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Astrub Redesign

Astrub has been redesigned! The changes are astounding: 
  • 8 unique zones now make up the island of Astrub.
  • New and existing monster families have also been introduced and revamped to fit the changes to Astrub.
  • Changes to environmental quests and how they operate within the zones.
  • A new seasonal and 'day and night' cycle has been added not just to Astrub, but the entire game!
  • A new resource has been added that can only be found in Astrub: Souper-Glou. A resource that will be used for many recipes!
  • In Astrub, Clan Masters will have an influence on a zone's resources.
  • Different ways to acquire items have been added to promote all the activities found in Astrub, such as: defeating monsters in and outside of dungeons, crafting, achievements and quests!
More details on all of these changes can be found in this changelog!

A devblog will be released in the coming days to help newcomers adjust to all the changes found in the revamped version of Astrub.

Quest of Nations: Chapter 4

The long-awaited, Quest of Nations, Chapter 4. Visit the Sidimote Moors in Brakmar and talk to the archaeologist, Eminerell Lebbocq. You will find:
  • New Brakmarian districts
  • New characters
  • A boss that's long in the tooth
  • A new dungeon
  • The next part of the story
  • And at last, the third and last Orichalcum!
Read this article to find out more about the new quest.

New Dungeon: The Villainy Vineyards

The Villainy Vineyards, a dungeon for players of level 135 and over, includes:
  • A monster family, the Viticultists, and its 2 bosses
  • Access to level 135
  • A system in which the outcome of earlier fights has an influence on later ones
  • Some recipes for crafters
  • Haven bag decorations
  • 20 items of equipment, including:
    • 1 epic item
    • 2 sets
    • 4 items to make
Read this article to learn more about the new dungeon.

Ultimate Boss: Sham Moon

A new Ultimate Boss for players of level 185 and over. It includes:
  • A complete set (8 items) in the token machine
  • 4 crafted items
  • 3 looted items, including 1 epic rare item and 1 emblem that comes in seven different versions
  • A relic to make at the end of a complicated quest
Read this article to learn more about the Ultimate Boss.




  • Black Bow Meow: The spell description indicates that the Black Bow Meow has 5 AP.


  • Shady Shovel: The spell now steals MP, even if the MP "out of combat" peak has been reached.


  • It is no longer possible to summon the Barrel to you before level 15. This change avoids a character becoming blocked in the absence of a "Karchamrak" spell, unlocked in level 15.


  • Tricky Blow: This spell now allows Sram to move away 2 squares, even if the spell damage kills the target.


  • It is now possible to turn a critical hit into a penalty to make it easier to manage bonuses/penalties when they accumulate.
  • All of the elemental spells now have the same level as the character. Consequently, it is no longer necessary to make spells gain experience.
This choice was made so that we can change the build in just a few clicks and prepare the system for Adjustable Levels.
  • Removal of Elemental Mastery obtained based on spell level. Instead, the player obtains 20 Elemental Mastery for levels 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120, for a total of 100 in Elemental Mastery. A quest tells you at which level you will obtain this bonus.
    • Guild bonuses have also been revised to inflict up to 8% damage and up to 8% Heals performed, instead of the Elemental Mastery bonus.
All of this largely compensates for Elemental Mastery obtained by characters through spells.
  • Kit has been removed from abilities.


A global restat will be offered to all players.
The functioning of Restat Quests has been entirely revised and players no longer need to gain experience for spells:
  • Automatic Restat for level 30 automatically resets abilities to zero.
  • Automatic Restat for level 80 automatically resets abilities to zero.
  • The Restate of Farmergency gives you a Farmergency Scroll that functions like the Scroll of Absolution and resets your abilities to zero when you use it.
  • Restats are also faster and more interesting because the long experience reallocation phase has been removed.
  • The quantities required for the Restate of Farmergency Quest are standardized to 150 resources (instead of 200 for some) and the resource acquisition rate is set at 25%.
  • When your character has to perform a Restat, it will no longer stop you from interacting with the world, as was previously the case.




  • Increase in Chefish rate from 1% to 3%.
  • Chefish can no longer be obtained in the place of a rare fish.
  • Hooks are no longer required to catch certain fish. There are no longer recipes for making hooks. Hooks owned by players have been deleted.


