See below the content that will be added to the game in the update on the 17th of March:


Restat for Cra and Iop:  
As these are being modified with this update, a spells and abilities restat will be available for the Cra and Iop classes via the "A Classy Restat" quest system that was used previously (explanation here). The restat time will be 7 days on this particular occasion.
Note for players who already have a restat quest in progress (the level 30 quest or the resource collection quest): If you are at the last stage and with your Jonk ("I'm ready to go and see Master Kano to reallocate my experience!"), confirming the offered restat quest will erase the restat quest in progress. In order to take advantage of personal restat quests, we recommend you go to the restat instance before the update. Then, on the day of the update, you will already be in the instance and additionally benefit from the 7 days of extra restat time that we are offering. 


Function: Mimisymbics are consumables that are available from the shop and allow you to give the appearance of one piece of equipment to another of the same type, all while retaining the last item's stats. See below for more information:
  • Clicking on the "Use" button opens an interface.
  • The Mimisymbic is automatically filled into the first slot. The second slot must hold the item with the stats you wish to keep, and the third must hold the item with the appearance you wish to take on. You preview the final item (stats + appearance) in the last cell.
  • The different slots can easily be filled using the simple "click / move" commands.
  • The slots can be emptied by double-clicking or by dragging the item outside of the interface.
  • Mimisymbics can be used on the following slots: head, shoulders, torso, back, arms, left arm, right arm (or 2 hands). So in a nutshell, they can be used everywhere on a character.
  • It is not possible to use stacked items in the "stats" and "appearance" slots for technical reasons. Modified items cannot be stacked.
  • It is not possible to use the appearance of an item that is at a higher level than the one in the "stats" slot.
  • It is not possible to use a Mimisymbic on two items in the same slot. It will never be possible to transform one weapon type into another.
  • Using a Mimisymbic will link the item to your account. If the item has already been linked, the link will be retained. The same applies to the item that is used in the "appearance" slot.
  • The appearance modification may be cancelled by clicking on a button that pops up to the left of the other buttons. (On the right of the "Use" button.) You will always be prompted to confirm your choice.
  • This cancellation is not possible for equipped items.
  • When an item has been modified, a small blue star will appear on the item's top left-hand side in the inventory, in the equipment details window, in the account chest and in the Haven Bag chest.
  • The modified item's icon which is displayed in the inventory, equipment or item details will change to the one with the new appearance.
  • A modified item retains any of its restrictions in terms of use, level etc. It is only the appearance that changes.
  • An equipped item cannot be used in the Mimisymbic interface. The item has to be available in the character's inventory (and not in e.g. the account chest).
  • Item details for items displayed in the Mimisymbic interface will only show the equipment preview button.
  • It is not possible to display auras in the equipment preview for technical reasons.
  • Items modified using Mimisymbics will be accounted for and shown in the appearance display on the character selection window.
  • Mimisymbics cannot be used to give an aura to items that do not have one.
  • Using a Mimisymbic to change the appearance of an item that already has an aura will not replace / remove the aura. 


  • Class revamp: Go here for more information. 
  • Class revamp: Go here for more information. 
  • Tarot:  Lost MP will be recovered at recast when the Hairy Hermit card is drawn.
  • Fleahopper:  Will no longer be triggered several times when cast on a player inside a targeted area of effect (hour cell, Feca glyph etc.).
  • Loaded Dice:  Will now take into account any damage due to the target's orientation (front / side / back).
  • All In: Will no longer use "Stunned" on targeted areas of effect. 
  • Portal: The cost of the spell will be reduced by 1 AP. It will now cost 3 AP at level 0 and 2 AP at level 9. 
  • Master Propagator:  The passive spell will now work correctly with the Lethargy Flask. 
  • Shady Shovel:  MP reduction will no longer be triggered several times when cast on a player inside a targeted area of effect (hour cell, Feca glyph etc.). 
  • Prespic Hair:  Will no longer cause the failure challenges which require specific damage to be dealt, not to be dealt, or that a target be killed in a certain way. 
  • Clinging to Life:  The character that makes the Sacrier use Clinging to Life will be considered to be the cause of its death. This will allow a Sacrier outlaw to lose their outlaw status after being killed.   
  • Sacrificed: Will correctly inflict damage if Kablooie deals a critical hit. 
  •  Specialities:  Will now be in the same order as when opening the spells interface. 
  • Bombardment:  Will no longer be triggered several times when cast on a player inside a targeted area of effect (hour cell, Feca glyph etc.). 
  • Barrel:  The spell will still be designated as a spell without a line of sight. 
  • Temporal Burn:  Critical Failure when casting the spell will no longer cause all AP to be lost. 
  • Classtanet: The spell can no longer be cast if the Masqueraider is being carried or stabilised. The spell can be cast on any cells that aren't empty (beacons, obstacles etc.).
  • Psychopath Mask: Will deal +3% Final Damage (instead of 15% normal damage) per hit taken. The maximum amount will be +20% Final Damage (instead of +100% normal damage).
  • Classic Mask: Will deal +10% damage (instead of 7%) to allies. The maximum amount will be +50% (instead of +30%). 


