1. Bug Fixes


  • The Gash spell no longer incorrectly applies 6 levels of Incurable on a critical hit when the condition for being applied isn't met.
  • The Wise Strength passive no longer applies a poison to allies (this sometimes happened in a rift when, say, collecting a shushu artifact). And to be on the safe side, the passive won't apply more than 5 levels of poison per MP removed, even if its value exceeds 5.
  • With the Raiding passive equipped, an Ouginak correctly gains 12% of their max HP as Armor if there is a Prey adjacent to them when their turn starts.


  • Distortion works properly on a non-critical hit.

  • The descriptions for the Feca's Aegis spell and the Huppermage's Dynamo passive are consistent with the effects granted.
  • The Pingwin, Voidivion, and Horridemon chests give the correct contents.
  • Players correctly receive a bonus of 4 Kit Skill points.
  • The tactical view can now be changed using the default shortcut Ctrl + T while in spectator mode.
  • An issue that affected connecting to the in-game shop has been fixed.