Find out below what game content has been added in the 7th of July update!



AP and MP Limits

  • These will change to 14 AP and 8 MP, instead of 12 AP and 7 MP.

Lock and Dodge

  • AP and MP losses will now display in chat.
  • AP and MP losses will be calculated better and taken into account when managing certain effects.


From now on, Block reduces damage taken by 20% (instead of 30%). There are two reasons for this change.
  • Block’s damage reduction now corresponds proportionally to the damage increase conferred by Critical Hits, which increase damage by 25% (1.25 x 0.8 = 1).
  • Certain passives used by “tank” characters may increase the sum total of damage reduction when blocking. Blocking will therefore become the prerogative of “tanks.”

Heal Resist

  • Heal Resist will build up more slowly from now on. In the past, 100% Heal Resist occurred when a character had been healed 3 times their initial HP. From now on, this will increase to 5. To put it more simply, Heal Resist will increase by 67% but it will build up more slowly over time. 


  • This state is now renewed when reapplied and is no longer stackable.
  • Flaming state’s values have now been rebalanced as a result.
  • Flaming state only lasts one turn.
  • Targets no longer need to be Scalded in order to take damage.


  • Flaming state’s damage has been increased by 20% when inflicted on Scalded targets.


  • Armor values will now be displayed in the heart-shaped health bar.
  • When hovering over the health bar, you’ll be able to see the sum total of your character’s armor.
  • By right-clicking a character, you can see how much Armor they have.

Anchor (Speed Bonus)

  • When a player selects Anchor, the “Stabilized” effect will be applied to them at the end of their turn instead of immediately. This allows the player to move freely during their turn, and then to avoid being moved when it’s not their turn.

Dora N.I.O.

  • The damage bonus has been increased by 10% (from 120% to 130%). 

Resistance Penalties

  • These have now been generally limited to -200 on a character, no matter the source.


  • From now on, when a universal restat is available, you won’t need to visit an in-game NPC. You can access the restat directly via the spell interface, as well as from the character page.
  • A new option has been implemented–a restat for a single spell. After minor changes to a class following a patch (bug fix, slight rebalancing, etc.), we will now offer a restat for the spell(s) in question. When the change affects several spells, we will still offer a universal restat to the affected classes.
  • The time limit for restats has been removed. 

Limited Edition Cloak

  • Now available from the Cro-cave Machine.

PVP Item Breaking

  • These items can now be broken down into the same number of runes as mythical items.

Critical Heals

  • These now take into account the critical damage of the caster.

Resurrection Spells

  • During resurrection, a player who’s being revived enters the “In Recovery” state.
  • In Recovery: The player cannot be revived again after this. If the player resurrecting them dies, then the character being revived dies too.
  • During resurrection, healing is no longer increased by the passives of the caster nor of the target being revived.


HP-increasing Passives

  • These now display the total HP gain in brackets.

Glyphs, Bombs, Traps and Poisons

Glyph, Bombs, Traps and Poison effects can now bypass Armor and Barriers.

The effects this applies to are:
  • Glyph: Wakfu Trail
  • Glyph: Avalanche
  • Glyph: Fecablades
  • Glyph: Flaming Carpet
  • Glyph: Microbot (AoE damage)
  • Glyph: Fire Wall
  • Bomb: Blinding Bomb
  • Bomb: Burning Bomb
  • Bomb: Megabomb
  • Trap: Fog Trap
  • Trap: Laceration Trap
  • Trap: Trap of Silence
  • Poison: Intoxicated
  • Poison: Cursed
  • Poison: Tetatoxin
  • Poison: Crârsenic
  • Poison: Negative Fleeflees
  • Poison: Ardent Aegis (reflects damage)
  • Poison: Gangrene
  • Poison: Poisoned Chalice
  • Poison: Hemorrhage
  • Poison: Motion Sickness


Hagen Daz: given the level of the boss and the fact that the spammable collision damage on classes has been removed, the armor’s stack number has been reduced to avoid an unnecessarily long fight. 
  • Details:
    First min HP: 15-20 stacks (instead of 35-50)
    Second min HP: 9-14 stacks (instead of 20-34)
    Third min HP: 1-8 stacks (instead of 1-19)

    Armor’s 1st HP loss: changes to 14 stacks (instead of 34)
    Armor’s 2nd HP loss: changes to 8 stacks (instead of 19)

    1 MP boost: 13-16 stacks (instead of 31-40)
    2 MP boost: 9-12 stacks (instead of 21-30)
    3 MP boost: 5-8 stacks (instead of 11-20)


HP will now be increased by 10 instead of 5 when a character levels up. This change has been implemented to offset the Resistance loss for the Strength characteristic.


