Heroes System

The Devblogs presenting the Heroes System are available on the first Devblog, the second Devblog and the third Devblog. As we are offering the Heroes System for free (for 14 days), players will not be able to purchase the system until Monday the 12th Wednesday the 14th of October (10:59 PM GMT / 2:59 PM PST / 5:59 PM EST).

New Island

Moon: New island
  • This all-new expansion is for characters of level 165-180.
  • Two new monster families will be making their appearance: the Tropikokos and the Kanniballs.
  • Two new dungeons linked to these monsters have been added.


New “Exquisite” Runes: These will only become available at a very high level (170+).
  • Fonts can be found in both areas of Moon Island. There are two different Fonts.
  • These Fonts require players to find different items, such as kamas, five types of harvestable resources from the island, and resources dropped by monster families and bosses.
  • When a Font is completely full, all players will have the opportunity to battle an elite monster in a special instance, which lasts an hour. There are two different elite monsters.
  • These two elite monsters are the only monsters to drop weapon loot on Moon, and this is the only way to get this item (these weapons aren’t available from any other loot drops), which provides a strong incentive and a substantial reward.
  • These two elite monsters may also drop a resource that is unique to them. These resources drop only once a day.
  • Three Fonts in each Moon Dungeon each need two resources to be activated.
  • For each Font that is activated, a new game mechanic is added to the dungeon boss fight. However, for each Font that is activated, the boss unlocks new “Metamorfrag” loot.
  • With the help of Metamorfrags, the player is able to craft Metamorfos via the Handyman profession. (Please note that some may require plans.)
  • The Metamorfo allows the player to transform an item’s existing standard rune into an Exquisite Rune (for example, an “Exquisite Rune of Destruction” applies an AoE damage bonus).

Depending on their rarity, these runes have different bonuses:
  • The simplest runes confer standard bonuses such as AoE damage or range bonuses, etc.
  • The rarest runes confer more powerful and exotic bonuses, but these can’t be combined with other runes of the same type.
  • Change of rune crafting cost in kamas. The new formula ensures that the cost in kamas is more dependent on level. The rune crafting of items level 170 and below has been reduced. The lower the level of the item, the greater the reduction.


Addition of the second chapter of the Main Quest of Nations:
  • This chapter leads players toward the 20-30 level areas in players’ chosen Nations.
  • It offers players the chance to accompany famous archaeologists in quest of an ancient artifact.
  • It centers on a story arising in Amakna, in the Fertile Prairie.
  • This provides entry to an “easy” level exclusive Adventure Dungeon (recommended for three characters).

Reminder: Each Dungeon Adventure allows you to acquire specific “adventure” equipment.
  • It is full of surprising encounters with colorful characters.
  • Minor changes to level 20-30 areas of Nations in connection with the Main Quest of Nations

Level Cap

The maximum level a character can reach is level 200.



  • We want players to have faster access to more spells as they level up. The new unlock thresholds for spell slots are as follows:
    • 7th slot: level 10 (instead of 20)
    • 8th slot: level 20 (instead of 40)
    • 9th slot: level 30 (instead of 60)
    • 10th slot: level 40 (instead of 80)
    • 11th slot: level 60 (instead of 100)
    • 12th slot: level 80 (instead of 120)


  • Trade Secrets:
    • With this passive, it is no longer possible to spawn a second Mine on top of an existing Mine belonging to the same Enutrof.


  • Xelor's Dial
    • Fix for a bug that resulted in the loss of cooldown when the passive “Dial Master” was level 2.
    • Fix for a bug where the Dial’s resistance doubled.
    • Dial HP reduction: 16% / 24% / 32% (instead of 30% / 40% / 50%)
    • From now on, the Dial has the Xelor’s resistance instead of an average resistance: -75 Fire, -25 Earth, +25 Water, +75 Air.
    • The Dial can now be cast on the edges of the battle zone.
  • Hydrand, Sinistro and Xelor's Dial spells:
    • These spells can now be cast on a cell that is blocking the way.
  • Temporal Prism:
    • The effects and application of the Temporal Prism state no longer appear in the combat chat window; only entry into this state is displayed.
  • Rollback:
    • Fix for a bug that gave the Xelor a 30% chance of storing 1 AP for each AP of the spell in use, instead of for each spell used, as the description said.
    • The chances of building up 1 AP per spell cast have been increased to 35% for all ranks of this passive (instead of 15%/30%).
    • The maximum amount of stored AP is now respectively 3 and 6 at rank 1 and 2 of this passive.
    • AP are no longer automatically acquired at the beginning of a turn; Timekeeper must now be used to restore AP.
  • Xelor's Sandglass:
    • This spell is now limited to 2 casts per target.
  • Great Clockmaker:
    • The effects are no longer displayed in the chat window to avoid spamming chat.
  • Timekeeper:
    • Fix for a bug where the Xelor teleported with this spell when a Time Rift was present and the Xelor was trying to restore their AP.


  • Transcendence:
    • The effects are no longer displayed in the chat window to avoid spamming chat.
  • Clinging to Life:
    • This spell will no longer trigger “Impending Death” when the Sacrier kills themself.


