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Discover an all-new Incarnam! Meet up with Otomai and help him find the source of a strange evil eating away at Incarnam.
  • A new cinematic
  • A new area
  • New monsters to defeat
  • An entirely revised tutorial
  • And Otomai, who will be your guide for the tutorial!


The Stone Perch 

Go to the wild prairies in each nation to find this new content
  • A new family of monsters: Wild Tofus
  • Their new dungeon, level 85: the Stone Perch
  • 20 new items of equipment, including
    • 1 epic item
    • 2 sets
    • 4 items to craft
  • A new resource for trappers, and a delicious new recipe for chefs



La Mädrague 

A rather unusual event is rocking the beach of Bilbiza: it's been invaded by Sändskates! Get together to face the Sändskates, find their dungeon, beat their master, and start over. Because so long as there's sand, there are Skätes! Don't forget to look for Pearls to exchange for exclusive rewards at the machine. Go to Astrub to get some details from Gnat, the Meridia of Shells!
  • Challenges for low-level players in the Astrub Plains
  • A family of monsters created specially for the occasion: Sändskates
  • A quest which will lead you to the Märine Pälace, a level 30 dungeon
  • A level 50 archmonster for the more determined players
  • Exclusive rewards to exchange for Beach Tokens, pearls for the most precious
  • Lots of fun!




  • Beat no longer moves the closest portal if the spell's loss of HP kills the target.


  • The Eniripsa's Eniraser heals will no longer surpass the constraints of heal cancellation.


  • Bubble Armor no longer removes "without line of sight" when it's placed on a character with the Untouchable passive.
  • Provocation can no longer abnormally stabilise a Destabilised adversary.
  • The passive spell "Feca Master" will also be applied to the weakest resistance.


  • As the Heart of Fire spell is of almost no interest to a low-level Huppermage, we have decided to move back the acquisition of this passive. Here are the changes:
    • Solar Stronghold, which was obtained at level 30, is obtained at level 1.
    • Heart of Fire, which was obtained at level 1, is now obtained at level 15.
    • Will-o-the-Wisp, which was obtained at level 15, is now obtained at level 30.
  • Changes to the unlocking of Huppermage spells:
    • Start with 3 spells instead of 4.
    • Unlock a spell every 2 levels, instead of all levels up to level 9 and one every 2 levels thereafter.
    • Obtain all the spells at level 35 instead of 25.
    • The acquisition and placement of the first 4 light spells will be switched with the last 4 elemental spells.
  • Will-o-the-Wisp can no longer abnormally stabilise a Destabilised adversary.


  • All the Osamodas's active spells will now be unlocked at a round level like the other classes (15, 30, 45, 60, ...).


  • The female version of the Foggernaut is available.
  • The case where the Cybot's Stasis mastery wasn't calculated correctly in relation to its best mastery has been corrected.
  • The Armour-Plating spell will apply to the weakest resistance.


  • Hydrand will now recover the Xelor’s correct elementary mastery.
  • Temporal Burn will inflict the correct number of damages indicated.


  • The acquisition of the first active spell is now at level 3. A tutorial in Incarnam will unlock at that moment.



Moon Island Zone 2

  • Moon Island Zone 2 is now open to everyone. Enjoy!


  • The Enurado dimension instance has been cut into two ecosystem areas: the second area will be filled with groups of 4 to 7 monsters.


  • The MC Lieutenant of the Wabbit Guawd (third zone of the Wabbit Islands) will no longer request 200 to 400 plants to be balanced. This request has been replaced by a score of 30-45 crops.



Astrub - Otomai

  • Revamp of Otomai's quest from level 0 to 100 for simplicity and flexibility
  • Addition of a second part of the quest, from level 100 to 180.
  • Improvements to XP gain at each step
  • Addition of rewards to certain steps of the quest.

Moon Island

  • "Improvised Binding" quest: while using Heroes, only the main hero with the quest will receive the improvised binding kit.




  • Correction of an instance of the non-appearance of ongoing fights in the surrounding area when one (or more) initial fighters (launching player, monster targeted when fight launched) was particularly far from the character who wants to watch the fight.
  • Correction of an instance of the non-appearance of surrounding fights (related to the change forcing fights to be displayed in the lowest quality, visible for Moon archmonsters).



Moon Island

  • Like the Kannivores and Crocodyls, items from the Tropikoko and Kanniball families that aren't available outside dungeons (Koko Beanie, Troprickly Ring, Kanniballettes, Shiver Ring) are now available in the respective machines at the price of 250 Tokens on Moon Island.
  • Formerly, the relics were at 0.1% chance of loot per activated Stele. The loot was done up to 3 separate times with 3 Steles.  From now on, the chances of loot are 0.1% – 0.2% – 0.4% depending on the number of activated Steles but the loot attempt will only happen once.


  • A bug that prevented an item from being crafted when the inventory was full despite possession of an unfilled special sack (Lumberjack type) has been corrected.
  • Trapper: We've corrected the feedback when the player tries to plant seeds in an overloaded area.
  • The following consumables have had their bonuses changed. Instead of +10% Fabrication Speed, these consumables give +15% Harvested Quantity in their profession, which is more adapted to Harvesting professions.
  • The following consumables have had their bonuses changed. Instead of +10% Fabrication Speed, these consumables give +15% Harvested Quantity in their profession, which more adapted to Harvesting professions
    • Fish Tartare (Fisherman)
    • Slobber Balm (Trapper)
    • Gum Gum (Miner)
    • Chewing Bark (Lumberjack)
    • Menthol (Herbalist)
    • Tube-Shaped Fiber (Farmer)
    • Rice Pudding (Farmer)

Epics and Relics

  • Global rebalancing of all the epic/relic items in the game.


