New Class: Huppermages and the Huppermagic School

The idea of becoming a mage who is able to control the elements and use runes, and work towards preserving the balance of the Krosmoz, is rather appealing, isn’t it? Well, that has now become possible, thanks to the Huppermagic School which allows you to learn new skills and opens up new quests to you, as well as a new dungeon! This time you certainly won’t have to be dragged to school, kicking and screaming! So if you want to breeze through some amazing new skills, and we’re talking Quadramental Breeze here, enrol in the Huppermagic School, located on Rok Island.
As you can tell, this school marks the arrival of the Huppermages. There is no doubt that the latter constitutes a turning point in history. Twelvians who have early access codes may play the Huppermage on the 8th of January 2016, with the actual release of the class to be scheduled for a later date

Chapter 3 of the Quest of Nations

After exploring the ways of archaeology, you must collect together the 3 keys to the door of the Submerged Temple of Sufokia. Your adventure begins, or rather continues, in the Kara region, in Bonta, where you will try to enter the Immaterial University of Bonta.