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For the latest Boss Smasher, you will have noticed how the Royal Blibli had put on weight and started pulling a pig face. The Scarador already took its place, and we might as well say that it too will give you a hard time! The prize: a special title and a reward token!

There are just a few days left to face the Royal Blibli and show it you're not to be trifled with! Because a new opponent is about to steal its place.

It's difficult going unnoticed when you've got the equivalent of Enutrof's treasure on your back. It's the gold, dear adventurers… The gold to face Scarador! And believe it – that huge insect will be more difficult to squash than your usual Arachnee.

From Saturday, June 1 12:00 AM (server time) to Sunday, June 30 11:59 PM (server time), you can go to the Abandoned Scarapit and face this "super-beetle"! There, you'll win a title linked to the event and a token to exchange for rewards in the machine.

Please note that Stasis level 21 will be imposed.

Good luck, everyone!