1. Demonic Pacts

For players who decide to participate, a new "wild PvP" system called Demonic Pacts will allow them to do battle just about everywhere in the world of Wakfu.

Participating in the Demonic Pacts system will provide you with substantial XP and loot bonuses, but in exchange, you'll be taking the risk that part of the experience and loot you collect will be stolen from you.

Pact statues are being added to the cities of the nations: Astrub, Amakna, Sufokia, Bonta, and Brakmar. They activate or deactivate a Demonic Pact.

Extraction altars are being added to six areas of the world to permanently secure the additional rewards obtained from Demonic Pacts.

Learn more with the devblog.

2. Dimensional Rifts

A new feature will allow you to take on "infinite" waves of monsters.

Dimensional Rifts are inspired in part by the old Mobile Arenas, but also add some new mechanics.
They will offer unpredictable battles, each one different from the last, and ask players to make additional choices over the course of a battle.

Dimensional rifts have been added to Astrub, Sufokia, Bonta, and Moon.
Ultimate dimensional rifts have been added to the Harebourg Castle and Mount Zinit Summit areas.

Learn more with the devblog

3. Interface

A more discreet system for invites and notifications is being introduced that no longer obstructs in-game actions. Guild and group invites will use this new system starting from this update. It will now be favored for invites and notifications.

4. Combat

  • Stabilized fighters now have a visual effect at their feet.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to enter spectator mode in fights with fighters who had too many effects.

5. Classes

5.1. Enutrof

  • Damage from the Firedamp Explosion state, when inflicted by an Enutrof's Drheller, no longer inflicts damage on the summoner.
  • Firedamp Explosion now has 2 uses per turn in Drhellzerker form, as in normal form.

5.2. Feca

  • The shield activation visual no longer displays every time a character gets on or off their mount.

5.3. Ouginak

  • A visual problem when the Were-Ouginak got on or off a platform or went up or down stairs in combat has been fixed.

5.4. Pandawa

  • Common spells no longer disable a Pandawa's animation when carrying a fighter or barrel.
  • Karcham's Lock bonus is immediately removed when a target being carried gets down by itself.

5.5. Rogue

  • The Cross Fire and Magnet spells attract nearby targets first.
  • The Reconversion spell copies the targeted bomb's Armor.
  • The Pyrotechnist passive's damage bonus on the Powder Wall is correctly 25%.

5.6. Foggernaut

  • The Charring, Flambé, and Dissolution spells have the correct expected range in Gunner mode.

5.7. Xelor

  • Added an animation to the Dial's appearance.
  • The Save sublimation correctly reduces the Xelor's AP if they have the Combat Mage passive.

5.8. Masqueraider

  • Added an animation to the Masked Spirit's appearance.
  • The visual problem that hid the feet of Masqueraiders who wore the Psychopath Mask has been fixed.
  • The amount of Armor granted by Armature has been reduced by 15%.

6. Sidekicks


The Appeasement spell no longer unbewitches the target's states. The Appeasement spell now gives the target a mobility and resistance bonus.

The purpose of this change is to make using the spell clearer while fixing some cases where the spell could unbewitch the effects of mechanics and lead to problems.

7. Items

  • A "Gold-Plated Dofus" decoration has been added as loot from the Tutaur'Kama boss.
  • Recipes for the Imperial Bonulet, Kiki Shackle, and Ebony Scaramulet items now require raw gems instead of solid gems.
  • The quantities of ingredients required to make the recipe for the Otomai's Pilgrim Shoes item have decreased.
  • Recipes to produce Haven World house Blueprints have been added to the Handyman profession.
  • Nation benches and stools can no longer be obtained as loot. Recipes to craft them have been added to the Handyman profession.


New sublimations have been added as Dimensional Rift rewards. We have made changes to sublimations in the process.

Sublimations now have rarities.
  • All sublimations present before the update, including those already owned by characters, will keep their mythical rarity. They always apply the same bonus with the same value (except for the cases of balancing described in these change notes).
  • Rare sublimations apply half the bonus of a mythical sublimation.
  • Legendary sublimations apply a 50% higher bonus than a mythical sublimation.
  • Some sublimations do not have different versions because their bonuses are not granular enough (Save, etc.).
  • Any one sublimation can be obtained in its various rarities the same way. If a sublimation has a chance to drop in a dungeon, the legendary version will only drop with a Stasis level above 20.

Let's take Healing as an example:

  • Rare version (new): +1 Level (5% HP)
  • Mythical version (currently owned by characters): +2 Levels (10% HP)
  • Legendary version (new): +3 Levels (15% HP)
  • The maximum bonus you can get through all versions of Healing remains 6 Levels (30% HP)

The rare, mythical, and legendary versions each have a different design. In addition, their name includes I, II, or III depending on their rarity.

