Here are the list of the changes implemented with the 1.42 hotfix to the game update “All Hands to Kelba” on April 14th 2015


Level increase to Level 175: The arrival of a new Ultimate Boss now gives players the chance to increase the level of their characters to level 175. The progression rules are still the same: players earn 5 points for abilities and 5 points for speciality spells at each level. Players can also increase their spells and Sidekicks to level 175.

Restat for Eliotrope: As this class is being modified with this update, a spells and abilities restat will be available for the Eliotrope class via the "A Classy Restat" quest system that was used previously (see explanation here). The restat time will be 7 days on this particular occasion.

Note for players who already have a restat quest in progress (the level 30 quest or the resource collection quest): If you are at the last stage and with your Jonk ("I'm ready to go and see Master Kano to reallocate my experience!"), confirming the offered restat quest will erase the restat quest in progress. In order to take advantage of personal restat quests, we recommend you go to the restat instance before the update. Then, on the day of the update, you will already be in the instance and additionally benefit from the 7 days of extra restat time that we are offering. 

Restat for all level 170 characters: Following modifications to spell locking and spell experience during the previous hotfix, a restat for spells and abilities will be made available for all level 170 players. The restat interface will appear when logging in with a character.
Merge of Asian servers with the European servers
  • The Phaeris server will now be available alongside the European servers and will no longer be an independent server
  • The Phaeris server will only be accessible to accounts from the "Asia" community
  • Players from the "Asia" community will be able to play on both the Phaeris and the international Remington servers
  • Thai and Vietnamese languages will no longer be supported and will be removed from the game
  • It will no longer be possible to log in using a partner account



Bravery Standard: This spell can no longer be cast on the banner itself and from now on will target one of the cells around the banner and teleport there instead.

Wall of Flames:  Bug fix: no longer skips the enemies’ turn after having lost HP 3 times.

Enthusiasm (Passive):  The +1 AP bonus to the target on the cell when a portal is removed will be replaced by a bonus of +2 AP to any ally transported via the closest portal by an Eliotrope.
Pulsation: Removal of cast limit.
 Cataclysm: Removal of cast limit.
Prevention: The way this works will be simplified. When targets are healed, they will get back 20% of their max HP, no matter what the circumstances. The spell description will be simplified as a result.
Portal: It will no longer be possible to teleport allies via the closest portal if they are already standing on a Portal cell, without having Portal Charge.
Exalted (State):
  • The 19% to 10% Final Resistance penalty will become a fixed penalty of 50 Resistance.
  • The way WP works will be simplified. All damage dealt when an Eliotrope still has WP will be increased.
Calm (State): This state will now have a fixed bonus of 50 Resistance.
Eliotrope Book: From now on, after creating an Eliotrope, the character will receive their class book when arriving in Astrub.



Abandoned Workshop: This dungeon will be the first "Time Attack" dungeon in the game. See below for further information:
  • No key is needed to enter
  • The only restriction will be the minimum level requirement
  • Monsters will have no drops
  • Once a day, a series of quests (one per room) will be available in this dungeon
  • These quests can only be completed once per day
  • Completing these quests will earn players tokens that can be used in the dungeon’s Machine
  • Players have 10 minutes to complete the dungeon; after this time is up they will have to start again

Quests and Achievements


Mercenary Post - Kelba Peaks: The Rank 3 Contract "Feathery Feather" will be reset for all players, so that all players will be able to complete all of the area’s achievements.
Cro-cave Final: It is now possible to complete this achievement. This will be completed retroactively for all players who have already finished it.

Xelor Temple:  The dimensional portal used to access Xelor Temple is now accessible in any situation. 


Clinging to Life: Clinging to Life will no longer prevent a guard from earning Citizenship Points after having killed an Outlaw Sacrier.
Transparency: Players will again be able to move their characters by clicking on a monster when transparency is activated. This will also activate the timeline focus for that monster.


Ultimate Bosses

Steel Beak: This is the new Ultimate Boss, who holds court alongside the Black Crow in the Black Crow’s Antechamber in Kelba’s zone 2. Far from simply being the hardcore version of the Black Crow, Steel Beak will present a new challenge to every warrior in the World of Twelve.
  • The minimum entry level requirement is level 175.
  • Players will have three opportunities per week, whether they win or lose.
  • Both quest and drops will only be available for the first win of the week.
  • Players will be able to get items or tokens even if one of the party members quits during the fight.
  • Defeating this Boss earns players 10 tokens as well as a chance of getting loot from the Boss.
  • Items obtained via the Machine are account-bound.
  • Items obtained from drops or crafting will be bound when equipped.


