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Citronana Tree

  • The harvest tooltip now displays the correct information.



  • A Huppermage will no longer fail the challenges due to not having Wakfu Points.

Vampyro's Castle

  • At the end of combat in the 3rd room, players will no longer be stuck on the bats but teleported to the exit instead.

 The Zeppelantern

  • The boss Hoodfella is back to his old self.

Royal Strich
  • The Lock bonus (Dodge is not counted) duration has been increased to 2 turns. The bonus is applied from one turn to the next.


Puddle Bobble Final

  • The achievement can now be completed once you've fulfilled the objectives.

The Seven Riktus

  • The achievement can now be completed when the boss is killed last even with indirect damage.



  • The mythical Kokonecklace now requires the correct materials.
  • Smisse the Rogue's Pants now has a recipe from rare to mythical.
  • The Broken Sword's plan now provides the correct recipe.
  • The Puddly Breastplate now requires the correct materials.


  • You can now attack with the WeKyn BeKyn Sword. 

Nation Harness

  • It is now possible to obtain the Patriotic Petsmount Token by talking with the Nation Owl located in the Nation Guard HQ (once you've fulfilled the requirements).


Dofus Pets Equipment

  • Bow Meows and Tofus obtained from Dofus Pets can now use the equipment of Bow Meows and Tofus from WAKFU.


Honor Among Thieves

  • The cinematic where Remington appears for the first time now launches at the correct time.

Adventurers of Kokokobana

  • NPCs that appear after each combat no longer spams their dialogue.

Riktus or no Riktus?

  • The quest can now be completed when you talk to Didi Stroyer.

Weeding Emergency

  • The first objective of the quest is now possible for those who spoke to Xav the Baker before talking to the Mercenary.

Nations Quest Chapter 4

  • You can once again interact with Savhanna the Silky.

Quarter Heart

  • The combat bubble is back to normal.

Bosses Hunt (36-50)

  • The quest objective has been updated to kill three bosses.



  • The challenge "Reprieve" will not appear in a fight against Puddlies.

Passive Resilience

  • The passive will no longer remove resistance to nearby enemies when the Eliotrope is dead.


Clan Master Wishes

  • The wishes of Clan Master Krustiblak in Pabong Fields is now consistent with the number of resources available in the area.


Trool Fair

  • The Dark Vlad Labyrinth mini-game can now be completed.