  • Huppermage Platform: The Dragoturkeys will be well oriented with respect to the decor.
  • Harnesses, insignias, and costumes can no longer be eaten by the mount.


  • National Emotes are obtainable in a loot table with a low acquisition rate. After hitting the loot table, the player will randomly receive one Emote from among the 14 available. 

From now on, there will be a check to make sure that the player doesn't already have the Emote won. This way, the player should not receive any Emotes they already have. Unless they've already gotten all the national Emotes, in which case they could receive any Emote again.

This allows the player to progress simply in their quest to obtain the Emotes, rather than constantly getting ones they already have. However, as soon as they have them all, they can get duplicates for commercial purposes.

  • The feather aura will now play correctly and the feather effect will be visible.


  • Increase in kamas generated by completing kama recipes.
  • New kama recipes.
Here's the new formula used: (Level of Ore n°1 + 40) * Quantity * (20 if mythic) + (Level of Ore n°2 + 40) * Quantity * (20 if mythic). Ores of level 100+ are counted as level 100 Ores so long as the harvesting professions haven't passed level 200.

The goal of the formula is to have a progression depending on the level of the Ore without it being a huge difference, in order to make all the recipes interesting.



A good number of resources had special or incoherent acquisition rules:
  • Sometimes the acquisition rates weren't the same for monsters of the same family or the same group.
  • One attempt per team rather than one per player in the team.
  • Rarities inconsistent with the acquisition rates.
So we have gone through and done a global correction of acquisition rates, attempts by players and by teams, and the rarities of items obtained from monsters and bosses.
On Bosses:
  • 35%, one attempt per player, common rarity.
  • 25%, one attempt per player, rare rarity.
  • 5%, one attempt per player, mythic rarity.
On Monsters:
  • 25%, one attempt per player, common rarity.
  • 5%, one attempt per player, rare rarity.
  • 1%, one attempt per player, mythic rarity. (This is the biggest change since many of these resources had only one attempt per team.)


  • The Blood Orange will no longer have the "capacity: 999" line.
  • Correction of a display bug in the list of set items that indicated that an equipped item was not equipped if the owner had a second copy in their inventory.




  • Correction of a spell generating an invalid translation key in the chat.

Moon Island

  • The monsters of neighboring combats will no longer be visible for players outside of combat in the three archmonster instances of Moon Island.



Guild Chest

  • After depositing 0 kamas in the guild chest, it is no longer necessary to reopen the chest to deposit kamas.


  • Correction of a problem that prevents the attribution/modification/deletion of guild rankings.
  • Ranks that are too high will once again be viewable in the guilds’ ranking table.
  • Guild ranking will now be done by level, then guild points, not the other way around.
  • The guild’s description will no longer appear in roll-over only over the guild’s name.
  • We have corrected the filtering bug in the guild table so that it now works correctly.
  • We have also corrected a bug affecting viewing the last ranking pages that were not accessible.


  • A connected player whose guild rank changes is notified of the change.



Wild Estate

  • The achievements, quests, and Otomai's Disciple quests in the Wild Estate now have an image of a Bwork head instead of a Gobball head.


  • The old Kwismas achievement has moved to the Legacy category. It's only visible for players who have completed the achievement.

Icy Bookworm

  • Correction of a final situation preventing the acquisition of the Journal of Enjeering.


  • The edges of the bubble in the Celestial Piwi Dungeon now once again allow a Golden Googoo to appear for the related achievement.



Account Chest

  • It will once again be possible to deposit items linked to the account.


  • The colour of the archmonster container feedback has been changed for consistency and to make it easier to understand.


  • When placing a sidekick, the icon won’t move anymore.


  • Correction of the positioning of the Osamodas’s Gobgob button in the end of fight interface.


  • Correction of several bugs causing loss of the Sidekick's weapon while trying to equip a two-handed weapon.
  • It's no longer possible to equip a left-handed and a two-handed weapon simultaneously on a Sidekick.
  • Correction of a bug that allowed visual duplication of a character's weapon by equipping it on a Sidekick while having a full inventory.
  • The "range preview" will function correctly with Sidekicks.


  • During specific fights (quests and mini-games), natural class states will be deactivated like class passives.
  • Correction of several bugs with jumps and movement, revamp of the speed and animation of jumps.
  • Technical rework of the scenario for arriving in Mammy Pal's house:
    • Getting the Haven Bag is no longer delayed when the cinematic is skipped.
    • Mammy and the Jellufo are no longer duplicated when the cinematic is watched without skipping.
  • It's no longer necessary to disconnect and reconnect in order to reset the experience bonus of an account's secondary characters following a character's level up, whether it's a hero or a principal character.
  • The “transmigrable” states (those that last both seconds AND turns) no longer work by converting the duration in turns into seconds (where one turn = 30 seconds), but for a real duration in real time, even when they are applied in combat.
  • We have made another round of corrections to various errors and translations in the text.
  • Option changes: transparency is now available as two different options, character transparency and background transparency.
    • Alt + T: character transparency
    • Alt + R: background transparency
    • The shortcut to display characters behind walls is now Ctrl + R. This option is no longer activated automatically when switching to “transparent” view.
  • By default, walls are transparent, but characters aren’t.
  • Correction of movement and disappearing background bugs in the Haven World.
  • Removed unnecessary empty slots in the interface for the rewards of environmental quests.
  • Corrected the text alignment of the Foggernaut's Stasis damage.