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Dear all, Our game server will be under maintenance on Friday November 28th, 2008 to set up the Wakfu update 0.104 and will, therefore, be unavailable during that time. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


  • Improvements have been made to the fort under construction


  • Osamodas summons now regenerate in the same way as their masters do
  • Osamodas summons can no longer drop items when they die
  • When a pet kills a creature, the loot automatically returns to the pet’s owner

Bugs fixed

  • Volume of ambient sounds at the end of fights (which was too loud) has now been lowered
  • Monsters in the ecosystem now respawn as normal
  • Monsters in the ecosystem now form groups as normal
  • The issues affecting inventories (error messages, display of Swap Meet etc.) have been resolved in part
  • Life span of items now displays correctly
  • Osamodas symbiotes now display better
  • Maps have been improved in order to facilitate movement (particularly in buildings)


  • New colors for Xelors and Pandawas have been added
  • The interactive ‘set’ interface has been repaired


  • Music for all 12 temples has been added
  • Many interface sounds have been inserted
  • The sounds for Osamodas’ definitive spells have been added
  • The sounds for Fairy spells (Eniripsa summons) have been added
  • The sounds for Sinistro’s spells (Xelor summons) have been added
  • The sounds for Hydruille’s spells (Xelor summons) have been added
  • The sounds for the Gobblette spell Dominating kiss have been added
  • The sounds for the Polter family’s spells have been added
  • The character sounds for general close combat action have been added
  • The sounds for the remaining Larvae spells have been added
  • The sounds for Piwi spells have been added
  • The sounds for remaining Monster Mind spells have been added

Technical bugs

  • Zoom level according to client resolution has been corrected
  • Various improvements to make gameplay more fluid
  • The game no longer consumes CPU when minimized
  • Server stability optimized
  • Players with account names/passwords which are longer than 19 characters can now log in as normal
  • It is now possible to adjust the level of detail in game in order to improve gameplay (MAJ + L)
  • Port 443 can now be used as normal. Clients which fail to connect through the standard ports will now attempt to connect with port 443

This page is dedicated to the changes made on the game servers (Open Beta). Please note that these features are still subject to change and may not be implemented as stated during the next game updates.