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Assume the powers of the God-King and open up new portals to the World of Twelve! The Eliotrope Pack is here! Check it out in the Shop until Tuesday, January 15.

Certain adventurers were expecting it, others were calling for it, and now it's here! Further your knowledge of Wakfu. Grow and multiply. Become your opponents' worst nightmare! Simply put, don't miss out on the Eliotrope Pack!

Make the most of its content now:

  • Father Spirit Costume
  • God-King Finisher
  • Eliotrope Haven Bag Kit
  • Friendrake Pet
  • 30 Day God Booster
  • 3 Mineral Tower Tickets

It's waiting for you in the store until 11:59 PM (Paris time) on Tuesday, January 15 for just €20!