A number of sublimations have been renamed so as not to conflict with this new rule.

  • Ruin II is now Cyclical Ruin
  • Devastate II is now Secondary Devastation
  • Evasion II is now Slow Evasion
  • Ambush II is now Distant Ambush
  • Tenacity II is now Persistence
  • Resolute II is now Obstinacy
  • Lightness II is now Poise
  • Frenzy II is now Fury
  • Return II is now MP Return
  • Return is now AP Return
  • Endurance II is now Prosperity
  • Condemnation II is now Clamor
  • Frenzy III is Focalization
  • Influence II is now Slow Influence

Sublimation Balancing

Several sublimations are being balanced. The following values are based on the mythical rarity, which players currently own.

  • Devastate
    • The increase in all masteries is now 10% of level.
    • The increase in all resistances is now 6 (fixed).
  • Carnage
    • The increase in mastery is now 30% of level.
  • Ambush
    • The damage inflicted bonus at 1 Range is now 4%.
  • Ambush II
    • The damage inflicted bonus at 2 Range is now 8%.
  • Resolute & Resolute II
    • The increase in Force of Will lasts 3 turns.
  • Lightness & Lightness II
    • The increase in Force of Will lasts 3 turns.
  • Topology
    • Dodge is converted to Armor at a rate of 1:2.
  • Return & Return II
    • The effect is limited to 2 times per turn.
  • Length
    • The damage inflicted bonus on aligned targets and those that are 2 cells away is now 4%.
  • Moon Scales
    • The Armor received bonus is now 6%.
  • Rocky Envelope
    • The Armor given bonus is now 6%.
  • Close-Combat Barrier & Distance Barrier
    • The effect activates 4 times.
  • Integrity
    • Healing is now 14%.
  • Influence
    • The Critical Hit bonus is now 6%.
  • Influence II
    • The maximum bonus is now 30%.
  • Endurance II
    • The characteristics received bonus is now 6%.
  • Lone Wolf
    • The damage inflicted bonus is now 4%.
  • Stupefaction
    • Added a bonus of 5% of level as Critical Mastery for 1 turn.

New Sublimations

The following values are based on the rare rarity.

The following values are based on the rare rarity (1 sublimation level).

  • Solid Weapon
    • If a shield is equipped:
      • Attacking an opponent with a weapon reduces its damage on the state bearer by 5% (not stackable).
    • Maximum level: 2
  • Raw Power
    • -1 max WP
    • For each WP spent during the turn:
      • 2% damage inflicted (for the current turn).
    • Maximum level: 4
  • Flaming Return
    • When killing an enemy, the state bearer gains 100% of level as Flaming (1 time per turn).
    • Maximum level: 2
  • Wakfu Influence
    • When the state bearer starts their turn with all WP (or all QB):
      • 10% Critical Hit (1 turn)
    • Maximum level: 2
  • Berserk Wakfu
    • When the state bearer starts their turn with 50% or less WP (or QB):
      • 100% of level as Armor
      • 3% Critical Damage (1 turn)
    • Maximum level: 4
  • Poisoned Weapon
    • If a two-handed weapon is equipped:
      • Attacking an opponent with a weapon applies X levels of Incurable (per weapon AP) to the target and the attacker.
      • Weapon damage is reduced by 20%.
    • Maximum level: 4
  • Lock Steal
    • If a two-handed weapon is equipped:
      • Attacking an opponent with a weapon steals 15% of their level as Lock (per weapon AP) for the target and the attacker.
      • Weapon damage is reduced by 10%.
    • Maximum level: 4
  • Dodge Steal
    • If a two-handed weapon is equipped:
      • Attacking an opponent with a weapon steals 15% of their level as Dodge (per weapon AP) for the target and the attacker.
      • Weapon damage is reduced by 10%.
    • Maximum level: 4
  • Counterattack
    • When the state bearer suffers direct close-combat damage, once per turn of the attacker:
      • The state bearer turns to the target and inflicts Light damage on it (10% of level).
    • Maximum level: 6
  • Light Weapons Expert
    • If no shield, dagger, or two-handed weapon is equipped:
      • +25% of level as Elemental Mastery
      • 2% of Damage inflicted on a target with Armor
    • Maximum level: 6
  • Arcana
    • If the state bearer does not have Armor at the end of turn:
      • Applies 50% of level as Armor.
    • Maximum level: 6
  • Social Relations
    • 2% damage from behind on even turns
    • 2% damage from the front on odd turns
    • Maximum level: 6
  • Vital Return
    • When killing an enemy, the state bearer regenerates 10% missing HP (2 times per turn).
    • Maximum level: 2
  • Destruction
    • 3% damage from behind
    • -2% front and side damage
    • Maximum level: 6
  • Sensitivity
    • If there are two or more allies 1–3 cells from the bearer:
      • 2% damage inflicted
    • Maximum level: 4
  • Armor Length
    • Armor given to an aligned ally is increased by 4%.
    • Maximum level: 6
  • Altruism
    • Heals performed on an aligned ally at a distance are increased by 2%.
    • Maximum level: 6
  • Mania
    • Close-combat attacks remove 50% of level as Armor from the target.
    • -3% Armor received
    • Maximum level: 4
  • Nature
    • Heals performed on an ally adjacent to another ally are increased by 2%.
    • Maximum level: 6
  • Last Breath
    • When the character starts their turn below 20% HP:
      • 3% damage inflicted (1 turn)
      • 50% of level as Armor
    • Maximum level: 6
  • Strong Hand
    • Ending a turn adjacent to an enemy applies -5% Armor received to it (1 turn).
    • Maximum level: 6
  • Firm Foot
    • Ending a turn adjacent to an enemy applies -5% Heals performed to it (1 turn).
    • Maximum level: 4
  • About-Turn