Kelba Revamp: The new version of this adventure island is intended for players on level 65 to 85. Its first zone will be open as of Tuesday. The second zone will be available soon.
Kelba in a few words: 2 areas, 2 dungeons, 2 new monster families, 15 achievements and more than fifty new items! 
Xelorium: It will be possible to zoom out while in Present Xelorium.
Astrub: It will once again be possible to use the Subadub machine in the Astrub tavern.

Haven World 

Kelba:  With Kelba being revamped, the Haven Worlds of the zone will also be moved around. The Haven World of Kelba Northwest (to the right of the Black Crow) will now be located in zone 2 and be renamed Kelba - Peaks HW. A temporary entrance will be placed next to the bridge until this zone is opened.



New game mechanics added to the timeline:  
Several additions will be introduced in order to make seeing the field easier when it is not your character's turn and to improve the visibility of targets when it is your turn.
  • Clicking on a character (monster, other player) will highlight this character in the lower right-hand insert of the timeline and display its buffs on the character's current effects list.
  • This game mechanic will allow you to keep track of the selected character's health, AP, MP, WP and effects, all without you needing to open the character information window (right click).
  • This function will be the same when casting a spell on a character.
  • Clicking on a Xelor or an Enutrof during combat will display its mines or hour cells on the field.
  • Clicking on another character afterwards will cause these zones to disappear.
  • The zones will also disappear at the end of the ongoing turn (30 seconds or less if the turn goes over to other players).
  • Selecting a player's image on the timeline will display that player's zones on the field for as long as that player is selected.
Timeline Bonus:  A "Passing" bonus will be added. This will not use up any bonuses or cause any penalties. Whatever happens, all of the bonuses you get at the start of your turn must have been used once if you want to make them reappear.
Improvements to spectator mode:
  • Spell names will now be displayed in the chat.
  • Right-clicking on a fighter will display a detailed information window.
  • The shortcuts for going from transparent mode (T by default) and from the tactical view to the normal view (CTRL + T by default) will now work correctly.
Perimeter effects for Mud: The -1 MP effect will be limited to 1 per target per turn. It will now also apply hypermovement.
More than 70 modified combat areas: This modification allows positioning on at least 7 different cells.
Single-click healing: This button can be used during the positioning phase.
Vital Energy Cocktail: Will correctly restore HP at the end of combat, even if the player was in a Living-Dead state (e.g. due to Ghoulification).
Collision damage and transport sickness:  Will correctly take final damage into account.

Achievements / Quests 

Magmog "Expert Strategy": The achievement will now be correctly registered.
Mussly Hammam Dungeon "Hammalayas": The achievement will now be correctly registered.
A Roaring Trade in Boowerewolf Seeds:  The quest will be correctly registered.
Quests to share:
  • Hunter Quests from Past and Present Xelorium can now be shared.
  • It will no longer be possible to share Hunter Quests with players whose level is too low for the quest.
Steam:  Steam achievements will be correctly updated.