  • Characteristic removed:  Health Steal
  • Characteristic removed: Regenerate missing HP
  • Characteristic added:  Barrier
    • Per point: creates a Barrier (fixed reduction of damage received) that is equal to half the player’s level for the next  n  moves (depending on the number of points assigned).
    • Maximum points that can be assigned: 10
  • Characteristic added:  %HP to Armor
    • Per point: gives 4% of max HP in armor to character at the start of each fight.
    • Maximum points that can be assigned: 10
  • Received heals
    • Only increases healing received from allies, not from the caster or their own summons.
    • Per point: +6% per point (instead of 4%)
    • Maximum points that can be assigned: 5 (instead of 10)


  • Characteristics removed: Multi-element damage + Single-element resistance
  • Characteristics removed: HP + Single-element resistance
  • Characteristic added: Multi-element damage
    • Per point: +5% damage
  • Characteristic added:  Single-target damage
    • Per point: +8% single-target damage
    • Maximum points that can be assigned: 20
  • Characteristic added:  AoE damage
    • Per point: +8% AoE damage
    • Maximum points that can be assigned: 20
  • Characteristic added:  Melee damage
    • Per point: +8% melee damage
    • Maximum points that can be assigned: 20
  • Characteristic added:  Long-distance damage
    • Per point: +8% long-distance damage
    • Maximum points that can be assigned: 20
  • Characteristic added:  HP
    • Per point: +20 HP


  • Damage from behind
    • Per point: +6% damage from behind (instead of 4%)
  • Heals
    • Per point: +6% heals (instead of 4%)
  • Berserk damage
    • Per point: +8% berserk damage (instead of 4%)
  • Damage from behind Resistance
    • Maximum points that can be assigned: 20
  • Critical Damage Resistance
    • Maximum points that can be assigned: 20


  • Lock
    • Per point: +6 Lock (instead of 3)
  • Dodge
    • Per point: +6 Dodge (instead of 3)
  • Lock and Dodge
    • Per point: +4 Lock and +4 Dodge (instead of +2 and +2)
  • Initiative
    • Per point: +4 Initiative (instead of +2)
    • Maximum points that can be assigned: 20
    • Characteristic removed: Berserk Dodge (<50% HP)
    • Characteristic removed:  Multi-target Lock
  • Characteristic added: AP and MP Reduction
    • Per point: +2% chance of reducing AP and MP
    • Maximum points that can be assigned: 20
  • Characteristic added:  AP and MP Resistance
    • Per point: +2% chance of reducing AP and MP
    • Maximum points that can be assigned: 20

Spell System Revamp

There were several reasons for our revamp of the spell system. The main reason was that the current spell system was based on 100 levels. At level 175, several issues became obvious, namely, the absence of player choice. Furthermore, the fact that there were up to ten levels for active spells and up to twenty levels for passive spells created far too many restrictions for no real reason.
We therefore decided to make changes to the system and reintroduce the concept of choice by implementing active and passive spells across fewer levels and rewarding players with power spikes for unlocks (of spells, passives, “slots,” etc.).


This is a set of spells and passive spells that you select at the beginning of a battle depending on who your opponent is. It has been designed to replace the old system and...changes everything! Effectively, it lets you put your strategy in place through the management of your spells and passive spells.
Even so, there are still some rules: 
  • You must have added a spell to your deck before you can use it in battle.
  • You must have added a passive spell to your deck before you can use it in battle.
  • You can change the spells in your deck at any time, except in combat!

Active and Passive Spells

In the past, active and passive spells used to span several levels. We have removed the part where you had to build up your active and passive spells at each level with points.
From now on, active spells have only one level. As for passive spells, these will have only one or two levels.
Each active and passive spell is unlocked at a specific character level and passive spells level up by themselves at certain character levels. Here’s an example: a passive spell that is unlocked at level 20 and adds +60 Dodge would level up automatically at level 120 and would add +180 Dodge.
All of these unlocks take place as a character levels up, from level 1 to level 200.

