Principal Content


  • Progress through certain stages of the tutorial should no longer be blocked (disappearing arrow or inability to zoom out in some interfaces in particular)



Bläck Skäte

  • Correction of an instance of the chat displaying “Summons clones!” several times.



Temple of the Grand Orrok

  • It is now once again possible to access room 3 of the dungeon.



The Archaeologist and the Temple of Doom

  • The Excarnates are now correctly displayed at a certain stage of the quest. 

The Key To The Castle

  • The key to access Count Harebourg's Castle can once again be obtained by clicking on the book.

Only Fine Sänd

  • It is now possible to collect the daily quests from Gnat in Astrub. The quests "The Sändmerchant" and "The Sändman" can now successfully be completed.


Cloud Knight
  • The “Vanishing Shot” spell correctly applies the effects in the case of a non-critical hit.




  • In the Premium section, the post-fight interface displays the correct XP and items obtained opposite the correct characters.
  • The 'obtained items' scroll bar in the post-fight interface, while in Premium, is now working correctly, even if there is more than one line of items obtained in the Premium cell.


  • When entering the price for an item to go on sale in the marketplace, the default zero that appeared no longer appears.
  • The colour of the price of items, that are too expensive, has been changed to make it more legible.


  • Improvements have been made to the client’s performance.
  • A bug appeared during the last update that resulted in a significant slowdown when a number of players were all in the same place. This problem has been resolved.
  • Auras no longer appear behind a character and are now correctly displayed.
  • Problems related to professions bonuses (XP bonus, quantity harvested, etc.) are now resolved.