  • Review of Osamodas spell inputs in order to fix spells that dealt double damage in certain circumstances. For example, in instances where the target was on a targetable area of effect, such as an Eliotrope Portal.
  • Dragon Mode:
    • In Dragon Mode, spells sometimes lost certain parameters (for example, “Crocodyl Spirit” or “Crackler Punch” ), which has now been corrected.
    • In Dragon Mode, damage from allies’ summons will no longer be reduced.
  • Phoenix Spirit:
    • When a summon is revived by this passive, the Osamodas will no longer lose control of their summon.
    • Creatures revived in this manner will no longer lose their characteristics, which used to happen sometimes.
  • Summoning creatures using a Gobgob:
    • The damage transferred to the creatures now has a ratio of 80% (primary and secondary damage) and not more than 100%.
  • “Crobak Chief” summons:
    • When summoned using a Gobgob Osamodas, its damage is reduced. The “Hindercry” spell will no longer be able to freeze critical hit targets.
  • New creatures that can be captured:
    • Addition of three new level 170 creatures for capture on Moon Island, in the Tank, Support and Damage Dealer categories.
  • Scaraleaf Wings:
    • The lift-off takes place earlier in the animation.
  • Gobup:
    • This spell can no longer be cast on summons.
    • Creatures that an Osamodas attempts to capture are from now on captured outside combat and no longer during the KO phase. This fixes the bug that allowed players to bypass the KO phase of monsters who have KOs.
  • Osamodas’ Will (natural regeneration state of Wakfu Points):
    • An Osamodas will no longer level up in this state when an ally summon that doesn’t belong to them lands a critical hit.


  • Instigator:
    • This spell At rank 2, the conversion of Initiative into Dodge and Critical Damage is limited to 300 maximum (compared to 400).
    • The damage bonus for targets with less Initiative than the Rogue has been changed to +10% at rank 1 and 2 (compared to 10 and 15%).
  • Surprise Shot:
    • The passive applies -30 Critical Hit Resistance to the target during a critical hit (compared to 10 + (char level *0.2)).
    • The Critical Hit Resistance penalty is limited to 90 maximum (compared to 150).
  • Barbecued Ribs:
    • The spell applies -30 Critical Hit Resistance to the target when cast from the back or side (compared to 1 + (spell level * 0.195)).
    • The Critical Hit Resistance penalty is limited to 90 maximum (compared to 120).
  • Bombs:
    • Bombs now deal 80% of their base damage when placed on the ground (compared to 100%).
    • Bombs deal 25% extra damage per turn (compared to 20%).
    • The maximum bonus damage that can be dealt is now 75% (compared to 40%).
    • Bombs lose 1 charge at the beginning of the Rogue’s turn (as opposed to the end of their turn).
  • Ruse:
    • The maximum range of this spell has been reduced by 1.
    • This spell no longer allows players to apply “Bombophobe” to the same target several times.
  • Perforator:
    • The Perforator state will no longer stack over several turns.


  • Bravery Standard
    • This spell can no longer be used with 0 AP, which used to be the case in certain circumstances.


  • Cat Tree:
    • The Cat Tree can no longer be “healed.”
  • Hunter:
    • Players can now cast this spell on themselves.


  • Plate Armor meters for Fecas will no longer appear in the interfaces.
  • Gobballs will no longer have Feca Plate Armor.
  • This is the same for several other older aggro mobs.
  • Tonic Glyph:
    • This spell will no longer give AP to characters who are being carried.


  • Summons controlled by a player can now benefit from a reduction in movement costs when using Foggernaut Rails.
  • A Foggernaut Blockade that receives an HP boost from the “Stomp” spell will no longer respawn after being destroyed.


  • The “Sadist Mark” will no longer be inflicted on targets who self-destruct.


  • The “Nettled” state will only confer AP/MP on summoning at the beginning of a turn. This will prevent endless loops with monsters who inflict damage on the summoner after having been dealt damage from the summon (for example, the boss Spectrex the Tormentor).

In view of these changes, a complete restat is available to the Xelor, Osamodas and Rogue classes.



Display issue:
  • We fixed a display issue where characters’ spell levels appeared higher than they actually were.

  • Fix for a bug that might have side effects on decks (mixing spells, etc.)
  • Foggernauts who have leveled spells above their character level using the Motherfogger will see the XP for these spells drop back to their normal level.

“In Recovery” state (multiple classes):
  • Any character who has been revived will correctly be put out of the fight if the character who revived them is killed by an instantaneous death effect (for example, the edges of Steel Beak’s battle zone).


  • Fix for revive issues with Missiz Freezz (Ambassador’s Wing dungeon).
  • Fixes for several issues with spectator mode (impossible to see fights, incorrect stats for the fighters, etc.).
  • Changes have been made to the combat launching process in order to reduce the lag that was sometimes an issue at the start of battles. The lag won’t disappear completely but will be reduced.
  • Fix for a bug where characters had all their HP restored at the start of a fight.
  • Fix for a bug that prevents certain actions taking place when an invisible fighter is present (for example, the barrel in the quest “Chaos Plants.” )

  • If at least one Sidekick is still alive at the end of a battle, the main character won’t be sent back to the Phoenix.
  • Deleting an item while dead works correctly now. It no longer gives the impression of being able to empty your temp inventory into ghost slots and therefore no longer causes any losses.