Elemental Spells

These have also undergone some significant changes. We increased the number of playable elemental spells by increasing the XP attributed to spells. For reference purposes, we began with a base of 5 elemental spells at level 1, increasing up to a total of 10 elemental spells at level 200. At the same time, we removed the limitation that meant a single-element character had less playable spells than a multi-element character, which has no purpose in this new system.
We also decided to replace the “spell lock” (padlock) system at level 100. The reason for changing this is to make this one of the level 100+ rewards, allowing players to easily alter their builds as they so wish.
In actual fact, all the changes made to this element in the previous patch mean it’s now quicker to decrease a spell’s level in favor of others if players want to change direction.


Forfut Island Revamp

Geographical redesign of the whole island: 
  • Addition of a new family ecosystem–the Zoogeymen family (level 70+)
  • Addition of a dungeon for the Zoogeymen family: the Miseryeum (see “Dungeons”)
  • Addition of Otomai’s Disciples Hunter Quests for the Zoogeymen family
  • Addition of a Mercenary Post
  • Addition of Achievements


  • Addition of the Stalagmotel dungeon, in the Sidimote Moors of Brakmar, for the Stalagmote monster family.
    • The key to the Stalagmotel is dropped by monsters from the Stalagmote family in the Sidimote Moors of Brakmar.
    • Players must be level 52 to enter.
    • This dungeon features four rooms.
    • Four new members of the Stalagmote family and a new Boss are waiting for you exclusively in this dungeon.
    • It contains five Achievements and a linked Meta-Achievement
    • Twelve new equipment items, ranging from rare to mythical.
  • Addition of the Miseryeum dungeon in Forfut, for the new Zoogeymen family:
    • The key to the Miseryeum is dropped by monsters from the Zoogeymen family in Forfut.
    • Players must be level 77 to enter.
    • This dungeon features four rooms.


  • The first of five chapters for the Main Quest of Nations has been added: 
    • This quest has been designed to guide players from one nation to the next and to progress through areas appropriate to their level.
    • It’s also a good way to find out how each nation thinks, the way they live and what makes them special.
    • At the end of chapter five there’s even a chance of getting a new divine artifact...
    • This artifact allows players to explore the first tier of Mount Zinit before the section featuring it in Nations Chapter 1.
    • Each chapter gives players access to an exclusive “easy” Adventure Dungeon (recommended for 3 players).
    • And in every Adventure Dungeon there’s a chance that special “adventure” equipment may drop.
  • Minor changes to the Nations’ starting areas (Ruins, Gobball Zone, Tofu Zone) related to the Main Quest of Nations.

Mount Zinit

  • The older areas of Mount Zinit have been deactivated (Zinit Beach, Greedoblop's Den, Aquabrial's Lair mini-dungeon, Stalagmotes Caves, Gray XIII vs. Barry & Co., Vessel Wall, The Schlammer and Schnek Den).
  • New areas have been added (related to Chapter 1 of the Main Quest of Nations).


  • Minor changes have been made to the Astrub Main Quest to ensure a smooth transition to the Main Quest of Nations.
  • Minor changes have been made to the Astrub Plains areas related to the Main Quest of Nations. 

Haven World

  • Kwismas Snow Skins:  laying down a lot of these ground textures will no longer cause connection issues.



PvP Arenas added in Ecaflipus Dimension


What is it?

New maps specifically dedicated to Player versus Player have been set up in Ecaflipus!
These will make friendly challenges and organizing tournaments much easier! Please note, however, that this is not “classed PvP.”

How do I get there?

You can get to Ecaflipus by clicking on the great Statue of Ecaflip that has appeared in Astrub, where the “ring of Astrub” (the Plains of Astrub) used to be!
It is marked on your World Map as “Ecaflipus (Arenas).”


How exactly does it work?

The maps are radically different in terms of size and look, and have been balanced for PvP. They’re symmetrical, there’re small ones, big ones, ones with and without lots of obstacles, which may be close together or far apart, in groups or scattered over a wide area, etc.
The level design for maps was to make them clear without having to resort to tactical mode. All the cells are very clearly marked and clickable, and any areas where movement or line of sight are blocked are represented by obstacles, while areas where only movement is blocked are represented by holes in the ground.
When you issue a challenge, a combat zone is created with a number of starting points depending on the number of players in your team. You must therefore create your combat group before issuing a challenge.
Important note: As a result, duels in front of the Temple of Scriptures will no longer be possible in order to avoid overloading the Astrub server and so that duels can be moved to a dedicated area in Ecaflipus.

