Discover the new content that will be implemented with the update of July 30!

Read the complete changelog here.

Today, we reveal the first part of the new content that will arrive in game on July 30.
The second part describing additional improvements and bug fixes will be communicated in the coming days.

Bilbiza is here

Bilbiza is finally back!
In this festive adventure island aimed to Level 85 and above, you will find new families of monsters, quests downright "Jelly", colorful dungeons... Only one thing will be prohibited: boredom!
The party will go on throughout august with two dungeons opening in the following weeks!
Before landing on the island, you can already read the Devblog that should give you a better idea of what to expect on this island, and watch (again) this trailer:

Relics and Almanax anniversary

Bilbiza wouldn’t be what it is without the Gelano! The Gelano will be the first Relic of the game, together with the ultimate reward of the Almanax. Its description has even been written by one of you!
Relics will be very powerful equipment, but you will only be able to equip one at a time on your character!
And if you’re one of those who completed all Almanax quests since their implementation on September 18, 2012, you might be interested in what follows…
To celebrate the implementation of the ultimate Almanax reward, which will be a Relic Insignia, we will offer the title “Almaniac” to all those who obtain it between July 30th and September 18th (11:59 PM Server Time), day of the one year anniversary of the Almanax!

Characters reach level 125, and spells level up to 200

How to better start the summer than spending some time on leveling your character?!
From July 30th, your character will be able to reach level 125, and train on Frigost where the last monsters families have had their difficulty rebalanced… And their XP as well! If the heat of Bilbiza isn’t your style, then you know where to go!
Also, the spell system will evolve as they will now be balanced up to level 200. Masteries, resists and damages have all been adapted. You can read all about it on this Devblog.

Xelor and Foggernaut Stasis branch revamps

Class revamps are coming back and it’s now time for the Xelor, and the Stasis branch of the Foggernauts to be reevaluated.
A Devblog was already posted about the Xelor, while the Stasis branch changes can be found at the end of this other article.
Take the time to read them and plan how to better use the respec that will be offered for the occasion!

Changes that will bring sun to your game

Who said that Devs were already lazing in the sun of Bilbiza while you freeze your teeth off on Frigost? The team prepared a list of changes and improvements that will be implemented with this update:
  • Gain and Loss of Citizenship Points will now be based on a fixed cost, and a percentage (varying with the laws) of the character’s CP. This should bring real consequences to your decisions!
  • Non-aggression state will now evolve: If you are being attacked in the 15 minutes that follow a previous attack against you, your non-aggression state will last 15 minutes (instead of 5), then 30 minutes, etc. until a maximum of 3 hours.
  • Handymen will now be able to craft Dungeon keys!
  • Gathering professions will be automatically learned: this will apply to all newly created characters, and also the existing ones. If you were missing gathering professions, the missing ones will be automatically added to your professions.
  • Implementation of a limitation to 12 AP and 7 MP outside of combat. The current system limits builds to only a few viable sets. We noticed a very limited interest for unique and crafted items. The AP/MP limitation as well as the addition of more interesting unique items should solve most of these problems. We invite you to have a look at this Devblog, to get the complete explanation.
  • Finally, some abilities will see their evolution adapted: everything can be found on this Devblog.

Novelties for Haven Worlds

16 New Haven Worlds per server, possibility to move buildings, unique decorations from Bilbiza and a new “Arena” building boosting your HPs…
These are all the novelties that you will find for your Haven World, and that should finally convince your guild leader to start bidding!

The Trool Fair isn’t gone

Summer is just the right time to visit the Trool Fair and spend your time and Kamas in the waiting lines…
On this month of July we will add terminals giving you access to the mini-games of Bilbiza!

We also want to let you know that in a next update we will simplify the access to rewards in the Trool Fair, and add new ones! We will tell you more in the next weeks.

New World Map

Don’t be afraid! The continents have not moved, you should still find your marks.
Still, the map received a significant overhaul! Our goal: have more coherence with the history of the World of Twelve.


Don’t forget that a part of the Gazette is now here just for you! Have a small announcement to share? A slogan or false advertising for us? Send your ideas to your Community Manager, we will retain the funniest for publication in the next gazette.

The complete changelog can be found here.
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aquabeauty 25 Julio 2013 18:53
This update looks promising
katralynn - Member - 25 Julio 2013 18:56
Well I know a few people who may be upset that they won't get the relic insignia due to the fact that they are still missing alm tokens from compensation. But whatever... sad 
Chrolo 25 Julio 2013 19:04
katralynn|2013-07-25 18:56:21Well I know a few people who may be upset that they won't get the relic insignia due to the fact that they are still missing alm tokens from compensation. But whatever... sad

There were like 10 bugged quests. We got a few events with almokens that makes up for it. At least for now.
If you did all the almanax quests until today, even if you didnt get the compensation tokens yet you should have enough to get the relic insignia before the 18th of september for the title.

Also if the insignia is the only thing they want, it will stay quite a while in the shop since mounts are not likely to be implemented anytime soon
axemangx 25 Julio 2013 19:52
Are you guys going to tell us if the almanax quests are going to be repeatable?

We never got compensated for the 18th of Flovor or most of early November when the quests weren't even triggering at all.

I mean come on, throw us a bone Ankama.

Or even the 12th for that matter, where basically only a select few could even get the Almanax to begin with since the Reapers don't even respawn. You had to wake up as soon as the Almanax triggered or you were screwed.
Nox16 - Member - 25 Julio 2013 19:58
hohoho guess ill be getting a relic insig *has been doing the quests* oh and ill also be able to get the insig as well biggrin
Bleauxberry - Member (+) - 25 Julio 2013 21:22
I would honestly like to see tokens come back for the fair. The token system was unique to the game and made the fair a bit more fun for some of us. I really don't want to waste all of my kamas just trying to get a ticket for a game that I could lose. I'll admit, I'm usually terrible at fair stuffs, but that's what makes it fun since I could just go back and try again.

To some people, it may seem to easy, but I honestly want a bit more fun than just grinding professions, levels and kamas. The fair was like that one place I could go to derp around in so I wouldn't get tired of everything else.
Neneko88 - Member - 25 Julio 2013 21:59
Why is the drop/prospecting system staying the same? I thought azael was listening to us?
Chronah 25 Julio 2013 22:02
The new world map looks amazing!

I guess that's to be expected, as Ogrest's tears and the ocean recedes.
All these new updates are very cool.

Someone on a different topic mentioned swimsuit insignias? biggrin

Thank you Ankama, you guys rock~ smile
tashlol 25 Julio 2013 23:28
The map looks amazing I have to say, and I'm just all round excited for this update. Also, please can we have jelly costumes?
jspano 25 Julio 2013 23:57
I'm hoping that cit part means i can earn negative cit even faster, since ive already got -43k