  • The trapper level that players need to harvest from a given monster has been decreased and follows the formula below:
    • (Monster level – 6) * 0.65 rounded to a multiple of 5 higher (i.e. 12 is rounded to 15), with a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 100. This formula implies that only level 153 and higher monsters require the current max trapper level to be harvested.
  • All Trapper harvests now take 3 seconds. Some were still taking 5 seconds before.          
  • The Trapper earns 4 times more experience when harvesting the resource from a dead monster.
  • Meat obtained when harvesting a dead monster is used by the Chef profession to make consumables that give Health Points.         


  • There is now a rare resource for all of the resources present in Astrub. The visual for rare resources is gradually being revised to set them apart from normal resources.
  • All the professions now have their own component in each level group. Only 0 to 10 level components are available at this time. Components are made in 2 seconds instead of the usual 5 seconds.                                              
  • All level 20 recipes have been revised. Most of them have been greatly simplified. The amount of experience earned has been increased in many places.                                         
  • 10 new profession levels correspond with a level group made up of 15-levels. In other words, level 0-10 recipes are made with items from levels 6-20. Level 10-20 recipes are made with items from levels 21-35.            
  • Consumables that earn bonuses (Health Points, Elemental Mastery) have been revised and can now be accumulated by the number of fights.

Display Windows

  • Change of recipe for Display Windows, which now all include Chefish.


  • Harvesting a 1% rare resource now earns players 10 times more experience. An exception to this rule applies to 10% rare fish, which only earn 2 times more experience.
  • Rare resources are now harvested at the same level as the classic resource, rather than 5 levels higher.
  • Players can no longer harvest anything but the rare resource when a rare resource is available. This prevents the players from missclicks that harvest seeds rather than the rare resource.
  • Now, when a zone is under the influence of the CM (Clan Master) for a type of resource, then rare resources of this type are twice as likely to appear.
  • Now, when a zone is under the influence of the CM for a type of resource, harvests will produce 33% more of this type of resource.
  • Now, when a zone is under the influence of the CM for a type of resource, harvests will produce 66% more seeds/grain of this type.
  • The planting speed for seed, herbs, grains and seedlings is now 3 seconds instead of 5 seconds, the same as other action rates.          
  • The planting and gathering speed are now reduced to suit the player's professional level in relation to that resource level.
  • 6-second actions are reduced 0.1 sec by level, down to a 3 second minimum.
  • 3-second actions are reduced 0.05 sec by level, down to a 1.5 second minimum.
  • The temperature no longer affects the growth rate of resources. Previously, this could slow down growth by up to 30 minutes, and could even prevent growth entirely until the weather changed.
  • Instead, the temperature now increases the action rate on these resources, which is less restrictive.
  • Rainfall has been revised based on three rainfall types: no rain, light rain and heavy rain (with or without thunder!).
  • All resources have a preferred type of rain, with a few exceptions. When they are not receiving this type of rain, the crop success rate is lower.



Day/Night/Season Cycle

The cycle of day, night and the seasons has been redesigned to become an integral part of your daily adventure!
  • A day in the game lasts 1 hour and a night also lasts 1 hour.
  • A season lasts 84 day/night cycles, so exactly 1 week. Every 4 weeks, you will have been through spring, summer, fall and winter.
  • The seasons affect the temperature, rainfall and wind speed in the game. Temperatures are also lower at night.
  • Temperatures have an effect on harvesting times, while rainfall influences the crop success rate.
  • Some events only happen during specific periods. For example: only at night, or in winter.


  • A Kanojedo has appeared in Astrub! The Kanojedo is based on an improved version of the Restat room concept. The Kanojedo allows you to train against a sack of potatoes, alone or as a group!


  • The client now uses PNGs instead of TGAMs. The animation of monsters and characters – and generally everything that has to move in the game – has been improved, but this will depend on the player's hardware.
  • It is no longer possible to leave Astrub without having reached level 25 and chosen a nation. Any character who does not fulfill these conditions and is found in the nations, will automatically be teleported back to Astrub. This measure allows us to make sure that new players enjoy a well-managed experience during their first hours in the game: rich and out of danger (no attacks in Astrub). In addition, it naturally protects the game from undesirable "mule" characters, like "voting mules" and "advertising bots".
  • All departures from Astrub now leave from Port Astrub on a single boat that travels to all destinations.                                   
  • The Temple of Scriptures has been moved to a new area. It can be reached from Astrub, next to Pandora's house in Astrub Forest.
  • However, you can also activate a compass in Almanax Quests that shows you how to get to the Temple.                                  
  • The new Clan Masters for each zone will explain to you, in their own fashion, useful tips and tricks for novice players!                                                
  • Chests containing emotes from the Incarnam Quest have been added, so that players who didn't complete this quest can obtain them.



