Today we're unveiling a new kind of dungeon: the Mineral Tower. How do you get there, what kind of combat will there be, and what are the rewards? This devblog provides answers to all these questions.

Getting into the Tower

To access the tower, you'll need a ticket. These tickets are quite diligently guarded by Arpagone, who happens to have a strong desire to enrich himself. Every day, you'll be offered an entrance ticket for you to use in your own time. Please note: the tickets do not stack, so you'll have to spend your free ticket in order to collect a new one.

However, if you'd like to try the fight again, you can purchase new tickets from the Shop. These won't have an expiration date and will let you enter the tower whenever you like, no matter how many attempts you've already made that day.


The Mineral Tower offers a combat experience featuring a group of monsters and a boss, all in a single room. This fight will be accessible at two levels: 36 and 186. It will also be adjusted so that players at level 51 or higher who want to do the lower-level version can do so at level 50. All pretty standard so far.

The first of two special things about this tower is the number of players in a group. The Mineral Tower will be restricted to groups of 3 players, heroes included, and sidekicks will not be allowed.

Its second distinctive quality is the gameplay, which causes each fight to be different from the last. You'll have the chance to encounter one of at least 8 different types of gameplay when you attempt the Mineral Tower.

If you don't defeat the group of monsters before you, you can always try again by speaking to Arpagone after the fight. Or, if you decide to leave the Mineral Tower, a new group of monsters will spawn whenever you return for another attempt. In which case you'll have to guess at their strategy again.

What You'll Earn

Each time you win, you'll earn a certain amount of tokens. You can use these tokens at a machine to buy rewards that will only be available through the Mineral Tower: these could be harnesses, pets, costumes, and much more. These rewards are subject to change and may only be available for a limited time.

You'll also receive combat rewards in the form of equipment, which will be related to the Mineral Tower and only obtainable from these fights. Equipping this new gear will help you in your day-to-day adventuring!

Be forewarned: to earn this equipment, you'll have to really outdo yourselves.

Here's a brief guide for you:

  • Every week, there will be missions with four different reward tiers. Each tier you unlock gives you the chance to obtain a better quality item as a combat reward.
  • Each Stasis level (for the low-level Mineral Tower) also plays a role by determining the level of equipment you get. This way, high-level players will be in for a challenge as well!

I hope you find this new daily activity plenty challenging.

Best wishes,


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