    • When the state bearer suffers direct close-combat damage, once per turn of the attacker:
      • The state bearer turns toward them.
    • Maximum level: 2
  • Courage
    • 2% non-critical damage and heals inflicted
    • -2% critical damage and heals inflicted
    • Maximum level: 6

8. World

  • The Cannibal Hector hunter (Capital of Brakmar) offers level-81–95 quests, instead of offering level-96–110 quests.

9. Monsters

  • Scythescrapers in the Prowling Spirit environmental quests above level 35 can no longer give candy or lanterns as loot.
  • The Gnaw spell of monsters Accelerat and Rattler now has 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target.
  • The Robowl boss no longer appears on top of "Down and Out" glyphs in phase 3 (blue glyphs).
  • The Curse spell, at the heart of the Blightoxious monster, can now target entities at 1 Range.
  • A visual problem with the Blightoxious monster when it suffers damage has been fixed.
  • Inflicting damage without a line of sight on the Blightogre boss increases the attacker's level of Spotted by 1.
  • Some visual effects of the Badgeroxxor monster (Execution and switching to Sneaky mode) have improved.
  • The Badgwitch the Furiox boss correctly reapplies its areas of effect when switching places due to a Xelor's Temporal Twist starting from phase 2.
  • The Bubotron Bubourg boss no longer turns when moving from block to block. This change fixes cases where the boss did not turn the right way visually.
  • Block bonuses applied in the fight against the Bubotron Bubourg boss now last 2 turns. They can be stacked up to level 5. Penalties are not stackable and always last 1 turn.
  • The Bubotron Bubourg boss has a 75% reduction in damage as long as he is not on the golden cell (he was previously invulnerable).
  • The Bubounce spell (unlocked against the Bubotron Bubourg boss) can now be cast up to 4 cells away.
  • Pandala Ghosts' Ghostly Protection is no longer triggered by indirect damage.
  • The Ghost Tanukouï San boss's Meteor Shower spell inflicts more damage if the boss has not moved during his turn.
  • The Yokai Firefoux emissary's Ring of Fire spell can now inflict damage on a Pandawa who is carrying the monster.
  • The Tanukouï San emissary's Tanushi spell can now be cast in close combat. Its maximum casting range has also decreased.
  • The Aguabrial intervening boss can drop Pouches.
  • You can no longer target the Aguabrial intervening boss to start the fight in the Dreggon dungeon. This led to unexpected behavior on the fight's edge cells.
  • The gigantic honey pot carried by the Bearkneck boss gives him 10% damage inflicted per level and 1 MP every two levels. Also, MP do not increase beyond 10. Honey pots carried by players or monsters have not changed.
  • The Bearkneck boss now has 5 base MP instead of 7.
  • The Bearkneck boss can now target a carried fighter with the "Honeyed Fury" spell if he has the greatest number of honey pots.

10. Quests

  • "Miniarch and the Archies" quests now have an infinite duration.

11. Challenges

  • Challenges' time rifts (Thirsters, Osamosa, and Shhhudoku) appear in fixed locations. This fix is intended to prevent cases where time rifts did not appear.
  • Monsters faced in Shhhudoku challenges have their own normal loot.

12. Miscellaneous

  • The Play the Harp emote loops correctly without cutting out after a few seconds.
  • The words "your", "gl", "gg", and "vs" will no longer trigger the "Bwork" filter.
  • The rarities of "soft item" resources are now specified so it is possible to differentiate between classic and rare resources in player-developed tools.