Al Howin

  • New stuff in the Slot Machine:
    • 4 new exclusive decorations
    • 1 exclusive costume
  • Monsters no longer pass through the Environmental Quests system, stopping real Environmental Quests from taking place during the Event period.




  • Correction of a bug preventing players from obtaining the "Ancient Frozen Key" in Frigost when they had previously tried to obtain it at a time when there was a problem with the element.        

Story of the Nyl Quest

  • Drop rate for entries in the second and third part of the diary has been increased.


  • Astrubian Mercenary Quests now earn more experience and also get you tokens.

Otomai's Disciple

  • Otomai's Disciples Quests in Astrub have been redesigned:
    • All of the quests for your level group are available right from the start; instead of having to complete the quest several times to unlock the next ones.
    • A daily quest has been added, which asks players to defeat a selected boss in their level group.
    • A weekly quest has been added, which asks players to defeat all of the bosses in their level group.
    • All of these quests earn players experience and tokens.

Environmental Quests



  • The Environmental Quests system has been completely overhauled. Most of the changes only affect Astrub.                                  
  • The Environmental Quests allow you to obtain a unique resource that is used in most of the game's recipes: Souper-Glou.                     
They are divided into different types of quest:
  • "Solo" Quests
  • "Dash" Quests
  • "Competitive" Quests
  • "Collaborative" Quests
These quests request the player to perform a specific action ("catch a monster", "crush plants", etc.) or fight monsters.
  • Each area and monster family has its own Archmonster. The Archmonster appears cyclically based on certain criteria. In Astrub, there is no appearance criteria and it appears approximately once every hour. In higher level areas, when there is an aura, Archmonsters can only appear when special conditions are met and sometimes at longer intervals.                  
  • Hordes When the Clan Master's wishes are satisfied, Hordes of Monsters can appear cyclically.
This type of collaborative Environmental Quest earns a huge amount of experience and rewards.
  • In addition, every zone has a chance of being invaded! In a cyclical pattern, one of the Astrub zones will be invaded by monsters, and all of the Astrub players will receive an alert through their Clan Master. If they are not stopped, the monsters will destroy a large part of the local ecosystem!
  • Each type of Environmental Quest is represented by an icon and a specific color. This color is also found on the Quest Tracking icon and under monsters and resources in the world.                                             
  • Monsters in the Environmental Quest are no longer weaker than normal monsters and will earn you a normal amount of experience.


  • At the end of the Environmental Quest, fights that are underway will not be interrupted. Players can finish their fight in the normal fashion and obtain any drops on the monsters.
  • The "Quester's Block" state, which stops players taking part in another Environmental Quest for several minutes, no longer exists.


  • The behavior of monster families in Astrub has been entirely revised:
    • Monsters can sleep at night.
    • Monsters interact with each other: frighten, reproduce, etc.
    • Monsters can interact with the ecosystem, for instance by eating resources.
  • These behaviors no longer block actions. You should almost never encounter the error message "the monster is busy".
  • When you fight a monster outside, fight bubbles can no longer be created outside the monster ecosystem area. This avoids problems with the Environmental Quests when you leave the fighting area.



Moon Island

  • Moon Island bosses' Lock has been reduced overall. Here are the new Lock values:
    • Kannilooni: 666
    • Darkli Moon: 100
    • Grozepin: 200
    • Nyl King: 350
    • Koko the Nutt: -100

Kannivore Dungeon

  • Natural Extermination will no longer cause more damage than expected in certain cases.
  • Jet Stimable can no longer stabilize a destabilized target.
  • The second Natural Extermination in Phase 3 will be correctly applied in all cases.
  • Several changes have been made to the Steles for this boss, so that they have more of an influence on the fight. We will let you discover these changes for yourself in the game.

Astrub Dungeons

  • Characters automatically run to the next room in the Astrub Dungeons. Please note that this dash is not forced and can be stopped by the player. If this system proves popular, we could think about extending it to all the dungeons.                          
  • The Astrub dungeons no longer give tokens. These are obtained in the main quest, the mercenary quests, the Otomai's Disciple quest and achievements.        
  • The Astrub tokens are now the same in dungeons of the same level group.
  • The price in tokens of items obtained in the Astrub slot machines is now only based on their rarity. They are not linked either.
  • In Astrub, there is no longer only one resource per boss. This is obtained at 10% from the boss. It can also be purchased in tokens from the Slot Machine.                                       
  • There is no more "easy" version in the Astrub dungeons.


