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Huppermagic School

A new island is now available in WAKFU: Rok Island. This island contains, among other things, the Huppermagic School. 

The Huppermagic School is composed of: 
  • A main quest that is split into three parts (for levels 30, 80 and 130), and gives you a good deal of XP for these three level ranges.
  • New unusual gameplay in the form of “mini-games”.
  • A new dungeon: “The Occullege”

Rok Island also happens to be the location of the Immaterial University of Bonta. 

All players, including non-Huppermages, can access the Huppermagic School starting from level 1. 

It is accessed via a “take-off area” entry point in Astrub. 

Players can also go there using a Zaap that is automatically unlocked at level 30, as well as via the “Quest of Nations: chapter 3” in Bonta. 

New Service


Account Transfer:

On 16th of December, we are introducing a new account transfer service to Wakfu. It will allow you to transfer your characters from one account to another (provided they are from the same community and the same server), to bring them together on a single account. For more information, please click here.



Quests of Nations

Chapter 3 of the main Quest of Nations leads you to discover Bonta and the city of Kara.
  • Apprentice archeologists, rejoice! You have the incredible opportunity of accompanying Jenry Hones Jr. and exploring the Immaterial University of Bonta and even the moldering ruins of Old Bonta! Neat, huh?
  • These new quests will also give you access to an exclusive Dungeon and allow you to meet some very colorful characters... the best of friends and worse of enemies, such as Team Missile, who you’ll be bumping into again this time, but also Mimi and a certain Gobbowl champion from the good old days...


Discover Kwismas Island and its dungeons on December 16th until January 6th! All the details will be released soon!




  • The “In Recovery” state will now kill the revived carrier if the one who revived them gets knocked out or dies.


  • The Osamodas’ “Whip” spell will no longer deal ten times the damage to certain bosses and Ultimate Bosses.
  • The Standard-Bearing Whisperer’s aura is now removed when it dies (but not when it is revived by the Osamodas).


  • Bubble Trouble will now deal single target damage in cases where it’s cast on a single target


  • The “Elemental Disciple” passive did not become inactive when it was used up, which resulted in:
1- No feedback chat indicating what the state had affected (but it was definitely working)
2 - After having cast 2 spells from different elements, ALL the 3rd element spells were boosted (instead of only the next spell from the 3rd element)
  • The Rogue’s “Slap Shot” spell will no longer count as having been cast several times in instances where the spell was cast on a target in the targetable area of effect. In addition, damage will also be dealt in instances where the spell is cast first on an empty cell.


  • Prison of Blood will now teleport the Sacrier to the nearest (valid) cell next to the target, instead of just to a random cell.
  • In addition, Prison of Blood will no longer teleport the Sacrier if they are knocked out.


  • Sadida Dolls will now get their stats properly when “The Ultra-Powerful” summons a doll while the Sadida is being carried by a Pandawa.


  • The ranged passive damage from “Fire and Oil” will work from now on at a range of 3 cells away (instead of 4 cells).


  • The Sinistro will no longer deal damage to any characters being carried.


  • When using the “Classy Masqueraider” passive, the Masqueraider’s “Elegance” score will not shoot up to the maximum at once when the Masqueraider Double causes extensive damage.



The Zeppelantern and Hoodlums update:

  • From now on they use new class spells.
  • The animations and visual effects for their spells have been fixed.
  • Their damage has been reviewed and increased.
  • Their AI has been improved.


  • The "Super Sewers" quest marker pointed to Donalangelo's Kitchens instead of to the Larva Nest (name has been added to the quest marker!)
  • Fix for the “Astrub, City of Mercenaries” achievement – players can now complete it properly by finishing the main Astrub quest series and can collect the rewards. This is retroactive for players who already finished the quest series. You just have to complete a new achievement/other quest (for example, the Almanax daily).

Moon Island

It will now be possible to trade “Belt of the Winds Fragments” for “Linked Belt of the Winds Fragments” using the two Moon Island machines.


Addition of the Huppermage class to the class selection page.
(The Huppermage is accessible to players from the 8th January 2016 who have activated an Early Access code).



Spectrex the Tormentor

  • The change to phases means Spectrex must play at least one more turn in the current phase before being able to progress to the following phase.
  • The Torture challenge has been swapped out for a random challenge.
  • The Tormentator’s initiative has been increased.
  • The Tormentator’s damage has been increased.

Darkli Moon

  • Darkli Moon teleports if there are no free cells around him at the start of his turn.




  • Items which confer conditions based on the guild level will work again properly now. For example: Guild Costumes. 


