Soon you'll be able to discover the Divine Dimensions and enter the heart of the subject! Accompany Pandora in her adventures beyond Astrub, the World of Twelve, and even time. Set foot on unknown lands. Discover Srambad, its murders, its plots, its corruption... and so much more!

Will you dare set foot on Srambad ?

You are level 140 (or more) and you have completed the "prelude" quest to the Divine Dimensions with Pandora? Perfect! You should have collected enough energy for it to open its dimensional portal. This means that you'll be able to sink your teeth into Chapter 1 of the long quest that will punctuate your game in the coming months! And there it is: Srambad, the city of the Sram God, which will be the first step in your journey into the Divine Dimensions.


It will not be the only place, nor the only surprise waiting for you, but certainly seems like Sram himself would say: one pocket at a time! And how about if we start with his?

A first chapter that isn't just skin and bones

You were waiting weeks for it and there it is, you'll finally be able to cross the portal created by Pandora.

Very quickly, you will come across several places and characters of the great quest that awaits you.

And all this in the Sram Divine Dimension, more specifically called Srambad, that you will live the first step of your adventures.


You will discover dark and creepy alleys, where you may brush your shoulders with the worst crooked criminal guilds of the city... You'll even be soaked in stories of murder and politics!

And when you think that all the bones are thrown, a new twist takes you even further in your epic journey...

You want more?

As you know, the June game update will unlock level 150, so expect a new challenge with Srambad since it was balanced for levels 140 to 150!

The Srambad Chapter 1 will offer a main quest lasting for about 2 to 3 hours of gameplay with a new family of monsters, one exclusive dungeon, but also new achievements and repeatable quests, items, relic, recipes... And most of all new types of alternative gameplays!



We will not share more for now, but something tells us that you will make old bones in this new area!

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