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  • Prime of Life: will correctly transfer the lock value to dodge.
  • It will again be possible to recover loot from Pouches.
  • Trade Secrets: casting on a target now provides MP 
  • Killer Spade: will be limited to 2 casts per target per turn while in Drhellzerker form.

  • Credit Interest: will no longer cast Debt without line of sight. Also, Debt cannot be casted twice per turn at rank 1.
  • Faking It: will correctly apply armor gain when transforming to a Drhellzerker.
  • Not Dead Yet: will correctly apply a 200 Melee Mastery bonus in Drhellzerker form. Shovel of Judgment will no longer lose line of sight when this passive is used.

  • Xelors will be able to teleport correctly on all the cells of their dial if a mine is placed on one of them.

  • Mirage will no longer damage allies.

  • Armor given by Clinging to Life will be permanent.


  • Boarnigen the Damasker now spawns in a random area in each nation.


Flower Capture
  • A player that was killed with 3 artifact states no longer has them when reentering the battlefield.
  • The Eniripsa Blessing is no longer applied when entering the battlefield if the player belongs to the team that defeated the Dark Wodent. The bonus now lasts 5 minutes and is applied only to team members present in the battlefield at the time the Dark Wodent was defeated.
  • When a player reenters the battlefield and receives the Paws of Ecaflip or Jumpin' Gap Jacks artifact state, it is no longer necessary to perform a fight to reactivate their effects in the world.
  • It is no longer possible to avoid the loss of artifact states by closing the game client or changing characters while in combat and then returning to the battlefield.
  • The number of flowers in each team is updated correctly in the drop-down menu below the team's scores. Now it corresponds to the number published directly in the world.
  • It will no longer be possible in some cases to start a fight from the camp against a player in the battle zone.
  • The location of the fight against Dark Wodent has been fixed in the heroic version. Allies can now join the fight properly.

The Great Escort
  • Supply requests are protected for 1 minute after being planted. The protection only applies to the members of the player's team having planted the resource.


  • Quests asking players to defeat a Googoo or Lil Piwin have been removed.

Guild of Hunters
  • Some Boss Hunt quests that experienced issues after the previous fix have been corrected.


  • The cry of baby Yugo will not be heard at Alibert's anymore.
  • The hair display of the following costumes have been fixed: Awakened Oropo, Unlimited Edition, Echo, Pumpkwin, Jacko, Ghoul, Al Howin Monster Hunter, Little Ogrest.