Astrub Revamp

Intrepid explorers starting out their first steps into the World of Twelve will be pleased to know that Astrub’s varied regions can’t be explored in just one day!
The revamped island of Astrub features a sleepy fishing hamlet, golden fields of wheat and barley, thick forests featuring sentient trees (yes, sentient!) and towering mountain ranges watching down over the city. With all these sights, and many more, even the World of Twelve’s proudest nations can’t help but to rear their heads with envy.
Oh, and before we forget, steer clear from the southern crypts if you want to keep your head (and maybe even your soul!)
In the revamped Astrub you will find:
  • New regions with their own ecosystems, monsters and Clan Members.
  • ‘Day and Night’ and seasonal cycles (in all of the game).
  • Weather effects!
If that doesn't sell it to you, maybe this video will!

New Dungeon: Villainy Vineyards

You’ve probably taken a stroll through a Pandawa brewery and thought, ‘yeah, this seems like a jolly place – oh, a pint of Bamboo Milk? Another? Sure. Uh… another? I think I’ve had enough… oh, go on then!’
Well, whatever you thought about Pandawa breweries, forget it! Monk Island’s  ‘Villainy Vineyard’ works a little differently: you’re more likely to end up leaving in a coffin than inebriated… or maybe in a coffin… inebriated!

Ultimate Boss: Sham Moon

We were going to tell you all about WAKFU’s next Ultimate Boss but we’ve got a bit of a monkey problem right now... all you need to know is that while this monkey might be a Sham, he's here to cause trouble and it'll take the bravest heroes to put him in his place! 

After all, the survivors will be privvy to...
  • complete Set (8 items) at the token machine
  • crafted items
  • looted items, including 1 epic rarity, 1 emblem in seven different versions
  • relic to craft at the end of a hard-to-get quest
 Oh, and the first group to defeat this boss will be rewarded!

Quest of Nations: Chapter 4

If you haven’t started the Quest of Nations yet (or completed Chapters 1, 2 or 3)… STOP READING NOW!
For the 4th Chapter of the Quest of Nations, you’ll be driven to a city housing the World of Twelve’s sly, twisted and the downright scumbags (sorry Brakmarians!).
You guessed it! Brakmar will be the stage for the next part of this epic quest. With the help of a guide, journey into the slums of the city and investigate the property of one of Brakmar’s biggest tycoons, leading you on a quest to, perhaps, quite literally feel the flames of’s toasty underbelly.
What does the quest involve?
  • A 3-part quest for level 35 (or above) players, continuing on from Chapter 3 in the Quest of Nations (a pre-requisite).
  • A visit to a normal Brakmarian neighborhood (in other words, a dive!).
  • New and colorful, full-blooded Brakmarian characters.
  • A majestic dungeon adventure.
  • A new 9-piece hero set: the Tough Hero set.
  • Haven Bag decorations, titles and tons of rewards to unblock or purchase from the dungeon croupier.
  • Not to mention the third and latest Orichalcum, which opens the doors to the final chapter in Update 1.49!