Some of the graphic designers on the WAKFU team are working on visual and technical upgrades for the game to further improve the quality and user-friendliness of the experience when customizing your favorite classes.

The Sram and Foggernaut classes have fewer customization options, so we have decided to focus on these classes.

In this devblog, you can find out more about how we are going about this.

Before anything else, as previously stated, we are sharing our thoughts with you, and so the visuals shown are not final and may still change.

Also, these visuals are not designed to completely replace the existing ones in the game. We are offering alternative bodies for these two classes. At the moment, we're not planning to work on any others than those discussed here. However, technical adjustments may be made to certain haircuts.

The Sram Class

The new Sram body visuals, with a new body made of bone, allows for a new clothing style.

We wanted to redesign the character's head to have a real skull or bone mask. Alternative customizations will be available.

The basic male Sram skin consists of just a suit and bones over the top, which considerably limits customization options. With the alternative skin, you can have a visible body (skeletal) and therefore more options. The female Sram will obviously get it as well.

We can't add a face to the male because it's always hidden in the Krosmoz.

Right now, it's impossible for us to predict the alternative possibilities for new Sram heads or how many we'll be able to offer you. However, we still wanted to share some suggestions with you.

The Foggernaut Class

As for the Foggernaut class, we want to add a new "more human" body to the game. No more "stick figure" skin (although it will still be available) and no more frustration at the inability to create a Foggernaut that we really like.

We know that certain costumes and cosmetics didn't create a satisfying result, so we really wanted to offer an alternative for this class, with a machine-like appearance, to improve the experience for everyone.

To help you plan your color customization, here are the colorable zones for each class:

Headgear Improvements

Currently in WAKFU, hats are placed in front of the character's skull; not at the front and back. This is why you may have noticed some visual glitches with certain equipment.

We're currently exploring a new "container" that will correct their visual appearance. This will allow us to offer more "open" hats and to redesign old equipment to fit the new system.

Top: the old system. Bottom: the system under development.

We don't yet know if these changes will be available for WAKFU update 1.75, but we wanted to show you what we're working on.

Feel free to send us your comments and let us know what you think!

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