After the first two changes to the account entity (in 1.75 and 1.76), players now have a cosmetics inventory that brings together costumes, mount and pet skins, auras, finishers, and runs at the account and server level.

We've begun the process of further standardizing mechanics account-wide for Update 1.79.

Here is a list of items that will now be learned across the account and server, so they will be automatically learned by your various characters when the update is released:

  • Emotes
  • Titles
  • Professions


The way emotes work is unchanged. They are simply becoming shared across the account.

Previously, for costumes and creature skins, we set out to compensate for each item that was learned multiple times (by different characters, for example).

However, after much analysis, we didn't find a satisfactory solution to compensate for emotes learned by different characters. Many special cases exist, and it's impossible for us to compensate in an unbiased way. What's more, there are very few players with duplicates compared to other types of items. So, we decided not to compensate for emotes learned by multiple characters. We believe this will make the transition easier and more stable for everyone.


The way titles work is changing significantly.

The list of titles you know, which could be viewed in the passport, contained your titles in the order they were obtained. We were unable to keep this feature. Actually, the game recorded the data for the order in which they were obtained, but not the date. This means the order is different for each character, since these secondary characters generally have different backgrounds.

However, we took this opportunity to delve deeper into what title represent. Now, titles will be divided by rarity categories. You'll be able to sort them by name and rarity.

Each title will have a rarity and will appear in a different color to symbolize its importance. We have planned the following distribution for now, but it may change:

  • Green – Rare (Boss Smasher, profession level 30)
  • Orange – Mythical (adventure quests, profession level 100)
  • Yellow – Legendary (rare events, expos and conventions, Almaniac)
  • Pink – Epic (to be determined)
  • Purple – Relic (fuse 100 fragments of a relic)
  • Blue – Exceptional (Ultimate Exterminator, tournament winner, Mister World of Twelve, etc.)
  • Red – Administrator (developer, moderator, etc.)

You will be able to turn off the color of your title; it will then appear white to you. You will also be able to display other people's titles in white, like you can now.


In summary, professions are now learned account-wide. When the update is released, the new level for each profession will be the highest level on your account. We didn't want different characters' experience to stack, because this would have caused a phenomenon where players stack average levels across multiple characters (since low-level recipes are easier).

In addition to profession levels, blueprints and being present in the crafter book are being migrated account-wide. You'll also be able to obtain the Seal of Companionship and profession titles for each of your characters. Planting, harvesting, and crafting counters are also stacked account-wide.

However, several things are not being migrated:

  • Tools and pets related to harvesting, etc. are still items that must be equipped for each character.
  • Secure crafting and Haven Bag workshop settings are still linked to the character.
    • On this point, you'll be able to have multiple characters with different settings.
    • Blueprints and profession levels are learned account-wide.

What Next?

We're planning to make zaaps, silos, and drago-expresses account-wide in the next update (1.80). You'll just need to save a transporter to always have access to the area. Boats are unchanged – when a new character is created, they will have to leave Astrub before they unlock other destinations.

Moreover, artifacts and some quest items will be shared across the account in Update 1.80. You will therefore be able to swim to, jump to, climb to, or access the Wa Wabbit's Throne room once a character on the account has completed the corresponding quest. Bear in mind that you will still need to have completed the corresponding quests with the controlled character to open chests of kamas.

Improved mimisymbics are being considered, but not in the near future. We'd like to create a new type of mimisymbic; it would make it possible to learn an item of equipment's appearance and link the item to the cosmetics inventory. If you learn a Gobball Headgear, it could be equipped and unequipped by all characters on your account whenever you like. This project is a big undertaking, and it will be developed at a much later stage, as it doesn't have priority over improvements that affect a larger number of players.

Just like artifacts and quest items, we may switch items that give harvesting bonuses, chances of planting, etc. to being account-wide. This would make it possible to no longer have a "profession set" and thus to have the same harvesting and planting conditions for all characters on the account at the same time. This change would involve adjustments to some items, including pets. We haven't yet decided on all the side effects this would create, which is why we haven't planned this project out.

As a reminder, we won't share tokens or quests across the account. Moving these items to the account entity carries far too much risk and potential abuse as things stand. We aren't considering developing these projects in the short, medium, or long term.

In Closing

We wanted to focus on professions to bring them back to the center of the player's experience in Update 1.79. As for Update 1.80, it will enable us to finish integrating the aspects we initially wanted to develop. We believe that taken together, these improvements to the account entity provide significant gameplay convenience. This work was necessary to make it more flexible to play with multiple characters, especially with heroes.

We aren't expecting to publish a new devblog about the account entity, since we've presented our future projects to you.

We'll focus on additional usability projects and preparing the single-account server. It's still too soon to tell you about them, but we're working in the hope that you'll like our projects.

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