Xelor vs. Xelor

There has been a bug fix for the Distortion issue, and the affected Xelor can now continue to play normally.

Obtaining PvP items from Machines

Machines now have criteria for checking character levels before players can acquire items from them. For example, in order to get a level 120 item from a Machine, the character now has to be level 120.


  • The “Sedentary Challenge” failed because of MP penalties, but this has now been fixed thanks to replacing MP loss with a Deboost instead.
  • “Meridian Star” (Fleaster event title) has been renamed “King/Queen of the Balls
  • The Sufokia quest, The Hanging Gardens–Contract level–“What a Scaratastrophe!” could not be started, and has been fixed.


  • The “Cyclone” state applied by Tornado Chiefs, Tornados, Thor Nados and Tempests can now stack 5 times.
  • The correct icon for the “ghoul” family will now be displayed in the Forfut ecosystem interface.
  • Replacement of AP/MP loss with Deboost: The way AP and MP losses work has been standardized. This has allowed us to fix several bugs, namely in terms of challenges and Hypermovement and Hyperaction
    •  Spells affected:
      • Celestial Peck
      • Wild Peck
      • Javelin
      • Kamatalist
      • Putwid Gas
      • Petty Theft (Hoodlums Boss)
      • Piwiful Clobbering
      • Ghash
      • Fungal Torment
      • Bicephalous Hammering
      • Explocry
      • Shulbute
      • Cactification
    • Les zones d'effqets concernées sont les suivantes :
      • Gobball Wool
      • Caramel
      • Ball of Caramel
      • Celestial Compost
      • Puddle of Rich Sap
      • Puddle of Water
      • Little Helix - Center
      • Crazy Slobberer
      • Icikle Slash
      • Pearloza'd Bilbiweed
      • Jelly Invasion
      • Explosive Sporules
      • Fungal Explosion
      • No Cowawds


  • Using Teleport of Scriptures used to get players out of prison (without having to use a file). This has now been fixed (and “not in prison” has been added to the conditions for use).
  • The Steel Beak miniature’s shadow has been fixed and will now display correctly.
  • The epic “Dora Lagoole” item counts once more in terms of the restriction that allows players to equip one epic item only.
  • Wabbit Machine: duplicate item spawn has been removed.
  • The Fire of Love (item) can now be deleted.
  • Freezepop (item/consumable) now stacks by 999.
  • Flush Puppie (item/consumable) now stacks by 999.
  • Screw (item/crafting item) can now be crafted in packs of 5.
  • Crawlies (“state” cards used in combat by Ecaflips) can no longer be used to heal in Flaxhid.


  • Crobaks: the food eaten by Crobaks will be clearly marked on their information sheet. 
  • Krosmunster: Players will from now on be able to feed their Krosmunster pets “Sandwich Bread” (craftable in-game).


  • The “Fuse 100 Fragments” Achievement doesn’t work with linked fragments. This has been added to all the Relics Achievements descriptions.


  • Players will be notified when they have reached the limit at which no more Kamas can be owned or recovered (to avoid any losses).


  • The title display issue for the “Long-Distance Weapons Master” profession Achievement has been fixed, as titles that are too long will no longer be struck through.
  • Gift Interface: In the past, owning too many gifts prevented the Gift Interface from appearing in-game. The gift limit has been increased and the interface will no longer disappear. On the other hand, once the limit has been reached, any gifts acquired after this will not immediately appear. A notification will appear in chat informing the player that they must open up their gifts in order to get the rest.
  • Trapper Profession: The missing information for Greedoblop Seeds has been added. 
  • Notifications: Any notifications at the bottom of the screen with headings that are too long will no longer appear squashed or spill out of the boundary.


  • The version of Java embedded with the client has been updated to version 8 following the completion of updates to version 7 by Oracle.
  • Settings issues when changing accounts: When logging into one account and then returning to the login page to log into a second account, the details from the first account were retained. This has been fixed.