Kelba Revamp

The island of Kelba has been given a makeover – and you're now invited to go visit the island. A tougher main quest, new dungeons, new monsters, old acquaintances and plenty of other surprises await!


So you'd like to get a makeover as well? And you've always dreamed of turning your Nettlez into a magnificent Capiwin?
In that case, Mimisymbics are just the thing you need! This new consumable allows you to change the appearance of an item, all the while maintaining its stats. You can get Mimisymbics from the shop.

Class Revamp

The main focal points of this update were the Cra and the Iop classes!

That's because you lot stirred up quite the racket about this after testing them on our Beta server. So the Cra and Iop revamp will be in the game starting on the 17th of March.