Signing back in during combat:
  • Signing back into combat is now enabled for Haven World.

Combat zone:
  • The area where combat takes place is no longer clipped into by the environment (which sometimes made monsters inaccessible).

Wild Gobballs:
  • The edge of battle zones will no longer confer bonuses on Sidekicks as well as monsters. In addition to this, they may even be transformed into Gobballs during boss fights.


  • The square in front of the Almanax has been destroyed.
  • The Phoenix has been moved.
  • On logging back in, characters will be sent back to their Phoenix. If a phoenix isn’t available, their respawn points will be reset.

  • Addition of the “Eca-Teleport.” This item is available for level 10 players visiting this zone. This item allows players to teleport directly to Ecaflipus and works the same way as the Teleport of Scriptures.

  • The maximum token price for an item of legendary quality has been set at 250 tokens.
  • The maximum token price for an item of epic quality has been set at 400 tokens. This means a cost reduction for recent content (Divine Dimensions and the new Moon Island).
  • Machines will now display the item link in the interface to the right of the level.

  • Addition of an Eliotrope statue.

  • The street fight monsters will now move normally again.

  • The Tuhard Block and the Crumbly Rock will give up their resources normally when mined now. The resources that can be acquired have been reviewed, as well as their drop rates. There are now better chances of getting various precious stones.


[UB] The Black Crow:
  • Sram’s spell, Rascalry, will no longer deal triple damage to enemies who cover 9 cells.

Riktus Elite Dungeon:
  • Hatilla the Fun will from now on work the same way as a standard Chief's Hat, which should fix several issues that sometimes arose at the end of combat.


  • Environmental quest scripts should now work as intended (for example, the reappearance of the green ‘+1’s when collecting items in these quests.)
  • Fix for a bug that stopped tutorial quests from being completed. Players should now be able to talk to Pappy Pal and the dialog will trigger normally.


  • Items that were previously “character bound” have changed to being “account bound.” Please note that this does not alter the status of non-tradable items.

  • The “Viktorious Rapier” is now crushable.
  • The “Haven Bag Display Case” can now be deleted.
  • The “Guard Insignia” has now become a “Guard Costume” and no longer gives players a bonus.
  • The x5 recipes for “Screws,” “Hazelnuttella Spread” and “Recall Potions” will from now on give players 500 basic XP instead of 100.

  • New level 200 Transmutations have been added. These can be crafted using resources from Moon Island and Xelorium, for each harvesting profession.


  • It will from now on be possible to heal a Pet by giving them several powders at once.
  • Fix for a bug that caused HP loss equivalent to the number of fighters in the group if defeated.


  • Emote use is now limited to 1 per second.
  • When players attempt to learn emotes, an error message will appear if they are already known.

Throw A Snowball
  • Fix for issues with emote targeting. This emote will no longer be thrown at the player character but at the character they have chosen to target.


  • Addition of names for PvP Arenas 8 and 9 on the map.


Guild Chests:
  • The issues that randomly prevented players from taking or depositing items in the Guild Chest have been fixed.
  • The several instances of kama loss in Guild Chests caused by the latest fix to the Guild Chest should no longer occur.


Milkar’s “Expert Strategy”:
  • Fixes for a bug preventing the completion of this Achievement.
“Plants vs. Jellies: Jellosynthesis”:
  • The Achievement now requires you to complete a turn with 50 energy left.


  • The number of turns and an estimated combat duration are now displayed in the end combat interface.
  • The XP bar will once again appear in the interface at the end of combat.
  • All the recipes are now visible in the professions interface, whatever the level of the profession.
  • Achievements for Mercenary Posts will be visible again.
  • The “Alt + Left Click” shortcut now lets players assign max level to a spell in the restat interface.
  • The spell descriptions displayed when hovering over spell icons in the shortcut menu will now display the pictograms correctly “goes through portal,” “casts on a diagonal,” etc.
  • The Zaap search function now works with the name of the area where the Zaap is located.
  • Sidekick spell info will no longer have the “unlocked” and “leveled up” tabs (which made no sense for them).
  • Tofus will no longer have Lucky Day meters.


  • Addition of the ability to kick players out of Haven World.
  • Numerous changes have been made to animations in order to improve performance for as many setups as possible.
  • Account Chest size has increased from 10 to 30 slots.

Friend List:
  • Addition of “Online” and “Offline” buttons in the Ignore List.
  • Fix for a bug that truncated descriptions and potentially blocked the friend list when too many long comments were saved.
  • Comments added for friends will no longer be truncated.

  • It is once again possible to equip items via shortcuts without having to open your inventory.
  • From now on, it is possible to add non-useable items to the shortcut bar (for example, wood, so players know how their harvesting is going).


Fixes for “timeouts”:
  • Fixes have been applied in order to reduce the occurrence of unexpected disconnections from the server and the inability to log back in immediately. It will no longer be possible to stay logged in simply by opening the map, for example.