This morning, after weeks of sleeplessness, Tanuki finally cracked.

He drifted into an uneasy sleep beneath his desk and I heard him murmuring something about an “Emissary” whose arrival he would await like that of the Messiah. He grumbled incoherently about the Stasis that would be nothing like what we expected. I must talk to Daryl about it… once he stops hiding behind his Christmas plant. Fortunately we were well stocked with provisions. Pauline is rationing the caviar and guacamole with an iron fist. What’s the weather like. Well, the last I heard it was snowing, but here we are warm, and we have plenty of hot tea.

I can hear Jean-Marc and Alex discussing the look of the new maps which they are creating as we speak, and the latest shots of the landscapes sent by the artists. Alex casts an absent eye over the tiled expanses… “The shots for this zone are badly drawn… » A nervous breakdown is looming for him also.

As for me, I’m fresh out of Gobball sausages, so I’m gonna get stuck into the Tiramisu or the leftover Christmas pudding. It helps me see clear through the fog of the professions interfaces. But I forgot the most important part. If someone from the outside world is reading this, I just want to wish you a great New Year 2008… the year of Wakfu, and a leap year too, which means we’ve a better chance of catching up on all the stuff we’ve let slide.

It’s gonna be a good one Take it easy!