The Ouginaks will debut with the next update, and BenK, our Level and Graphic Designer, gives a brief background about his role and contribution to the new class!

Could you explain your job and tell us how long you've been working at Ankama?

I've been working at Ankama for almost 10 years. I started out as a graphic artist, and then I got into level building and level design, while continuing to do graphical work on icons and things. My job entails creating the scenery and backgrounds in the game and defining the paths for players to take, as well as setting up interactions with the background.

The major addition with Update 1.56 is the introduction of a new character class: the Ouginak. What role did you play in adding these barbaric Canidae to the game?

My role was to create the Ouginak Village and the introduction map for this new class.

What were your main inspirations?

The Ouginaks' story is set in Ohwymi. We wanted to create an atmosphere/scenery between Conan the Barbarian and Mad Max, which goes perfectly with the character design. Émilien, another graphic artist, did some pencil sketches along those lines. I took some of the ideas and worked them into the WAKFU style and the restrictions of the game.

Was this the first character class you had worked on so directly?

No, I've worked on almost all the classes and new content. But we haven't always created maps specific to new classes.

The Ouginaks are arriving at the same time classes are being rebalanced. Do you think they'll fit in with the other 17?

The gameplay is well thought-out, so there's no reason for it not to work. Also, this class is a pretty long time coming. I'm sure it'll find a fanbase!

Anything else do you want to say to the players who'll be seeing your work?

Have fun! As for me, I'll keep on making new scenery and improving old backgrounds. Till next time!

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