I remember the fleaster crash last year lets hope the eggs don't multiply infinitely like last time
ZeraKoN - Member - 27 Mars 2013 11:47
Sorry, but I didn't participate from last year Fleaster. What's is this all about? Killing Incarnam mobs or?...