Stasis Dungeons are an important feature in PvM (Player versus Monster). We've decided to revise some of their aspects, and [Exi] and [Siu] are going to go over the changes coming in the next patch in detail in this devblog!


Changes in the Difficulty Curves


We want players to complete the content with the best possible balance between difficulty, combat length, and rewards, with the aim being to have coherent profitability for the group. In other words, we want players to choose the Stasis level that they think best suits their skills. With this aim, we smoothed the difficulty factor formula in the dungeons.

Here's the difference between the previous and new values:

Blue shows the former curve, orange shows the new curve.

Health Point Curve


Damage Curve


Reward Curve


Three main changes stand out:

Compared to the former curve, the monsters have a little more health points and less damage from Stasis 1 to 11. A low Stasis dungeon will stay as doable as it is today for small groups or groups just starting out, but the monsters' very low health points didn't encourage players to increase their Stasis levels.

However, the monsters' health points also increase much less exponentially than before. Combats were becoming too long at high Stasis: The difficulty level must not come solely from monsters surviving. We therefore decided to smooth the curve by proportionately reducing health points starting at Stasis 12.

In short, health points start higher but increase less rapidly.

Finally, the reward curve increases a little… But more about that later.

Quick Summary:

  • In Stasis 11 ("normal" mode), there is no change; all values are at 100%.
  • In Stasis 1 ("rapid" mode), the monsters have more HP but less Damage for the same reward.
  • Stasis 21 ("difficult" mode) has been simplified with less HP and less Damage.
  • There is still a reward gap between Stasis 20 and 21 to reward the condition "have the level to complete the dungeon".
  • In high Stasis (21+), HP are a little less exponential but still substantial. Damage is very slightly less.
  • In high Stasis (21+), rewards are considerably greater.

A New Concept for Combat Modifiers


Combat modifiers in the Stasis dungeons provide healthy randomness, which can change how a fight is undertaken, in all the dungeons in the game. We have reworked this feature, which is now broken down into two parts: monster and boss modifiers.

It will still be a random game mechanic able to be incorporated into each fight. But it won't be constraints to avoid or overcome because, from now on, they will be designed to provide bonuses to players who take advantage of these game mechanics.

Here's an example of a combat modifier that could be encountered with monsters:

At the start of the round, a random monster earns the Ricochet state. If the one carrying the Ricochet state undergoes a collision, all players gain +1 MP for one turn.

We designed them so that the system is profitable for players while still being optional and non-penalizing.

We have also replaced the Bosses' "Stasis mechanics" with new modifiers. Here's some information on these new mechanics that you'll need to know:

  • Each Boss had a special modifier assigned to it based on its type and gameplay.
  • These modifiers are present at all Stasis levels.
  • Their goal is to strengthen the archetype of the Boss in question, while providing occasional micro-mechanics to manage throughout the fight.
  • We have divided them into five types: Summoner, Long-Distance, Close Combat, Berserker, and Tank.
  • They apply several bonus effects on the Boss at predetermined frequencies.

By providing a balance between strategy and replay value, these new modifiers will enrich dungeon combats and give them more depth.



As we said earlier, we have therefore increased the gains in Wisdom and Prospecting in the higher Stasis levels. Completing dungeons with high Stasis levels should therefore be even more gratifying because the reward factor now comes from the bonuses assigned to the monsters.

But that's not all. We have also added a few new rewards – one more reason to try competitive mode in diverse dungeons.

In order to reintroduce the thrills from rare drops, we wanted to reintroduce legendary item drops in dungeons. Starting with Stasis 21, you could get legendary versions of the monsters' and bosses' items from them. The rate will be balanced so as to not completely replace improving objects through crafting.

In addition, we've changed the end-of-season Chests. New Chests, modeled on the Battle Chests, will be distributed to the most worthy every month. A single Large Chest could distribute several sets of rewards when opened! That should revive competition and encourage players to go for the best possible scores.

The Ultimate Bosses haven't been left out since they offer exceptional new rewards. New items to be obtained in battle, as well as special End-of-Season Chests containing even more rewards than classic Chests. They will contain titles, more generous quantities of consumable items, and especially new epic and relic runes to push character optimization even further.

The Ultimate Bosses Give Competitive Mode a Try


This was a highly-anticipated feature in the community, and we decided to make it happen by adapting the Ultimate Bosses to the Stasis Dungeon competitive format. It will be an opportunity for the players who've been around the longest to dive back into their old strategies… Or invent new ones because their old ways might no longer be enough!

Obviously, they will not all be possible in Stasis 10 and below. They wouldn't really be Ultimate otherwise! The team hopes you enjoy the challenges, everyone!




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