  • “Slap on the Back” Emote: players can get this from Moon Island now. Please note: the chest is only accessible if the player has the “Jumpin’ Gap Jacks” quest item from the Ohwymi quest.

Drop Knight

  • Critical hits have been added to the Drop Knight’s spells.
  • Vital Influx: the second line of healing doesn’t affect all targets.
  • Regenerating Tick: fix for effect description and heal value which has been adjusted to a more normal value.


With the Huppermagic School and the arrival of the new “Weapon Skill” spell, we have reviewed all the types of weapon in game.
  • Hand: cost reduced to 5 AP.
  • One-handed Staff and Two-handed Staff: cost reduced to 4 AP.
  • Sword and Two-handed Sword: cost increased to 6 AP.
  • Ax: cost reduced to 5 AP.
  • Hammer: cost reduced to 5 AP.
  • Shovel: cost reduced to 4 AP. The AoE has been extended one cell.
  • All other weapons keep their existing AP cost and areas of effect.
Weapon damage has been reviewed according to their new cost and AoE according to the following logic:
  1. Range: weapons hit 5% less hard per max-min cell they cover in relation to a contact weapon.
  2. AoE: weapons hit 5% less hard per cell they are able to reach.
  3. Weapon cost: weapons are 6.67% more efficient per AP in terms of damage/AP ratio in comparison with a 3 AP weapon. For example: a 4 AP weapon is 6.67% more efficient than a 3 AP weapon in terms of damage/AP ratio than a 3 AP weapon. A 5 AP weapon is 13.33% and a 6 AP weapon is 20%.
In the case of Bygone Hand specifically, it has changed to 5 AP (instead of 10 AP) and it gives allies in its AoE 1 AP, instead of 2 AP.



Changes to the automatic succession of the Guild leader

  • In the past there used to have to be a server restart for this to take effect. From now on, the change will take place automatically each time a guild member logs in. If the Leader is inactive for a period of 45 days, the Leader rank is automatically attributed to a rank 2 character who has been active in the past 7 days. The Leader then becomes Rank 2 instead.


  • We have integrated a new compensation system called “machine” (for any potential future issues), where the player will receive specific tokens and can thus choose the items they want from the machine as compensation.
  • We have included the Eliotrope class description. It is visible when clicking on the class statue for Eliotropes in Incarnam.
  • A Huppermage statue has been added to Incarnam and the description for this class can be viewed by clicking on the class statue (accessible to players from 01/08/2016).
  • Smithmagic: The requisite for getting the AP/MP/Range Exquisite Runes bonus has been decreased to 140 for AP, 90 for MP and 60 for Range.
  • On Moon, we decreased the quantity of Black Monkey Hairs required in crafting recipes.
  • Monsters who have been knocked out will reappear in their groups at the end of combat normally from now on.
  • We fixed an AI bug which, in certain circumstances, used to skip enemy turns (when they were on a blue cell for example).
  • Fix for instances where decks reset randomly. Please get in touch with us to report any similar bugs. 
  • Costumes which are bound to a character or account can now be properly added to the costume inventory and will keep their initial bound state on exit. 
    Remember: “non-exchangeable” doesn’t mean “character-bound”. The term “non-exchangeable” doesn’t mean that the character can’t exchange this item with another character in any case whatsoever. 
  • The “Father Kwismas” title is now “account-bound” (instead of “non-exchangeable”).
  • The Say: shortcuts that can be set in Options are now working again. 
  • The population information has been removed from the character selection screen.
  • Hovering over items and spells received as quest or achievement rewards displays their details via a pop-up and they can be opened with a right click. 
  • The size of NPC (Non-player character) dialogue interfaces have been increased.
  • The Sow-n-sows should function normally from now on.
  • Boats will now take area names into account during searches.

Blocks and Freezes

  • Fix for several instances where the client was blocked.
  • Fix for several instances where a local fight was blocked on entering the placement phase.
  • The freeze issue on changing character has been resolved.


  • The Heroes subscription will from now on be calculated using a 30-day month instead of 31 days, to better match the subscription times and avoid any confusion.
  • Fix for several black screen bugs on changing Heroes.
  • Fix for several instances of account blocking, mainly encountered on logging out or during a forced log out caused by a bug.
  • Interfaces were still visible sometimes after changing Heroes. This bug has been fixed. 
  • Fix for a bug where changing Guild Leaders could result in losing Glory Orbs, nation or Guard status. If you are still encountering this bug or see it again, please let us know. 
  • Heroes will no longer appear in a guild when they are logged out.
  • Players will no longer be able to trade non-exchangeable items with their Heroes via the temp inventory.
  • Players will no longer be able to trade non-exchangeable items with their Heroes by interchanging items in the inventory.