  • Heavy Blow (if Fire > Earth): The spell will drain 20 + 0.05 / lev. Resistance to target. This is an improvement on the first few levels and a decrease on very high levels.
  • Salvo (if Fire > Earth): The spell will drain 30 + 0.075 / lev. Resistance to target. This is an improvement on the first few levels and a decrease on very high levels.
  • Salvo (if Earth > Fire ): The spell will drain 10 + 1 / lev. %Damage to target and add 30 + 0.075 / lev. Resistance to target.
  • Resistance penalties: Penalties set by the Protoflex are limited to a maximum of -120 Resistance. The duration of these penalties will now start during the caster's turn, which extends the duration until the Protoflex's next turn instead of ending it during the target's turn. 
  • Spells: Will now get secondary damage bonuses (area or single-target).
  • Fragmentation Dagger: Damage and visual effects will be displayed on the two targets when the spell is cast on someone with their back to you.
  • Sidekick level: Players who select Chad during the Xelorium quest will receive Chad on level 160 right away. This modification works retroactively for players who already obtained Chad.  
  • Spells: Spells will now get secondary damage bonuses (area or single-target).
  • Sidekick level: Players who select Pandora during the Xelorium quest will receive Pandora on level 160 right away. This modification works retroactively for players who already obtained Pandora.


 Will now be available from the machine located beside the Nation Owls (next to the prison), or from the Baddoboss Clan Master.
Short Cut:
 The button allowing you to mount will be active again when the Petsmount is equipped.


Missiz Freezz: Will now correctly revive players. At the end of Missiz Freezz' first turn after a player has died, a visual effect will be shown on the dead player. At the end of Missiz Freezz' second turn after a player has died, the player will be revived.

Passive Mr. Punchy: 
  • Health points will increase from 10,000 up to 100,000.
  • Will now have MP but will not be able to move, allowing you to test out MP-draining spells.
  • Assault will correctly make the (passive) Sack of Spuds turn towards you.
Cledus’Onist: If a character is being carried by a Pandawa while a jewel is destroyed, the character will still receive the Kamastyle buff.
Improvements to monster positioning in combat:
  • Monsters will take positions at random during combat and no longer go to the closest position when combat starts.
  • Monsters at fixed location take their positions before monsters taking their position at random. For example, Crushing Hyphalumps and Snugnuf the Mush Mish will always be in the right positions in the Blackspore Dungeon when combat begins.
Syclick: The effects of its "Nimui" spell can no longer be played twice when it is on a glyph that the Robowl boss could target.
Victus:  A revived Victus can no longer trigger the explosion of its passive spell "Last Breath".
Past Xelorium monsters: You can only get the perimeter resistance penalty in the Past Xelorium zone one time, no matter how many times you walk on the cells
Dwarf Bulldagger: Will no longer drain more MP than intended if the target is within a targeted area of effect.
Sramva:  The passive spell will no longer be active after a Sramva has been summoned and before it has taken its turn.
Badosaurus: Will no longer drain more AP / MP than intended if the target is within a targeted area of effect.
Poz: A visual effect will be added to the "Damned" state that it deals to players.
Shootew: Will no longer heal players that are being carried, to make sure the carrier does not receive the healing effects intended for the character being carried.
Schanker: When the Schanker kills itself and explodes, the character that effected "Scorplosive" will be considered to be the cause of its death. This change will allow the achievement of certain challenges.



Items with a variable level (e.g. Makabra):  These will correctly display the obtained resources when used in the Haven World's resource collector.
Recall Potion: Crafting will now produce five potions at once without any increase in the crafting difficulty level, which can make potions in the game more accessible.