  • Rarity and levels for all of the items obtained by players in Astrub have been revised. These changes are retroactive, so items already in your possession may change level or rarity percentage.
  • There are now extremely rare items that can be obtained or made on low levels. There is a new rule concerning game rarity that applies to Astrub:
    • Per family: common items (white) and sometimes rare items (green)
    • Per boss: rare items (green) and sometimes mythical items (orange)
    • Craft (professions): rare items (green) that are easy to make and mythical items (orange) that are more complicated
    • Slot machine: take back items that are obtained from the boss
    • Hordes & Archmonsters: mythical items (orange)
    • Ultimate Boss: mythical items (orange) and sometimes legendary items (yellow). Note that there are no legendary items in Astrub.
    • Improvement (professions): makes it possible to increase the rarity of common items right up to legendary level (no longer available in Astrub either).
  • All of the low-level sets give 1 AP starting from 4 items and up. Some combinations are possible.                                               
  • A rarity frame added around items in inventories. The aim is to immediately identify classic items and rare items, and this paves the way for a system with several rarity levels for a single item.
  • It is no longer possible to equip the same ring twice on a single character. This was already the case for Mythical and Legendary rings and it is now also the case for all rings, regardless of rarity.

Haven Gems

  • Change in the method for obtaining Haven Gems: Instead of obtaining them by a world drop at a low percentage and upon approximately 200 monster of variable percentage, they are now obtained by a world drop at a much higher precentage. You can also randomly obtain Haven Gems or a Haven Gem fragment. Garden-type Haven Gems and Fragments are still the rarest type.
  • The Dark Hurl Costume now has priority over emblems, as it should.
  • The size of bags obtained in Astrub has been increased.
    • All of the first monster families allow you to obtain a bag with 5 places.
    • The Piwi family (levels 21-35) allows players to obtain a bag with 8 places.
    • Through the professions, you can also make a 12 place bag using Piwi bags.
    • Double-up bags are no longer available.


  • Astrub achievements all earn players experience and tokens. These tokens correspond with the level group in which they are obtained and can be traded for rewards in the slot machines located in front of the dungeons.
  • 8 new achievements and 1 metachievement for Environmental Quests have been added in Astrub.
  • Finishing the main quest in Astrub will also earn you tokens thanks to the associated achievement.


  • The four-times-four bonus for Elemental Mastery has been replaced by four bonuses of 2% Damage inflicted and four bonuses of 2% Heals performed.




  • The weather interface now shows the current season.
  • The weather interface now shows the time when the next day cycle will begin.

Clan Master

  • The Clan Masters can now talk to the player from their miniature in the general interface, at the top right of your screen. To start off with, they will tell you when an area is invaded.


  • Deleted characters will no longer be counted in election results.              
  • The visual effect obtained in Excarnus will no longer accumulate to infinity.
  • The visual effects for challenges beneath monsters and resources will now display correctly for characters located too far away at the time, and when an Environmental Quest has started.
  • Fire of Love is no longer needed to light or switch off lamps.      
  • All weapons can now provoke or heal by chromatic effect. As a reminder, the chromatic element uses the best Mastery a character has, so that these weapons can be used by any character.
  • Roughly fifty weapons previously couldn't target squares at the edge of the bubble when used. This is now fixed!
  • An information bubble is now displayed on traps to describe their effects.
  • The option "tutorial" or "full game" has been removed at the game update: It is now necessary to download the full game to be able to play. Considering the size of the game in "basic tutorial", and no longer having the client tutorial's 100 Mo limit (restriction linked to the Chinese version of the game), we have decided to remove this option.        
  • Changes to the bookshop allow videos to be played in the client. These changes should stop the client from becoming blocked when videos are played while they are still loading.  
  • Instead of an error message appearing when an "ignored" player is added to a full list, an "OK" button will now appear so that players don't have to hit "Esc" to keep playing.
  • Bug fix for animations and auras.
  • Various performance improvements for the client.
  • The start and end dates for the mandate display dates correctly now. There will no longer be a thousands' separator.
  • There were some effects that were still rounding randomly, depending on the level of the effect. This has been fixed.
  • The appearance of snow has been modified.
  • Challenge monsters can no longer be eaten by other monsters.
  • Items comprised in a pile of items have had restrictions placed on their interactions. For example, they cannot be equipped now.                                           
  • The selection of a character has been improved slightly: The list is now centered as much as possible on the last character that was selected, and the background (normally shown while hovering) will be displayed by default to emphasize it more.
  • Some monsters, like the special event monsters and monsters no longer available in the game, have been removed from Gobgob.