Stalagmote: Monsters of the Stalagmote family from Brakmar will no longer inflict damage on their allies when using area-of-effect spells.
: A quest monster disappearing while interacting with the environment (plant or another monster, etc.) will no longer block an interactive object until the next server restart.
Krobelle: This monster will have a female voice again.
Xelot: Xelots from the environmental quest "Sudden Distortion" from the Present Xelorium will now give players the right amount of experience points.
Localized damage: Damage will be localized for the following monsters:
  • Tofu family: Tofu Kiss
  • Blibli Family: Skewering
  • Crackler: Tremor, Landslide, Crushing
  • Badenalty: Thunder Clap
  • Badskin: Acidic Arrow
  • Badgoat: Shield Blow
  • Wild Gobball: Cataplasmic Breath
  • Wild War Chief: Astral Rush, Souls' Cry
  • Crobak Chief: On a Roll
  • Felonious Monk: Martial Farts, Sensitive Soul
  • Brrrbli Family: Brrrblific Charge
  • Borbat: Borbrawl, Borbash
  • Beefy Borbat: Bloodbath
  • Vermicious Sludgeworm: Physical A Salt, Underground Vibration, Sludgery
  • Whispered Crackrock: Rockochet
  • Ocushu: Thermic Shock, Shushu Gash
  • Shusnitch: Scratch
  • Shiemahn: Harassment, Shushu Hypnosis, Shushu Spine
  • Black Tiwabbit: Small Wabehameha, Stwike of the BTW
  • Black Wabbit: Wabehameha, Stwike of the BW
  • Black Wo Wabbit: Bellyboom, Cawwotization
  • Black Gwandpa Wabbit: Stwike of the BGW, Cawwoboom
  • Gwandpa Wabbit: Pwessed Cawwot
  • Wo Wabbit: Eawthquake
  • Bichephalous Amionite: Sporular Bicephalous Flight
  • Boney Tiwabbit: Putwid Cawwot Cwunch, Wapid Gallewy, Wetweat
  • Boney Wabbit: Putwid Cawwot Cwunch, Mowtal Gallewy, Putwid Gas
  • Wo Zwombbit: Putwid Cawwot Cwunch, Cwevice, Nauseating Bellyboom
  • Bandaged Gwandpa Zwombbit: Putwid Cawwot Cwunch, Blighted Bandage, Wough Tewwain
  • Badosaurus: Rich-bound
  • Sramva: Slash
  • Gobbalrog: Meteor, Cataclysm
  • Maine Goon: Icky Licky
  • Shin Larva: Schpittle, Silky Schpittle, Shin Shimmy
  • Royal Tofu: Piercing Cry
  • Scarador: Golden Sirokoko
  • Celestial Piwi: Piwiful Clobbering
  • Celestial Tofu: Piercing Cry, Celestial Tofu Peck
  • Ancestral Blibli: Shockwave
  • Royal Blibli: Royal Skewering, Sleeping Lion
  • Tsu Tsu Tsar: Wakfu Expulsion
  • Rascal: Collapse
  • Chafer King: Boot Blow, Slicing, Hackenslash, Fear
  • Black Zordfish: Royal Zordslide, Tidal Wave, Mortal Blow
  • Carnivorous Plant: Carnivorous Bite, Spit, Spiky Thorns, Repelling Roar
  • Lokoko: Big Badaboomboom, Kalashkokof, Powerful Breath, Kokoshower
  • Kralaboss: High Voltage, Kraladdin, Kralapush
  • Royal Shark: Royal Bite
  • Royal Moogrr: Royal Bombombardment
  • Royal Whirly: Whirl of Fortune
  • Royal Crackler: Old Monolith Hit, Flingshot
  • Captain of the Dark Hurl: Makabraslash, Poltergas
  • Thork: Savage Charge, Savage Bite, Thork's Hammer, Thork's Thunder
  • Gobby Bulga: Shockwave, Gobbledegook
  • Hoodfella: Burning Blood, Punishment, Machine Gun, Explosive Arrow, Devastate
  • Nun: Cry of Terror, Spectral Touch, Spectral Charge
  • Black Widow: Dark Venom
  • Pearly Bilbimussel: Emussion, Bilbubbling, Clam'p'
  • Vampyro: Clout Backula, Ghastly Wind
  • Emperor and King Jellix: Royal Jella, Royal Jelpikes
  • YeCh'Ti’Wawa: Mirrawr, Icy Wa-Wheeze, Overpow-Wawa
  • Ponktius: Watermelon Crush, Rain of Spines
  • Black Wabbit Emiw: Enchanted Stwike, Deflagwation, Shooting Cawwot
  • Gwand Viziew Wabbit: Wabbitation, Cawwot Spike
  • Gweat GM Wabbit: Putwid Bile, Fountain of Bile, Sweeping
  • Spectrex: Soul Harvest, Gash
  • Solkrupt: Annihilation
  • Cledus: Brokama

Haven Bags

Enter the Haven Bag:It will again be possible to enter your Haven Bag while running and with PvP activated.


Sidekick Rotation: Treacherose, Krosmoglobs and Flame Knights will be added to the rotation of free Sidekicks.


Feed or Heal: Players can now feed or heal a pet which is equipped on a Sidekick.


  Nation Change Scroll:The scroll will be entirely used up after use.


Spells and abilities: It is now possible to level up spells and abilities faster via the "Shift + Left Click" shortcut.
Orientation of the character: The shortcuts to turn a character while in combat or while not in combat, will again be the arrow keys by default.
Market item list: The details of viewed objects will no longer display "forbidden" symbols. The display of the  items have been improved.