Bread:  It will no longer be possible to consume bread with a higher level than that of the character eating it using the button for restoring all health.
Primitive Talisman: The level of this recipe will go from 95 to 100.
Meka and Castuc Set: Unfusing a Meka Set or Castuc Set will yield all the items in the set.
Sets:  Fusing a set containing rune items will now be possible.
Ancient Hat: The Ancient Hat loot rate will be double that of the usual rate in normal difficulty when playing in the Hardcore Mecha Factory dungeon.
Tiny Kit Display Window and Fire of Love: The Tiny Kit Display Window and the Fire of Love can now be placed into the account chest.
Dungeon keys:
  • Obtaining keys from inside the Mecha Factory and Ow El dungeons (in normal or hardcore mode) will no longer be possible.
  • The Celestial Piwi Key can be obtained in normal and easy dungeons.
  • The drop rate of the resources Krak-Ertz, Crobak Beak, Bell, Whirly Fin, Opal Fabric and Country Scalp will be increased so that the associated dungeon keys can be obtained more easily. 
  • The Sureberry Fields dungeon key will now require 7 Country Scalps instead of 7 Country Roots when being crafted. 


Standardisation of resource development speeds:
 Certain resources were not in line with the following rules and have thus been standardised. Please see all of the rules below:
  • Trees will need 300 seconds to go from the cutting stage to the intermediate stage, and 300 seconds to go from the intermediate stage to the tree stage. Any trees bearing fruit require an additional 300 seconds before the fruit can be gathered. (Please note: Fruit used to require 600 seconds before they were ready. Also, some trees such as the Citronana needed up to 1200 seconds to grow.)
  • Crops and plants will need 600 seconds to go from the grain stage to the intermediate stage, and 600 seconds to go from the intermediate stage to the fully developed crop or plant stage. (Please note: Some of the crops used to require more time.)
  • Minerals and fish will reappear after 360 seconds. Fish that are at another stage need 360 seconds to develop. (Please note: Some of the minerals and a lot of the fish used to require much more time than this to reappear.)
  • All of the resources at levels 0 to 10 will reappear or develop twice (2 times) as fast as mentioned above.
Standardisation of the number of resources obtained during harvest:  Some of the resources were not in line with the (basic) "1 to 3 resources obtained" rule that applies for harvests. In fact, some of the resources could only be obtained once while others could be obtained "1 to 5 times". Please see below the list of resources that were standardised.
  • Fresh Mussels, Mother of Pearl, Moogrr Filet, Strich Neck, Tofu Gizzards, Rat Tail, Kralablubber, Crackler Heart, Flank, Taur Hairs, Bone Flour, Country Root, Prespic Paw, Snout, Royal Rump, Astrubian Larva Seed, Rat Clette, Crow Gizzards, Brrrbli Hairs, Grains of Sand, Tibia, Shark Steak, Scented Clover, Double Carat Sapphire Stone, Silly Strawberry Leaves, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Sunflower Seed, Elm's Api, Elm Wood, Nostril Algae, Golden Wheat Grain, Beans, Astrubian Wheat Straw, Chefish, Dragocarp, Vandame, Sturgeon, Astrubian Sturgeon, Emerald Stone, Diamond Stone, Dark Skin, Pale Skin, Gritty Skin, Ice Eye, Nostril Algae, Nostril Drool, Rat Hair, Tofu Pheromones, Tofu Egg, Tofu Seed, Gobball Leg, Gobball Seed, Astrubian Country Root, Astrubian Blibli Hairs, Gobbette Milk, Astrubian Snout, Woolly Leg, Pepper Spray, Blibli Hairs, Piwi Feather, Googoo Feathers, Bow Meow Hairs, Bow Meow Fur, Jelly Cutting, Cherry Tree Wood, Vanilla Rice, Vanilla Rice Grain, Rye Grain, Rye Fiber, Babbage Seed, Dendron Seed, Bean Seed, Dendron Flower, Beans, Babbage, Babbage Seed, Oat Straw, Orchid Seed, Oat Grain, Orchid Flower, Mint Shoot, Mint Leaf, Chestnut Cutting, Flax Seed, Flax Flower, Wheat Straw, Wheat Grain, Cherry Tree Cutting.
Citronana Tree: The "Citronana" fruit will now have the full characteristics of a fruit and no longer be a rare resource (1% chance of appearing).
Corn: Corn will now be located in the Shhhudoku Kingdom.


Skills: Spending points without confirming changes and then closing the interface will no longer cause these skill points to be lost for certain.
Rotating A Character: The shortcut to rotate a character in the world or in combat is now Shift + .